Trending C# Projects

This page lists the top trending C# projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 10 Jun 2024.
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Top 50 Trending C# Projects

  • ErsatzTV

    Stream custom live channels using your own media

  • aspire-samples

  • Winpilot

    The manic cousin of Microsoft Copilot

  • LLamaSharp

    A C#/.NET library to run LLM (🦙LLaMA/LLaVA) on your local device efficiently.

  • StabilityMatrix

    Multi-Platform Package Manager for Stable Diffusion

  • splitscreenme-nucleus

    Nucleus Co-op is an application that starts multiple instances of a game for split-screen multiplayer gaming!

  • FusionCache

    FusionCache is an easy to use, fast and robust cache with advanced resiliency features and an optional distributed 2nd level.

  • Parabolic

    Download web video and audio

  • eShop

    A reference .NET application implementing an eCommerce site

  • data-api-builder

    Data API builder provides modern REST and GraphQL endpoints to your Azure Databases and on-prem stores.

  • glazewm

    GlazeWM is a tiling window manager for Windows inspired by i3 and Polybar.

  • NexusMods.App

    Home of the development of the Nexus Mods App

  • kernel-memory

    RAG architecture: index and query any data using LLM and natural language, track sources, show citations, asynchronous memory patterns.

  • aptabase

    ✨ Open Source, Privacy-First and Simple Analytics for Mobile, Desktop and Web Apps

  • fancywm

    FancyWM - Dynamic Tiling Window Manager for Windows

  • Z.ExtensionMethods

    C# Extension Methods | Over 1000 extension methods:

  • HunterPie

    A clean, modern and robust overlay for Monster Hunter games. (by HunterPie)

  • slskd

    A modern client-server application for the Soulseek file sharing network.

  • StableSwarmUI

    StableSwarmUI, A Modular Stable Diffusion Web-User-Interface, with an emphasis on making powertools easily accessible, high performance, and extensibility.

  • Flow.Launcher

    :mag: Quick file search & app launcher for Windows with community-made plugins

  • OpenAI-DotNet

    A Non-Official OpenAI RESTful API Client for DotNet

  • fluentui-blazor

    Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor components library. For use with ASP.NET Core Blazor applications

  • dnSpy

    Unofficial revival of the well known .NET debugger and assembly editor, dnSpy (by dnSpyEx)

  • Technitium DNS Server

    Technitium DNS Server

  • Macro-Deck

    Macro Deck transforms your phone, tablet, or any device equipped with a modern internet browser into an efficient remote macro pad. With this tool, you can execute single or multi-step actions seamlessly with just a single tap.

  • HLODSystem

  • ncalc

    Mathematical Expressions Evaluator for .NET (by ncalc)

  • Semi.Avalonia

    Avalonia theme inspired by Semi Design

  • sqids-dotnet

    Official .NET port of Sqids. Generate short unique IDs from numbers.

  • Ulid

    Fast .NET C# Implementation of ULID for .NET and Unity. (by Cysharp)

  • SophiApp

    :zap: The most powerful open source tweaker on GitHub for fine-tuning Windows 10 & Windows 11

  • evolutionary-architecture-by-example

    Navigate the complex landscape of .NET software architecture with our step-by-step, story-like guide. Unpack the interplay between modular monoliths, microservices, domain-driven design, and various architectural patterns. Go beyond the one-size-fits-all solutions and understand how to blend these approaches based on your unique needs.

  • PwnedPasswordsDownloader

    A tool to download all Pwned Passwords hash ranges and save them offline so they can be used without a dependency on the k-anonymity API

  • Vividl

    Modern Windows GUI for youtube-dl/ yt-dlp

  • BedrockLauncher

  • 1Remote

    One Remote Access Manager to Rule Them All

  • dotnet-starter-kit

    Production Grade Cloud-Ready .NET 8 Starter Kit (Web API + Blazor Client) with Multitenancy Support, and Clean/Modular Architecture that saves roughly 200+ Development Hours! All Batteries Included.

  • Blazor-ApexCharts

    A blazor wrapper for ApexCharts.js

  • AssetRipper

    GUI Application to work with engine assets, asset bundles, and serialized files

  • YARG

    YARG (a.k.a. Yet Another Rhythm Game) is a free, open-source, plastic guitar game that is still in development. It supports guitar (five fret), drums (plastic or e-kit), vocals, pro-guitar, and more!

  • mousejiggler

    Mouse Jiggler is a very simple piece of software whose sole function is to "fake" mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth.

  • AvaloniaEdit

    Avalonia-based text editor (port of AvalonEdit)

  • Collapse Launcher

    An Advanced Launcher for miHoYo Games

  • SharpView

    C# implementation of harmj0y's PowerView

  • Blazor.Diagrams

    A fully customizable and extensible all-purpose diagrams library for Blazor

  • VpnHood

    Undetectable Fast Portable VPN

  • kiota

    OpenAPI based HTTP Client code generator

  • Kavita

    Kavita is a fast, feature rich, cross platform reading server. Built with the goal of being a full solution for all your reading needs. Setup your own server and share your reading collection with your friends and family.

  • dotnet-console-games

    Game examples implemented as .NET console applications primarily for providing education and inspiration. :)

  • PdfPig

    Read and extract text and other content from PDFs in C# (port of PDFBox)

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source C# projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 ErsatzTV 18.0%
2 aspire-samples 15.6%
3 Winpilot 14.0%
4 LLamaSharp 13.6%
5 StabilityMatrix 12.8%
6 splitscreenme-nucleus 12.7%
7 FusionCache 12.6%
8 Parabolic 11.9%
9 eShop 11.3%
10 data-api-builder 10.3%
11 glazewm 9.1%
12 NexusMods.App 8.9%
13 kernel-memory 8.5%
14 aptabase 8.4%
15 fancywm 8.3%
16 Z.ExtensionMethods 7.7%
17 HunterPie 7.7%
18 slskd 7.7%
19 StableSwarmUI 7.6%
20 Flow.Launcher 7.4%
21 OpenAI-DotNet 7.3%
22 fluentui-blazor 6.9%
23 dnSpy 6.8%
24 Technitium DNS Server 6.7%
25 Macro-Deck 6.7%
26 HLODSystem 6.6%
27 ncalc 6.3%
28 Semi.Avalonia 6.2%
29 sqids-dotnet 6.0%
30 Ulid 5.9%
31 SophiApp 5.9%
32 evolutionary-architecture-by-example 5.8%
33 PwnedPasswordsDownloader 5.6%
34 Vividl 5.6%
35 BedrockLauncher 5.5%
36 1Remote 5.4%
37 dotnet-starter-kit 5.4%
38 Blazor-ApexCharts 5.3%
39 AssetRipper 5.2%
40 YARG 5.2%
41 mousejiggler 5.0%
42 AvaloniaEdit 5.0%
43 Collapse Launcher 5.0%
44 SharpView 5.0%
45 Blazor.Diagrams 4.8%
46 VpnHood 4.7%
47 kiota 4.7%
48 Kavita 4.6%
49 dotnet-console-games 4.5%
50 PdfPig 4.5%