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Popular Programming Languages

If you are interested in programming languages popularity, you should check out The LibHunt Index of the most popular programming languages.

Trending Projects

Mentions Stars Project Lang Description
8 28 SCSS Source Code of the Vanced Website
8 18 JavaScript volder is a powerful JavaScript schema builder and validating. Define a schema and validate schema with data, volder schema are extremely simple to use, it has custom error messages, custom types, nested schemas.
7 815 Java Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool.
6 61,693 C# Windows system utilities to maximize productivity
6 6,655 Scala Snowflake is a network service for generating unique ID numbers at high scale with some simple guarantees.
5 122,652 TypeScript Visual Studio Code
5 5,759 Python Bitcoin Improvement Proposals
4 32,973 Shell A black hole for Internet advertisements
4 26,663 JavaScript uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
4 19,092 Rust ☄🌌️ The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell!
4 14,536 C++ Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software :desktop_computer: :camera_flash:
4 1,286 Go Netmaker makes networks with WireGuard. Netmaker automates fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks.
4 157 JavaScript Dashboard for tracking Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the UK
4 76 Perl Translation files for
4 1 Python A website and Python library for determining if two logical statements are equivalent. Uses VHDL syntax and logical operators.
3 22,887 C++ Windows Calculator: A simple yet powerful calculator that ships with Windows
3 18,165 TypeScript Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.
3 145 TypeScript 🚀 The ultimate library for managing multi-channel notifications with a single API.
3 2 Go Sync worklogs between multiple time trackers, invoicing, and bookkeeping software.
3 2 Ruby Runescape Bot stats is an API that allows scripters to easily track stats their scripts have accomplished.

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