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This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
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Top 50 Trending Python Projects

  • GitHub repo madgrad

    MADGRAD Optimization Method

  • GitHub repo Swin-Transformer

    This is an official implementation for "Swin Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer using Shifted Windows".

  • GitHub repo chia-blockchain

    Chia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet)

  • GitHub repo manim

    A community-maintained Python framework for creating mathematical animations. (by ManimCommunity)

  • GitHub repo gpt-neox

    An implementation of model parallel GPT-3-like models on GPUs, based on the DeepSpeed library. Designed to be able to train models in the hundreds of billions of parameters or larger.

  • GitHub repo yt-dlp

    A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

  • GitHub repo consoleme

    A Central Control Plane for AWS Permissions and Access

  • GitHub repo speechbrain

    A PyTorch-based Speech Toolkit

  • GitHub repo xeuledoc

    Fetch information about a public Google document.

  • GitHub repo PaddleGAN

    PaddlePaddle GAN library, including lots of interesting applications like First-Order motion transfer, wav2lip, picture repair, image editing, photo2cartoon, image style transfer, and so on.

  • GitHub repo gpt-neo

    An implementation of model parallel GPT-2 and GPT-3-style models using the mesh-tensorflow library.

  • GitHub repo jina

    An easier way to build neural search on the cloud

  • GitHub repo freqtrade-strategies

    Free trading strategies for Freqtrade bot

  • GitHub repo lightly

    A python library for self-supervised learning on images.

  • GitHub repo ElegantRL

    Lightweight, efficient and stable implementations of deep reinforcement learning algorithms using PyTorch. 🔥

  • GitHub repo stylegan2-ada-pytorch

    StyleGAN2-ADA - Official PyTorch implementation

  • GitHub repo brownie

    A Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  • GitHub repo piku

    The tiniest PaaS you've ever seen. Piku allows you to do git push deployments to your own servers.

  • GitHub repo lux

    Python API for Intelligent Visual Data Discovery (by lux-org)

  • GitHub repo sqlfluff

    A SQL linter and auto-formatter for Humans

  • GitHub repo checkov

    Prevent cloud misconfigurations during build-time for Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Serverless framework and other infrastructure-as-code-languages with Checkov by Bridgecrew.

  • GitHub repo mmsegmentation

    OpenMMLab Semantic Segmentation Toolbox and Benchmark.

  • GitHub repo CHIRP

    A DFIR tool written in Python. (by cisagov)

  • GitHub repo stable-baselines3

    PyTorch version of Stable Baselines, reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms.

  • GitHub repo jesse

    An advanced crypto trading bot written in Python

  • GitHub repo freqtrade

    Free, open source crypto trading bot

  • GitHub repo Hub

    Fastest unstructured dataset management for TensorFlow/PyTorch. Stream data real-time & version-control it. (by activeloopai)

  • GitHub repo mljar-supervised

    Automated Machine Learning Pipeline with Feature Engineering and Hyper-Parameters Tuning :rocket:

  • GitHub repo LibreTranslate

    Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. 100% self-hosted, no limits, no ties to proprietary services. Built on top of Argos Translate.

  • GitHub repo haystack

    :mag: End-to-end Python framework for building natural language search interfaces to data. Leverages Transformers and the State-of-the-Art of NLP. Supports DPR, Elasticsearch, Hugging Face’s Hub, and much more!

  • GitHub repo Name-That-Hash

    🔗 Don't know what type of hash it is? Name That Hash will name that hash type! 🤖 Identify MD5, SHA256 and 300+ other hashes ☄ Comes with a neat web app 🔥

  • GitHub repo PDM

    A modern Python package manager with PEP 582 support.

  • GitHub repo mmaction2

    OpenMMLab's Next Generation Video Understanding Toolbox and Benchmark

  • GitHub repo hummingbot

    Hummingbot: a client for crypto market making

  • GitHub repo covid-19-data

    Data on COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases, deaths, hospitalizations, tests • All countries • Updated daily by Our World in Data (by owid)

  • GitHub repo lyrebird

    🦜 Simple and powerful voice changer for Linux, written in GTK 3.

  • GitHub repo mmpose

    OpenMMLab Pose Estimation Toolbox and Benchmark.

  • GitHub repo feast

    Feature Store for Machine Learning

  • GitHub repo line_profiler

    Line-by-line profiling for Python (by pyutils)

  • GitHub repo DeepSea

    The new All-in-One CFW package for the Nintendo Switch.

  • GitHub repo DALL-E

    PyTorch package for the discrete VAE used for DALL·E.

  • GitHub repo KubiScan

    A tool to scan Kubernetes cluster for risky permissions

  • GitHub repo ScoutSuite

    Multi-Cloud Security Auditing Tool

  • GitHub repo frankmocap

    A Strong and Easy-to-use Single View 3D Hand+Body Pose Estimator

  • GitHub repo tabnet

    PyTorch implementation of TabNet paper :

  • GitHub repo bookwyrm

    Social reading and reviewing, decentralized with ActivityPub

  • GitHub repo code

    Example application code for the python architecture book

  • GitHub repo nuclei-templates

    Community curated list of templates for the nuclei engine to find security vulnerabilities.

  • GitHub repo fairscale

    PyTorch extensions for high performance and large scale training.

  • GitHub repo yolov5

    YOLOv5 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Python projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 madgrad 94.5%
2 Swin-Transformer 92.2%
3 chia-blockchain 83.1%
4 manim 28.6%
5 gpt-neox 27.4%
6 yt-dlp 27.4%
7 consoleme 27.1%
8 speechbrain 24.9%
9 xeuledoc 24.4%
10 PaddleGAN 20.3%
11 gpt-neo 19.1%
12 jina 18.2%
13 freqtrade-strategies 17.2%
14 lightly 16.3%
15 ElegantRL 15.4%
16 stylegan2-ada-pytorch 15.0%
17 brownie 14.6%
18 piku 14.1%
19 lux 13.9%
20 sqlfluff 13.0%
21 checkov 12.8%
22 mmsegmentation 12.5%
23 CHIRP 12.3%
24 stable-baselines3 12.2%
25 jesse 11.8%
26 freqtrade 11.2%
27 Hub 11.1%
28 mljar-supervised 10.9%
29 LibreTranslate 10.8%
30 haystack 10.6%
31 Name-That-Hash 10.5%
32 PDM 10.3%
33 mmaction2 10.2%
34 hummingbot 9.9%
35 covid-19-data 9.9%
36 lyrebird 9.8%
37 mmpose 9.8%
38 feast 9.7%
39 line_profiler 9.6%
40 DeepSea 9.5%
41 DALL-E 9.5%
42 KubiScan 9.2%
43 ScoutSuite 8.9%
44 frankmocap 8.8%
45 tabnet 8.8%
46 bookwyrm 8.8%
47 code 8.7%
48 nuclei-templates 8.6%
49 fairscale 8.5%
50 yolov5 8.4%