LibHunt tracks mentions of open-source projects and software libraries.
Based on that data, you can find the most popular ones and their alternatives.
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Popular Programming Languages

If you are interested in programming languages popularity, you should check out The LibHunt Index of the most popular programming languages.

Trending Projects

Mentions Stars Project Lang Description
5,914 169 TypeScript :pancakes: Pancake trading interface V1
463 5,395 Python Chia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet)
172 452 TypeScript An open-source explorer developed for the Bitcoin community, focusing on the emerging transaction fee market to help our transition into a multi-layer ecosystem.
147 7,296 C++ very currency
115 24,842 JavaScript uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
104 1,463 JavaScript Part guillotine, part graveyard for Google's doomed apps, services, and hardware.
99 15,086 JavaScript Bypass Paywalls web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.
95 115,313 TypeScript Visual Studio Code
93 54,570 Rust Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
91 17 SCSS Source Code of the Vanced Website
88 27,894 C OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording
88 3,154 JavaScript Reddit Enhancement Suite
85 85,156 Go The Go programming language
84 3,089 C++ Nano is a cryptocurrency
83 2,055 Python Simplest working implementation of Stylegan2, state of the art generative adversarial network, in Pytorch. Enabling everyone to experience disentanglement
81 94,555 Python Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites
81 431 C++ Marlin is an optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform. | Many commercial 3D printers come with Marlin installed. Check with your vendor if you need source code for your specific machine.
79 38,620 C++ Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine
79 31,120 Shell A black hole for Internet advertisements
74 7,296 JavaScript Telegram web application, GPL v3

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