Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET (by JamesNK)

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  • GitHub repo quicktype

    Generate types and converters from JSON, Schema, and GraphQL

  • GitHub repo PowerShell

    PowerShell for every system!

  • GitHub repo Dapper

    Dapper - a simple object mapper for .Net [Moved to: https://github.com/DapperLib/Dapper] (by StackExchange)

  • GitHub repo MessagePack for C# (.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin)

    Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin). / msgpack.org[C#]

  • GitHub repo FluidFramework

    Library for building distributed, real-time collaborative web applications

  • GitHub repo Command Line Parser

    The best C# command line parser that brings standardized *nix getopt style, for .NET. Includes F# support

  • GitHub repo MQTTnet

    MQTTnet is a high performance .NET library for MQTT based communication. It provides a MQTT client and a MQTT server (broker). The implementation is based on the documentation from http://mqtt.org/.

  • GitHub repo ysoserial.net

    Deserialization payload generator for a variety of .NET formatters

  • GitHub repo Scrutor

    Assembly scanning and decoration extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection

  • GitHub repo Nez

    Nez is a free 2D focused framework that works with MonoGame and FNA

  • GitHub repo fsharp-hedgehog

    Release with confidence, state-of-the-art property testing for .NET.

  • GitHub repo json

    A really simple C# JSON Parser in 350 lines (by zanders3)

  • GitHub repo AutoBogus

    A C# library complementing the Bogus generator by adding auto creation and population capabilities.

  • GitHub repo unicodetiles.js

    A JavaScript character-based tile engine for creating games such as roguelikes.

  • GitHub repo serilog-sinks-console

    Write log events to System.Console as text or JSON, with ANSI theme support

  • GitHub repo AnyDiff

    A CSharp (C#) diff library that allows you to diff two objects and get a list of the differences back.

  • GitHub repo AnyClone

    A CSharp library that can deep clone any object using only reflection.

  • GitHub repo secbot-2021-7drl

    7-day Roguelike, 2021 (Success)

  • GitHub repo fsharp-hedgehog-xunit

    Hedgehog with convenience attributes for xUnit.net

  • GitHub repo terminus

    Roguelike game built using Lua/Love2D/Moonpie (by tredfern)

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Posts where Json.NET has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-04.
  • Basic MQTT with C#
    dev.to | 2021-07-04
    MQTTNet MQTTnet.Extensions.ManagedClient Serilog Serilog.Sinks.Console Newtonsoft.Json
  • Sharing Saturday #369
    Dev time was extremely limited this week. After reprioritizing Release 3 features, my plan for the week changed and I ended up working on the save system. This was functioning in Release 1 but I haven’t updated it for all the features and refactoring done in Release 2. So much has changed that I’m basically starting over. I’m also having to rework some classes that contain a mix of data that should be saved and data that shouldn’t or can’t be saved (e.g., MonoBehaviours). I read a lot of articles and watched a lot of videos on save systems in Unity. Most of what I found was aimed at beginners and only covered the basics. This video was helpful, but I didn’t like having to create a new temporary object and save and load methods with explicit setters and getters; it’s slow performance-wise and difficult to maintain. I’d rather just isolate the data that needs to be saved and serialize it. Either I haven’t discovered the right pattern, or saving complex data in Unity requires a lot of effort and there’s no way around it. I could put all of an object’s state data into a single plain C# class, but then I couldn’t use composition to build game objects. I could isolate the state data on each game object component, but then I’d have to individually serialize the data in each component, or aggregate the stage data spread across the components first. Ideally, the save system would simply save and restore game objects marked for saving and restoring. This is technically possible in Unity, but from what I’ve gathered it’s not advisable. Anyway, after some analysis paralysis, I started implementing the new save system starting with the map. Once a monolithic class, the map now simply contains its dimensions, a cell collection, and half a dozen other collections that are only used for procedural generation, such as the room collection. I don’t believe I need to save the procedural generation data after the map is created, so I’m not going to worry about saving that data for now (ideally, this data would be in a class specifically for map generation that is destroyed after the map is created; will refactor in the future). So, the bulk of the data being saved is the cell collection. Each cell contains multiple attributes, including value and reference types. By default, the serializer I’m using (Json.NET) serializes objects by value. This is a problem for “type” objects. For example, each cell has a cell type, such as a wall or a floor. Each cell type has many attributes. By default, Json.NET serializes all of the attributes in the cell type for each cell that has that cell type. This increases the size of the save file significantly and loses the reference to the original cell type object. I solved this problem by adding an attribute for the cell type’s unique id to the cell class. The advantages of this solution are 1) less data written to file and 2) when loading data, the reference to the cell type object can be restored by retrieving the cell type from a dictionary using the unique id as the key. I applied this pattern to other attributes as well, such as actor types and item types. As of now, the map successfully saves to file, but loading hasn’t been implemented.
  • Tutorial request: Parser
    If you want to look at how PowerShell does it, the source code for ConvertTo-Json is here and because it uses the Newtonsoft.Json library, that source code (which does the real work) ends up calling this Serialize() function
  • For the AGE engine that uses ECS, does anyone know how they connected the json definitions to C# code?
    https://www.newtonsoft.com/json is the most popular json serialization library in .net.
  • Can anyone write code example how to get this api and make it like an array of classes(records) url is https://api1.binance.com/api/v3/ticker/price
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-06-04
  • extract datas from API (website) and add to list? Is it possible?
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-04-18
    If you dont know how to extract data from that string, use json converter to deserialize json to object. You can create your class here just copy paste your json string.
  • JsonUtility doesn't serialize Decimals?
    reddit.com/r/Unity3D | 2021-04-13
    I prefer JSON .NET (from Newtonsoft) instead. It's also on the asset store.
  • Help with object inheritance and serialization/de-serialization needed
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-03-26
    that's top strange. according to Mewtonsoft.Json source code, this error happens only if you cannot assign an instance of FilterGroup to IFilterBase ( https://github.com/JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json/blob/master/Src/Newtonsoft.Json/Serialization/JsonSerializerInternalReader.cs#L816 ), but that's bullshit, since FilterGroup implements IFilterBase.
  • C# and JSON
    reddit.com/r/godot | 2021-03-16
    I've been using Newton JSON for a data heavy game and don't use Godot collections. Like GArysTrousers I wrestled with this for quite some time given how much my game relies on JSON. Happy with my choice so far, I use it for local data handling and network communication.
  • A couple of questions about dotnet from a Java developer :)
    reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-02-19
    i dont really know about newtonsoft's offers but a quick search shows that company does json only Json.NET - Newtonsoft
  • LPT: There is a library called Bogus, you should know it exists much earlier than I did in my career.
    reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-02-07
    Been using this for some time now. Along with AutoMapper, FluentValidation, and Newtonsoft's Json.Net are some of the packages/libs that I used most frequently.
  • Which data types are serializable by default in c sharp?
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-01-20
    JSON: https://github.com/JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json


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JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

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