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  • Godot

    Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

    Project mention: Error: Timer was not added to the SceneTree. Either add it or set autostart to true. I have no timer in any scene. | /r/godot | 2023-11-29

    Editing project: /home/noone/ABitTest2 Godot Engine v4.2.rc2.official.1ba920fad - https://godotengine.org /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxkbcommon.so.0: undefined symbol: xkb_utf32_to_keysym /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxkbcommon.so.0: undefined symbol: xkb_keymap_key_get_mods_for_level Vulkan API 1.1.182 - Forward+ - Using Vulkan Device #0: Unknown - llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits) WARNING: lavapipe is not a conformant vulkan implementation, testing use only. noone@noone-System-Product-Name:~/Godot4_0$ ERROR: Timer was not added to the SceneTree. Either add it or set autostart to true. at: start (scene/main/timer.cpp:109)

  • 3d-game-shaders-for-beginners

    🎮 A step-by-step guide to implementing SSAO, depth of field, lighting, normal mapping, and more for your 3D game.

    Project mention: Random Code Inspiration Volume 2 | dev.to | 2023-10-01
  • InfluxDB

    Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time. Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

  • GodotSteam

    An open-source and fully functional Steamworks SDK / API module and plug-in for the Godot Game Engine.

    Project mention: how to port cruelty squad to native linux (awesome guide) | /r/CrueltySquad | 2023-07-09

    get libgodotsteam.so + libsteam_api.so from here: https://github.com/CoaguCo-Industries/GodotSteam/releases/tag/g352-s157-gdn363

  • pocketpy

    Open Source Python Interpreter in 1 File for Game Scripting

    Project mention: How to create an embeddable python for multiple platforms | /r/cpp_questions | 2023-06-26
  • godot-jolt

    Godot Jolt – Godot extension that integrates the Jolt physics engine

    Project mention: Godot is not the new Unity – The anatomy of a Godot API call | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-18

    When the performance of Godot's physics engine has been mentioned before I've seen https://github.com/godot-jolt/godot-jolt pointed to as a drop in more performant solution.

    Haven't tried it in a project yet myself

  • godot-sqlite

    GDNative wrapper for SQLite (Godot 3.2+)

    Project mention: Final 4.1 RC? Please test! Release candidate: Godot 4.1 RC 3 | /r/godot | 2023-07-05

    It needs to be ported for 4.1: https://github.com/2shady4u/godot-sqlite/issues/148

  • godot-git-plugin

    Git implementation of the VCS interface in Godot

    Project mention: Git plugin for Godot 4.1 works and can be downloaded from here | /r/godot | 2023-09-19
  • Onboard AI

    Learn any GitHub repo in 59 seconds. Onboard AI learns any GitHub repo in minutes and lets you chat with it to locate functionality, understand different parts, and generate new code. Use it for free at www.getonboard.dev.

  • luascript

    Lua language support for Godot Engine

    Project mention: I'm trying to switch from Python to Lua so I can get into game development... where do I start? | /r/lua | 2023-03-21

    PICO8 • Godot with luascript • LÖVE2D

  • Goost

    A general-purpose, extensible and customizable C++ extension for Godot Engine.

  • godot-steam-api

    Godot Steam integration using GDNative.

    Project mention: Opening my project on a Mac rewrites project.godot, then on Windows the changes are reverted. How to fix this? | /r/godot | 2022-12-08

    I'm using the SteamAPI plugin and noticed that if I open my project on a Mac, the plugin's entries are rewritten in project.godot. All the "base" properties of classes belonging to this plugin which are empty strings on Windows become "Reference" on the Mac. Re-opening the same project on Windows revert these changes, so my git history would start accumulating garbage if I let this chaos continue.

  • godot_openxr

    OpenXR drivers for the Godot Game Engine v3.x

    Project mention: VR inputs (Quest 2 PCVR) | /r/godot | 2023-05-07

    (If you are using Godot 3, the Node is called ARVRController instead and you will need either the OpenVR or OpenXR plugin)

  • fmod-gdextension

    FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine

  • fmod-for-godot

    FMOD Studio Integration for the Godot Engine

    Project mention: Anyone else not excited about Godot? | /r/gamedev | 2023-09-22

    - There does appear to an FMOD integration plugin that is up to date https://github.com/alessandrofama/fmod-for-godot but I've never used it

  • godot_luaAPI

    This is a Godot addon that adds Lua API support via GDScript, C# or GDExtension. Importantly this is NOT meant to be a replacement for or alternative to GDScript. This addon provides no functionality to program your game out of the box. This addon allows you to create custom Modding API's in a sandboxed environment. You have control of what people can and can not do within that sandbox.

    Project mention: “fractureiser” malware in many popular Minecraft mods and modpacks | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-07
  • godot_openvr

    GDNative based Open VR module

    Project mention: VR inputs (Quest 2 PCVR) | /r/godot | 2023-05-07

    firstly im not using BastiaanOlij's openVR plugin, mainly because it seems out of date and most of the things in it refuse to open/work on my computer, but also because I dont want it to bridge my knowledge of godot and for me to use it as a replacement in the future.

  • godot_debug_draw_3d

    Draw 3d debug graphics and 2d overlays with this add-on.

    Project mention: On Mac, are GDExtensions downloaded from the internet supposed to just work? | /r/godot | 2023-11-16

    For example, I wanted to try out this add-on which uses GDExtension: https://github.com/DmitriySalnikov/godot_debug_draw_3d

  • wwise-godot-integration

    Wwise Integration for the Godot Engine

    Project mention: Godot for AA/AAA game development - What's missing? | /r/gamedev | 2023-01-18

    What issues? Report issues here so that I can fix them: https://github.com/alessandrofama/wwise-godot-integration/issues

  • GDExtensionSummator

    The Summator Example from Custom Modules made with the GDExtension system in Godot 4

    Project mention: Some advice, tips, and resources I can share for those looking to make GDExtensions | /r/godot | 2023-04-15

    Once you get it building correctly on your machine, you can use GitHub actions to test that it will also build on other desktops, as well as actually build the libraries needed for the extensions on those platforms. So if you're like me and using Windows, you can only build for Windows and Linux. This will build the mac libraries for you. Here's an example of a .yml file that does that. You can compare it against mine to see what I changed for my situation.

  • NativeDialogs

    Native Dialogs is a plugin for Godot that allows you to interact with OS-specific dialogs, such as notifications, messages and file dialogs.

    Project mention: Would anyone else find the integration of the OS system file explorer useful? | /r/godot | 2023-05-23
  • godot-extras

    My collection of various plugins, modules, or patches for Godot

  • gdcef

    [Plugin][Version 0.7.0][Functional] Chromium Embedded Framework as Godot GDNative (Godot 3.4+)

    Project mention: WebView in Godot 4 for all export platforms, a pipe dream? | /r/godot | 2023-06-28

    I've found this module for 3.5 and it exports on Windows and Linux only.

  • godot-wasm

    Interact with WebAssembly modules from Godot

    Project mention: Show HN: WebAssembly runtime embedded in Godot game engine | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-10-16

    Unfortunately, web exports are not yet supported. See https://github.com/ashtonmeuser/godot-wasm/issues/18 for more details. Web support is on the roadmap.

  • voxelman

    A voxel engine for godot. I'ts a c++ engine module.

    Project mention: Vpainter on godot4: what am i missing ? | /r/godot | 2023-04-25

    Voxelman is still being ported 4.0, and is another engine module which will require compiling. https://github.com/Relintai/voxelman

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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Project Stars
1 Godot 78,113
2 3d-game-shaders-for-beginners 16,351
3 GodotSteam 1,987
4 pocketpy 1,182
5 godot-jolt 1,127
6 godot-sqlite 621
7 godot-git-plugin 551
8 luascript 529
9 Goost 442
10 godot-steam-api 368
11 godot_openxr 273
12 fmod-gdextension 247
13 fmod-for-godot 240
14 godot_luaAPI 238
15 godot_openvr 217
16 godot_debug_draw_3d 217
17 wwise-godot-integration 210
18 GDExtensionSummator 141
19 NativeDialogs 129
20 godot-extras 111
21 gdcef 101
22 godot-wasm 98
23 voxelman 86
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