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Top 23 Deep Learning Open-Source Projects

  • tensorflow

    An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

    Project mention: Data-Oriented Programming in Python | | 2022-11-27

    > In practice, scientific computing users rely on the NumPy family of libraries e.g. NumPy, SciPy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, CuPy, JAX, etc..

    this is a somewhat confusing statement. most of these libraries actually don't rely on numpy. e.g. tensorflow ultimately wraps c++/eigen tensors [0] and numpy enters somewhere higher up in their python integration


  • transformers

    🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Pytorch, TensorFlow, and JAX.

    Project mention: [D] Best Practices for Training From Scratch With Large Datasets | | 2022-11-30

    I've been working from this as a starting point:

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Data Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services in less time with less code.

  • OpenCV

    Open Source Computer Vision Library

    Project mention: Are there any cpp libraries for converting images into 2d arrays? | | 2022-11-26

    OpenCV ( is another well-known choice.

  • Pytorch

    Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

    Project mention: Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon | | 2022-12-01

    I can't get fine-tune the model ron Apple Silicon due to PyTorch supportability issues. I don't have high-hopes it will be supported.

  • Keras

    Deep Learning for humans

    Project mention: 65 Blog Posts to Learn Data Science | | 2022-11-30

    Hello world. This tutorial is a gentle introduction to building modern text recognition system using deep learning in 15 minutes. It will teach you the main ideas of how to use Keras and Supervisely for this problem. This guide is for anyone who is interested in using Deep Learning for text recognition in images but has no idea where to start.

  • faceswap

    Deepfakes Software For All

    Project mention: [D] How is it checked if models do not just memorize their training examples? | | 2022-04-28

    But there's a nice survey on Arxiv here of various deepfake / face swap methods. Some of methods listed in the table on page 4, such as Faceswap and Faceswap-GAN, apparently use encoder-decoder models. I think Faceswap-GAN was the one that I was thinking of in particular; apparently it adds a perceptual loss and an adversarial loss to an autoencoder.

  • TensorFlow-Examples

    TensorFlow Tutorial and Examples for Beginners (support TF v1 & v2)

  • Sonar

    Write Clean Python Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 225 unique rules to find Python bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • 100-Days-Of-ML-Code

    100 Days of ML Coding

    Project mention: ✨ 5 Best GitHub Repositories to Learn Machine Learning in 2022 for Free 💯 | | 2022-10-14

    1️⃣ 100 Days Of ML Code

  • Real-Time-Voice-Cloning

    Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time

    Project mention: Speech to text | | 2022-09-29
  • DeepFaceLab

    DeepFaceLab is the leading software for creating deepfakes.

    Project mention: Margot Robbie - Dirndl Pantene Pro-V | | 2022-11-15

    I am using and Adobe Video and Picture editing software. You will find all information on github. The hardware is mainly a Zotac RTX 3090 24GB combined with a AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 32GB RAM

  • Deep-Learning-Papers-Reading-Roadmap

    Deep Learning papers reading roadmap for anyone who are eager to learn this amazing tech!

  • yolov5

    YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite

    Project mention: YOLOv5 SOTA Realtime Instance Segmentation | | 2022-11-22
  • Caffe

    Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.

    Project mention: German ad: "Artificial intelligence: the 4 most used drinks will be placed on the main screen" | | 2022-09-20
  • Made-With-ML

    Learn how to responsibly develop, deploy and maintain production machine learning applications.

    Project mention: When do you create new environments to code in? Is there a best practice for this? | | 2022-11-28

    With regards to best practices, I'd guide my project workflow on the Made With ML blog, specifically the Developing sub-section within the MLOps course section, this blog is a great guideline for structuring any ML/DS project btw

  • Tesseract.js

    Pure Javascript OCR for more than 100 Languages 📖🎉🖥

    Project mention: WebDev Recommendations to Mimic AWS Textract Demo Functionality | | 2022-10-03

    I've never used it - but Tesseract.js looks interesting. Perhaps you can use it as a foundation on which to build something like the AWS tool (which seems to work by overlaying an SVG over the top of the image, then manipulates that SVG when user clicks on a results tag to get the word/phrase's highlight box to display)?

  • machine-learning-for-software-engineers

    A complete daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer.

  • openpose

    OpenPose: Real-time multi-person keypoint detection library for body, face, hands, and foot estimation

    Project mention: How to get rotation (yaw/pitch/roll) from face detection keypoints? | | 2022-10-31
  • pytorch-tutorial

    PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers

    Project mention: PyTorch - What does contiguous() do? | | 2022-03-29

    I was going through this example of a LSTM language model on github (link).What it does in general is pretty clear to me. But I'm still struggling to understand what calling contiguous() does, which occurs several times in the code.

  • MockingBird

    🚀AI拟声: 5秒内克隆您的声音并生成任意语音内容 Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time

    Project mention: TIL cyber criminals with the help of A.I voice cloning software, used a deepfaked voice of a company executive to fool a Emirati bank manager to transfer 35 million dollars into their personal accounts. The bank manager had recognized the executive's voice from having worked with him before. | | 2022-09-12

    Actually, there are already open source implementations available, for example, the MockingBird project on GitHub. It supports English and Mandarin Chinese. For those with enough computation power and willingness to try, you can even make your own voice dataset and train the model to generate ‘your’ sound, simply following the project docs.

  • handson-ml

    ⛔️ DEPRECATED – See instead.

    Project mention: need a book recommendation for machine learning on python | | 2022-05-25

    Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow is often recommended. You can check out the GitHub repo first:


    GFPGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for Real-world Face Restoration.

    Project mention: MM7 Characters ran through a face restoration algorithm | | 2022-11-07

    Link: To get these results I blurred the original images a bit before running through the algorithm, otherwise they look too 3D

  • spaCy

    💫 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

    Project mention: Has anyone here ever used the seaNMF model for short text topic modeling, and be willing to help me get started with it? | | 2022-11-24

    Tokenize with NLTK, SpaCy or CoreNLP

  • data-science-ipython-notebooks

    Data science Python notebooks: Deep learning (TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Keras), scikit-learn, Kaggle, big data (Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS), matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Python essentials, AWS, and various command lines.

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-12-01.

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What are some of the best open-source Deep Learning projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 tensorflow 169,420
2 transformers 75,115
3 OpenCV 65,115
4 Pytorch 60,605
5 Keras 56,758
6 faceswap 42,849
7 TensorFlow-Examples 42,364
8 100-Days-Of-ML-Code 39,019
9 Real-Time-Voice-Cloning 37,991
10 DeepFaceLab 35,961
11 Deep-Learning-Papers-Reading-Roadmap 34,262
12 yolov5 33,311
13 Caffe 32,998
14 Made-With-ML 31,731
15 Tesseract.js 28,761
16 machine-learning-for-software-engineers 26,323
17 openpose 25,469
18 pytorch-tutorial 25,251
19 MockingBird 25,060
20 handson-ml 24,935
21 GFPGAN 24,901
22 spaCy 24,644
23 data-science-ipython-notebooks 24,323
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