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Stars Project Description
157 38,828 A black hole for Internet advertisements
33 4,690 RFCs for changes to Rust
33 1,822 The Void source packages collection
28 37 Tor relay Docker images for x86-64, armhf & arm64 (from source)
27 2,520 Use any linux distribution inside your terminal. Enable both backward and forward compatibility with software and freedom to use whatever distribution you’re more comfortable with. Mirror available at:
26 975 Linux wrapper tool for use with the Steam client for custom launch options and 3rd party programs
20 819 Emulator configurator for Steam Deck
18 980 My custom build of wine, made to use with lutris. Built with lutris's buildbot.
18 0
17 2,812 Linux Kernel for Surface Devices
16 1,152 Klipper Installation And Update Helper
15 23,667 A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications
15 2,529 SteamOS 3 (Holo) archiso configuration
14 259 Automatic import of svn 'packages' repo (read-only mirror)
14 233 A self-hosted alternative to proprietary connectivity solutions.
14 21 Bash script to automatically download a notion workspace
12 17,865 binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing
11 150,444 🙃 A delightful community-driven (with 2,000+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 300+ optional plugins (rails, git, macOS, hub, docker, homebrew, node, php, python, etc), 140+ themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.
11 487 Downgrade/restore and jailbreak legacy iOS devices to signed OTA firmwares
11 323 wz camera mods... make your camera better.

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