openpilot is an open source driver assistance system. openpilot performs the functions of Automated Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control for over 100 supported car makes and models. (by commaai)

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  • GitHub repo minikeyvalue

    A distributed key value store in under 1000 lines. Used in production at

  • GitHub repo openpilot

    Stock Additions Update 3 (0.8.2): 3/automatic following distance profiles, customizable fork params with opEdit, and a smoother longitudinal experience with the comma pedal (by ShaneSmiskol)

  • GitHub repo netron

    Visualizer for neural network, deep learning, and machine learning models

  • GitHub repo Gravitational Teleport

    Certificate authority and access plane for SSH, Kubernetes, web applications, and databases

  • GitHub repo carla

    Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research.

  • GitHub repo label-studio

    Label Studio is a multi-type data labeling and annotation tool with standardized output format

  • GitHub repo metamask-extension

    :globe_with_meridians: :electric_plug: The MetaMask browser extension enables browsing Ethereum blockchain enabled websites

  • GitHub repo tinygrad

    You like pytorch? You like micrograd? You love tinygrad! ❤️

  • GitHub repo Kedro

    A Python framework for creating reproducible, maintainable and modular data science code.

  • GitHub repo materialize

    Materialize simplifies application development with streaming data. Incrementally-updated materialized views - in PostgreSQL and in real time. Materialize is powered by Timely Dataflow. (by MaterializeInc)

  • GitHub repo haystack

    :mag: End-to-end Python framework for building natural language search interfaces to data. Leverages Transformers and the State-of-the-Art of NLP. Supports DPR, Elasticsearch, Hugging Face’s Hub, and much more!

  • GitHub repo neo

    comma neo research platform (by commaai)

  • GitHub repo parabol

    Free online agile retrospective meeting tool

  • GitHub repo grouparoo

    🦘 The Grouparoo Monorepo - open source customer data sync framework

  • GitHub repo splitgraph

    Splitgraph command line client and python library

  • GitHub repo openpilot

    open source driving agent (by Lukilink)

  • GitHub repo openpilot

    open source driving agent (by ErichMoraga)

  • GitHub repo Swym_App

    Bitcoin savings app built with React Native

  • GitHub repo distribkv

    Distributed key-value database in Go

  • GitHub repo Baserow

    Baserow is an open source online database tool and Airtable alternative. Create your own database without technical experience. Our user friendly no-code tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser. (by bramw)

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Posts where openpilot has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-21.
  • What my nightmares look like
    There are other Self driving apps out there that run off a iPhone camera, this is a really good version here. So it could be that. But doubtful.
  • Show HN: Cell Shield – badge from a cell in a public Google sheet | 2021-07-21
    This is great for projects where management or tracking of some sort is done from a public Google spreadsheet. Here's some examples where I've put it to use.

    Here's a project where I sent in a PR that was merged to display annotation progress:

    Here's a wiki entry using it to display the current number of bounty contributors and bounty amount ($8K+!):

    If you're organizing something for your community using a spreadsheet, maybe consider using Cell Shield to put a little badge somewhere visible.

  • Have been in an accident because of openpilot? Have you avoided one? | 2021-07-20
  • Tesla's put/call ratio is at 0.69 - Bullish on all fronts | 2021-07-20
    1k from gets you fsd
  • Bolt EV Premier with LKA? | 2021-07-18
    That's not a bad price. Right now I'm saving for a vacation at the end of August, but immediately following that I'm thinking to get everything necessary. Is the current state of for the bolt using the comma 2, or comma eon?
  • Tesla wants customers to pay a $200 monthly fee for Full Self-Driving
  • The advantage of Comma ai in a 2020 Accord with Honda Sensing?
    My Toyota has "Adaptive Cruise Control" and "Lake Keep Assist", but the performs both functions better and more comfortable for the user. I know it's not a Honda, but the OEM systems have some limitations.
  • $199/month subscription for full self-driving capability in Tesla cars
  • For those who has a car with driving aids like Toyota Sense (with lane centering + auto cruise control), do you use it often? | 2021-07-15
    If you hate the stock toyota sense:
  • [USA][CA] Tesla on Autopilot hits a truck that merged into its lane | 2021-07-15
    I have a which is an open source project to add level-2 to compatible cars and it watches the eyes of the driver for this purpose and alerts (and eventually disengages) if someone's screwing around and not watching the road. I hope this safety model is implemented more widely, especially in cars that are in that limbo between "we think this is ready for primetime self driving" and "this actually is there".
  • Looking at buying Toyota to use with OpenPilot - TSS 2.0 v. TSS 2.5? | 2021-07-14
    On the Open Pilot github there is page labeled wiki. On that wiki page there is additional information about Toyota/lexus. link
  • Buying a Volt. Is a 2019 worth it over a 2018 for the updated screen features ? | 2021-07-13
    Check it out
  • Looking for OpenPilot for a Research Project | 2021-07-13
    I am a Ph.D. student at the CS department. We are conducting a study on the safety and security of OpenPilot driver assistance software ( I would appreciate it if anyone with this device installed in their car would like to participate in our study. We would like to conduct a few quick experiments in a controlled environment. Please DM me for the details!
  • Unit Testing for Production ML Workflows? | 2021-07-10
    In traditional software, our workflow was write code, test code, deploy code. With ML, it's collect data, label data, train model, evaluate model, tune hyperparameters or curate dataset, repeat, deploy. The later part of this new process is where things get a little hand-wavy. What are the most important metrics to evaluate on? What should we change to improve model performance? Autonomous driving is a perfect example of why this is really hard. You could build a great prototype for a self-driving car in 2015 with little budget (Comma AI did this). But 5 years and billions of dollars later, the best autonomous driving systems are still ~L2+ (
  • Tesla’s AI chief Andrej Karpathy explains why they use cameras instead of lidar
    The image cuts off the efficientnet backbone and starts at feature extraction. If you want to see the full model you can download it and show it on netron. The mess in the middle are gru layers, they provide the memory of previous frames.


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