Trending C++ Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 20 Sep 2021.
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Top 50 Trending C++ Projects

  • GitHub repo orbiter

    Open-source repository of Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

  • GitHub repo triton

    Development repository for the Triton language and compiler

  • GitHub repo widelands

    Widelands is a free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. The game was inspired by Settlers II™ (© Bluebyte) but has significantly more variety and depth to it.

  • GitHub repo OpenMLDB

    OpenMLDB is an open-source database that is designed and optimized to enable data integrity & efficiency for machine learning driven applications. In addition to 10x faster ML application landing experience, OpenMLDB provides unified computing & storage engines to reduce the complexity and cost of development and operation.

  • GitHub repo wslg

    Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland and X server related scenarios

  • GitHub repo IoT-For-Beginners

    12 Weeks, 24 Lessons, IoT for All!

  • GitHub repo SSVM

    WasmEdge is a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible WebAssembly runtime for cloud native, edge, and decentralized applications. It powers serverless apps, embedded functions, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices.

  • GitHub repo nebula-graph

    A distributed, fast open-source graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability

  • GitHub repo tenacity

    Tenacity is an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly, FLOSS, cross-platform multi-track audio editor/recorder for Windows, macOS, Linux and other operating systems. Contributions welcome!

  • GitHub repo FlaxEngine

    Flax Engine – multi-platform 3D game engine

  • GitHub repo Cheetah-Software

  • GitHub repo STT

    The deep learning toolkit for Speech-to-Text. Training and deploying STT models has never been so easy.

  • GitHub repo Lemon-OS

    The Lemon Operating System

  • GitHub repo chatterino2

    Chat client for

  • GitHub repo wenet

    Production First and Production Ready End-to-End Speech Recognition Toolkit

  • GitHub repo flutter-embedded-linux

    Embedded Linux embedding for Flutter

  • GitHub repo kompute

    General purpose GPU compute framework for cross vendor graphics cards (AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & friends). Blazing fast, mobile-enabled, asynchronous and optimized for advanced GPU data processing usecases. Backed by the Linux Foundation.

  • GitHub repo LANDrop

    Drop any files to any devices on your LAN.

  • GitHub repo openpilot

    openpilot is an open source driver assistance system. openpilot performs the functions of Automated Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control for over 100 supported car makes and models.

  • GitHub repo index

    The Index is an open source pick and place machine. (by index-machines)

  • GitHub repo omapsapp

    🍃 Organic Maps is a free Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists. It uses crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and is developed with love by MapsWithMe (MapsMe) founders and our community. No ads, no tracking, no data collection, no crapware. Your donations and positive reviews motivate and inspire our small team!

  • GitHub repo Arduino-FOC

    Arduino FOC for BLDC and Stepper motors - Arduino Based Field Oriented Control Algorithm Library

  • GitHub repo connectedhomeip

    Matter (formerly Project CHIP) is creating more connections between more objects, simplifying development for manufacturers and increasing compatibility for consumers, guided by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance).

  • GitHub repo ExpressLRS

    STM32/ESP32/ESP8285-based High-Performance Radio Link for RC applications

  • GitHub repo esphome

    ESPHome is a system to control your ESP8266/ESP32 by simple yet powerful configuration files and control them remotely through Home Automation systems.

  • GitHub repo gazebo

    Open source robotics simulator.

  • GitHub repo freeorion

    Source code repository of the FreeOrion project.

  • GitHub repo orbit

    C/C++ Performance Profiler (by google)

  • GitHub repo Open3D

    Open3D: A Modern Library for 3D Data Processing

  • GitHub repo bustub

    The BusTub Relational Database Management System (Educational)

  • GitHub repo libqalculate

    Qalculate! library and CLI

  • GitHub repo C++ Workflow

    C++ Parallel Computing and Asynchronous Networking Engine

  • GitHub repo mamba

    The Fast Cross-Platform Package Manager

  • GitHub repo iceoryx

    Eclipse iceoryx™ - true zero-copy inter-process-communication

  • GitHub repo champ

    𓃡 Quadruped Robot based on MIT Cheetah I

  • GitHub repo serenity

    The Serenity Operating System 🐞

  • GitHub repo circt

    Circuit IR Compilers and Tools

  • GitHub repo fast_float

    Fast and exact implementation of the C++ from_chars functions for float and double types: 4x faster than strtod

  • GitHub repo love

    LÖVE is an awesome 2D game framework for Lua.

  • GitHub repo managarm

    Pragmatic microkernel-based OS with fully asynchronous I/O

  • GitHub repo LibreSprite

    Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool -- Fork of the last GPLv2 commit of Aseprite

  • GitHub repo OvenMediaEngine

    OvenMediaEngine (OME) is a Streaming Server for Sub-Second Latency. It supports WebRTC, RTMP, SRT, MPEG-2 TS, RTSP as input, WebRTC, LL-DASH, MPEG-DASH, HLS as output.

  • GitHub repo libunifex

    Unified Executors

  • GitHub repo o3de

    Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is an Apache 2.0-licensed multi-platform 3D engine that enables developers and content creators to build AAA games, cinema-quality 3D worlds, and high-fidelity simulations without any fees or commercial obligations.

  • GitHub repo dosbox-staging

    DOS/x86 emulator focusing on ease of use

  • GitHub repo MultiMC5

    A custom launcher for Minecraft that allows you to easily manage multiple installations of Minecraft at once

  • GitHub repo Fast-Planner

    A Robust and Efficient Trajectory Planner for Quadrotors

  • GitHub repo wallet-core

    Cross-platform, cross-blockchain wallet library.

  • GitHub repo shelly-homekit

    Apple HomeKit firmware for Shelly switches

  • GitHub repo vosk-api

    Offline speech recognition API for Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and servers with Python, Java, C# and Node

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source C++ projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 orbiter 98.2%
2 triton 87.8%
3 widelands 66.0%
4 OpenMLDB 41.1%
5 wslg 23.8%
6 IoT-For-Beginners 21.1%
7 SSVM 20.3%
8 nebula-graph 17.9%
9 tenacity 17.0%
10 FlaxEngine 15.6%
11 Cheetah-Software 14.4%
12 STT 14.3%
13 Lemon-OS 14.2%
14 chatterino2 14.0%
15 wenet 14.0%
16 flutter-embedded-linux 14.0%
17 kompute 13.9%
18 LANDrop 12.5%
19 openpilot 12.2%
20 index 12.0%
21 omapsapp 11.7%
22 Arduino-FOC 11.6%
23 connectedhomeip 11.4%
24 ExpressLRS 11.3%
25 esphome 11.3%
26 gazebo 11.1%
27 freeorion 10.8%
28 orbit 10.5%
29 Open3D 10.4%
30 bustub 10.1%
31 libqalculate 9.8%
32 C++ Workflow 9.7%
33 mamba 9.5%
34 iceoryx 8.9%
35 champ 8.9%
36 serenity 8.9%
37 circt 8.8%
38 fast_float 8.8%
39 love 8.7%
40 managarm 8.6%
41 LibreSprite 8.6%
42 OvenMediaEngine 8.6%
43 libunifex 8.5%
44 o3de 8.5%
45 dosbox-staging 8.4%
46 MultiMC5 8.2%
47 Fast-Planner 8.0%
48 wallet-core 7.9%
49 shelly-homekit 7.9%
50 vosk-api 7.9%