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Mentions Stars Project Description
82 3,126 Automatic headphone equalization from frequency responses
15 10 This project is part of the CS course 'Systems Engineering Meets Life Sciences II' at Goethe University Frankfurt. In this Computer Vision project, we developed a first prototype of a security system which uses the surveillance cameras at subway stations to recognize dangerous situations. The training data was artificially generated by a Unity-based simulation.
10 5,953 Swift for TensorFlow
10 1,285 A Deep Reinforcement Learning Library for Automated Trading in Quantitative Finance. NeurIPS 2020. Please star. 🔥
9 67
9 0
8 28,163 Python Data Science Handbook: full text in Jupyter Notebooks
8 2,119 Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining
8 579 Search inside YouTube videos using natural language
8 154 Replika.ai Research Papers, Posters, Slides & Datasets
7 15,208 Python programs, usually short, of considerable difficulty, to perfect particular skills.
7 493 Localize your cat at home with BLE beacon, ESP32s, and Machine Learning
7 306 Search photos on Unsplash using natural language
6 9,990 This repository contains the source code for the paper First Order Motion Model for Image Animation
6 1,317 Basic Cheat Sheet for Python (PDF, Markdown and Jupyter Notebook)
6 16 SIADS-591 Milestone I Project - Orbital Congestion
5 12,990 A Deep Learning based project for colorizing and restoring old images (and video!)
5 4,645 TensorFlow examples
5 2,682 The Jupyter Notebooks behind my OReilly report, "A Whirlwind Tour of Python"
5 12 Tutorial notebooks on explainable Machine Learning with LIME (Original work: https://arxiv.org/abs/1602.04938)

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