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Stars Project Description
239 54,251 Stable Diffusion web UI
187 4,178 A gradio web UI for running Large Language Models like GPT-J 6B, OPT, GALACTICA, LLaMA, and Pygmalion.
116 43,584 A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
75 13,800 Inference code for LLaMA models
51 4 Introducing the AmazonMe webscraper - a powerful tool for extracting data from using the Playwright library in Python. This scraper allows users to easily navigate and extract information from Amazon's website.
49 19,819 OpenAssistant is a chat-based assistant that understands tasks, can interact with third-party systems, and retrieve information dynamically to do so.
40 25,531 Official repo for the paper: Visual ChatGPT: Talking, Drawing and Editing with Visual Foundation Models
40 15,320 Code and documentation to train Stanford's Alpaca models, and generate the data.
39 686 4 bits quantization of LLaMa using GPTQ
38 5,476 WebUI extension for ControlNet
36 59,198 :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
36 29,264 Robust Speech Recognition via Large-Scale Weak Supervision
35 71 Library of prompts/contexts that allows to enhance GPT models responses without the involvement of the user
33 14,746 The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager
31 246 Sydent: Reference Matrix Identity Server
28 14,927 Let us control diffusion models!
28 14,242 ⚡ Building applications with LLMs through composability ⚡
27 51,479 The Python programming language
27 39,009 openpilot is an open source driver assistance system. openpilot performs the functions of Automated Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control for over 200 supported car makes and models.
24 1,455 Web application providing an intuitive user experience to databases.

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