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Stars Project Description
94 5,901 Stable Diffusion web UI
33 1 An unofficial API client to search players using the player's reference image and get the player Stats data from the Premier League
22 32,796 A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
21 3,252 Simplest working implementation of Stylegan2, state of the art generative adversarial network, in Pytorch. Enabling everyone to experience disentanglement
18 12,949 DALL·E Mini - Generate images from a text prompt
18 8 AITemplate is a Python framework which render neural network into high performance CUDA/HIP C++ code. Specialized for FP16 TensorCore (NVIDIA GPU) and MatrixCore (AMD GPU) inference.
14 55,037 :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
13 47,889 The Python programming language
12 6,625 🐸💬 - a deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
12 5,862 🤗 Diffusers: State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
12 254 Stadia Wireless enables you to use your stadia controller wirelessly. Not just with stadia, but with any game.
11 0 This is an exerimental programming language written in python, feel free to contribute!
9 13,348 The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager
9 2 Take your video conference from within the matrix.
8 5,781 Lutris desktop client in Python / PyGObject
8 227 🤗 Diffusers: State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
8 0
7 18,419 LabelImg is now part of the Label Studio community. The popular image annotation tool created by Tzutalin is no longer actively being developed, but you can check out Label Studio, the open source data labeling tool for images, text, hypertext, audio, video and time-series data.
7 4,693 Stable Diffusion web UI
7 115

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