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Based on that data, you can find the most popular ones and their alternatives.
Mentions Stars Project Lang Description
11 884 berty Go Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network
10 12,624 bypass-paywalls-chrome JavaScript Bypass Paywalls web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.
8 573 real-world-onion-sites Python This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services.
8 14 wifi-password Python Quickly fetch your WiFi password and if needed, generate a QR code of your WiFi to allow phones to easily connect
8 459 budibase JavaScript 🚀 Budibase is an open-source low-code development platform
8 2,740 police-brutality Python Repository containing evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests
6 23,486 uBlock JavaScript uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
6 71 Toon-Me Jupyter Notebook A Deep Learning project to Toon Portrait Images
6 1,893 evcxr Rust
5 2 cerbero TypeScript Track your users interactions
5 7 bosch_headunit_root JavaScript Documentation and code for rooting and extending a Bosch car head unit (lcn2kai)
5 1 nest-googleAuth JavaScript Collects required tokens, cookies and api keys required for Nest Homebridge plug-in authentication, exports them to JSON. [Moved to:]
5 1 chess-engine Rust A pure Rust, dependency-free chess engine that doesn't require a runtime
5 1,225 Nuget Package Manager HTML Repo for NuGet Client issues
4 0 Halia TypeScript TS / JS Plugin Manager
4 116 Vanadium Shell Privacy and security enhanced releases of Chromium for GrapheneOS. Vanadium provides the WebView and standard user-facing browser on GrapheneOS. It depends on hardening in other GrapheneOS repositories and doesn't include patches not relevant to the build targets used on GrapheneOS.
4 13,051 Proton C++ Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components
4 0 notify Go A dead simple Go library for sending notifications to various messaging services.
4 0 openwifipass Python An open source implementation of Apple's Wi-Fi Password Sharing protocol in Python.
4 2,037 circuitpython C CircuitPython - a Python implementation for teaching coding with microcontrollers

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