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Stars Project Description
5 3,841 使游戏窗口全屏显示
3 373 Depth Based 3D & Other post-process shaders
2 89 A port of crt-royale from libretro to ReShade
2 31 Previously known as Super Look Up Tables
1 905 Noise shader library for Unity
1 261 GShade is a heavily modified fork of ReShade that features numerous improvements as well as a selectively-unlocked depth buffer for specific online games.
1 217 NVIDIA Ray Tracing Denoiser
1 140 A mod that adds the strangest flavor to most nations
1 48 Modular shader to enhance you HMD clarity & sharpness with minimal performance impact.
1 20 Merges SMAA and FXAA aiming to balance both for high quality AA effect.

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