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  • Pod.Framework is missing one or more architectures required by this target: x86_64.
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/iOSProgramming | 17 Jan 2022
  • Android QR Code Detection with TensorFlow Lite
    5 projects | dev.to | 13 Jan 2022
    Once the model is saved, we can download the TensorFlow Lite example and replace the model file with the one we just created.
  • Can't open Tensorflow lite android studio file
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/tensorflow | 11 Jan 2022
    Hi, recently I decided to try out Tensorflow Lite so I went to their github(https://github.com/tensorflow/examples) and downloaded the examples file. However, when I tried to open an example such as object detection in Android Studio, I kept getting the error:
  • What is the fastest way to learn Tensorflow?
    1 project | reddit.com/r/tensorflow | 6 Jan 2022
    Is going through tutorials and guide on https://www.tensorflow.org/ a good idea to accomplish that?
  • Machine and Deep Learning Engineers Will Need These Key Skills
    1 project | reddit.com/r/u_Snoo36930 | 23 Dec 2021
    Third-party libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MLlib, among others, can be used to implement many common Machine Learning algorithms. Selecting a model that is appropriate for the task at hand, an optimization approach, and understanding the effect of hyperparameters on learning are all necessary steps in properly implementing these methods.
  • An Overview of TensorFlow
    1 project | dev.to | 16 Dec 2021
    TensorFlow is one of the most popular libraries for machine learning. It was originally developed by Google to provide a unified interface for expressing different kinds of neural networks. TensorFlow's popularity can be attributed to its easy-to-learn syntax and ability to run on multiple platforms, including mobile devices. In this blog post, we will discuss what TensorFlow is and how it works!
  • From Game Developer to Deep Learning – The Easier Route
    2 projects | dev.to | 16 Dec 2021
    I learnt that Python is the most popular programming language for DL, due to its high-level, almost English-like constructs and that TensorFlow is the most popular DL framework. It provides high-level statements to create graphs of tensors (collections of numbers), through which operations flow (hence the name TensorFlow). Back in my game-programming days I would have been on cloud nine if game code could be written so succinctly.
  • Automode failsafe using runtime/elapsedtime not working.
    1 project | reddit.com/r/FTC | 14 Dec 2021
    ahw.BlueBlow(); //add a dif class that runs dif code } if (dpos < 349 && dpos > 0){ telemetry.addData("2 OR 5 DICE ROLL" , "(MIDDLE)"); telemetry.addData("Running class:" , "BlueBmid"); telemetry.update(); sleep(200); dtc = true; vuforia.setFrameQueueCapacity(0); tfod.shutdown(); ahw.BlueBmid(); //add a dif class that runs dif code } if (dpos < 550 && dpos > 200){ telemetry.addData("3 OR 6 DICE ROLL" , "(RIGHT)"); telemetry.addData("Running class:" , "BlueBhigh"); telemetry.update(); sleep(1000); dtc = true; vuforia.setFrameQueueCapacity(0); tfod.shutdown(); //add a dif class that runs dif code } } } telemetry.update(); } } } } if (tfod != null) { tfod.shutdown(); } } /** * Initialize the Vuforia localization engine. */ private void initVuforia() { /* * Configure Vuforia by creating a Parameter object, and passing it to the Vuforia engine. */ VuforiaLocalizer.Parameters parameters = new VuforiaLocalizer.Parameters(); parameters.vuforiaLicenseKey = VUFORIA_KEY; parameters.cameraName = hardwareMap.get(WebcamName.class, "Webcam 1"); // Instantiate the Vuforia engine vuforia = ClassFactory.getInstance().createVuforia(parameters); // Loading trackables is not necessary for the TensorFlow Object Detection engine. } /** * Initialize the TensorFlow Object Detection engine. */ private void initTfod() { int tfodMonitorViewId = hardwareMap.appContext.getResources().getIdentifier( "tfodMonitorViewId", "id", hardwareMap.appContext.getPackageName()); TFObjectDetector.Parameters tfodParameters = new TFObjectDetector.Parameters(tfodMonitorViewId); tfodParameters.minResultConfidence = 0.6f; tfod = ClassFactory.getInstance().createTFObjectDetector(tfodParameters, vuforia); if(labels != null) { tfod.loadModelFromFile(TFOD_MODEL_FILE, labels); } } /** * Read the labels for the object detection model from a file. */ private void readLabels() { ArrayList labelList = new ArrayList<>(); // try to read in the the labels. try (BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(TFOD_MODEL_LABELS))) { int index = 0; while (br.ready()) { // skip the first row of the labelmap.txt file. // if you look at the TFOD Android example project (https://github.com/tensorflow/examples/tree/master/lite/examples/object_detection/android) // you will see that the labels for the inference model are actually extracted (as metadata) from the .tflite model file // instead of from the labelmap.txt file. if you build and run that example project, you'll see that // the label list begins with the label "person" and does not include the first line of the labelmap.txt file ("???"). // i suspect that the first line of the labelmap.txt file might be reserved for some future metadata schema // (or that the generated label map file is incorrect). // for now, skip the first line of the label map text file so that your label list is in sync with the embedded label list in the .tflite model. if(index == 0) { // skip first line. br.readLine(); } else { labelList.add(br.readLine()); } index++; } } catch (Exception e) { telemetry.addData("Exception", e.getLocalizedMessage()); telemetry.update(); } if (labelList.size() > 0) { labels = getStringArray(labelList); RobotLog.vv("readLabels()", "%d labels read.", labels.length); for (String label : labels) { RobotLog.vv("readLabels()", " " + label); } } else { RobotLog.vv("readLabels()", "No labels read!"); }
  • 5 ways to keep your skills fresh after finishing a coding bootcamp
    5 projects | dev.to | 28 Nov 2021
    One way to improve your projects and coding skills is to try new models and libraries. For example, if you did classification with logistic regression, try also with random forest; if you used Tensorflow, now try Keras; if you scraped a website with BeautifulSoup, now do it with Scrapy. You get the point.
  • Where would I even begin to make a neural network?
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/learnpython | 17 Nov 2021
    If you just need an NN using any tools at your disposal, I've written a couple in Tensorflow (free tool from Google) and it is very easy. Tensorflow has good tutorials that you can follow. With this option you won't really learn what is going on under the hood, but it will work. If you start with Shiffman and then move to Tensorflow, you will understand about forward/backward propagation, etc. Shiffman also has a series on Tensorflow.
  • Do not laugh — A simple AI powered game using TensorFlow.js and Electron
    3 projects | dev.to | 16 Nov 2021
    If you previously played around a bit with AI or machine learning code chances are you have already seen a library called TensorFlow in action. TensorFlow is Google’s open source AI framework for machine learning (ML) and it is widely used for tasks like image classification — Just what we need for our little game. The only drawbacks are, it is a Python library and it can only use nVidia GPUs for acceleration. Yes, you absolutely want that GPU acceleration when doing anything ML related.
  • Data Science toolset summary from 2021
    13 projects | dev.to | 13 Nov 2021
    Tensorflow - It is mainly used for training ML models which are based on Neural networks and Deep Learning. TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team for internal Google use. It can be used in a wide variety of programming languages, most notably Python, as well as Javascript, C++, and Java. This flexibility lends itself to a range of applications in many different sectors. Link - https://www.tensorflow.org/
  • Toggle dark mode of a page in a blink
    4 projects | dev.to | 8 Nov 2021
    This article is about how you can add blink detection in your project using TensorFlow.js. As an example, we will toggle the dark mode on a page. It's just a fun project to get started with Machine Learning and TensorFlow.js. Here is the result.
  • Pursuing a career in IT? Where do I start? Need advice
    1 project | reddit.com/r/ITCareerQuestions | 8 Nov 2021
    If you like programming, check out some Hackathons. These even involve sometimes prizes! Also, if you are interested in deep learning, machine learning, etc. check out stuff like TensorFlow.
  • What is B2D Sector?
    12 projects | dev.to | 17 Oct 2021
    Example tools:\ Tensorflow, Tableau, Apache Spark, Matlab, Jupyter


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