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Similar projects and alternatives to PowerShell
  • GitHub repo dnSpy

  • GitHub repo windows-rs

    Rust for Windows

  • Uno Platform

    Pixel-Perfect Multi-Platform Applications with C# and XAML. Build single-codebase applications for Windows, Web, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android with open-source Uno Platform. Fluent and Material design included in-the-box. Try now via 3 min tutorial.

  • GitHub repo jc

    CLI tool and python library that converts the output of popular command-line tools and file-types to JSON or Dictionaries. This allows piping of output to tools like jq and simplifying automation scripts.

  • GitHub repo CodeHub

    CodeHub is an iOS application written using Xamarin

  • GitHub repo ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform .NET framework for building modern cloud-based web applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • GitHub repo Wox

    Launcher for Windows, an alternative to Alfred and Launchy.

  • GitHub repo eShopOnContainers

    Cross-platform .NET sample microservices and container based application that runs on Linux Windows and macOS. Powered by .NET 5, Docker Containers and Azure Kubernetes Services. Supports Visual Studio, VS for Mac and CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other code editor.

  • Scout

    Get performance insights in less than 4 minutes. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo ShareX

    ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to many supported destinations you can choose from.

  • GitHub repo jello

    CLI tool to filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax. (Similar to jq)

  • GitHub repo Terminal

    The new Windows Terminal and the original Windows console host, all in the same place! [Moved to: https://github.com/microsoft/terminal]

  • GitHub repo iTerm2-Color-Schemes

    Over 230 terminal color schemes/themes for iTerm/iTerm2. Includes ports to Terminal, Konsole, PuTTY, Xresources, XRDB, Remmina, Termite, XFCE, Tilda, FreeBSD VT, Terminator, Kitty, MobaXterm, LXTerminal, Microsoft's Windows Terminal, Visual Studio, Alacritty

  • GitHub repo WaveFunctionCollapse

    Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics

  • GitHub repo Cargo

    The Rust package manager

  • GitHub repo babashka

    A Clojure babushka for the grey areas of Bash (native fast-starting Clojure scripting environment) [Moved to: https://github.com/babashka/babashka] (by borkdude)

  • GitHub repo cheshire

    Clojure JSON and JSON SMILE (binary json format) encoding/decoding

  • GitHub repo QMetaObject crate for Rust

    Integrate Qml and Rust by building the QMetaObject at compile time.

  • GitHub repo jq-web

    jq in the browser with emscripten.

  • GitHub repo jq.py

    Python bindings for jq

  • GitHub repo ndjson.github.io

    Info Website for NDJSON

  • GitHub repo grop

    helper script for the `gron | grep | gron -u` workflow

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Posts where PowerShell has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-02-13.
  • Referencing the parent of $_
    This is a bug caused by the current implementation of Select-Object, which adds Note Properties to the original objects specified by -ExpandProperty, instead of creating new objects with the requested set of properties.
  • Write module function with multiple sets of mutually exclusive parameters?
  • Hot to set vim.exe on windows to use Powershell or Windows Terminal as default shell instead of cmd?
    reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-02-18
    Not sure if "PowerShell in a month of lunches" is just being sloppy, of if they really did call to cmd.exe, but either way, at the moment, PowerShell uses the Win32 API call CreateProcess to create processes- as it would need to do even if it did use cmd- notice that cmd.exe is a native executable and so solving the problem of starting native executable by calling to cmd is not in fact possible. Check out src/Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Management/commands/management/Process.cs, and specifically the StartWithCreateProcess method. I'm not knowledgeable enough with the PowerShell codebase to know exactly how it fits together, but I did recursively grep for cmd.exe in the base directory and I can't find references to it besides in tests- and in those tests, PowerShell itself was calling cmd using its own interface to the Windows API. Happy to be shown I'm wrong about this, and it's incidental to the actual question, but it just doesn't make sense for a shell to rely on another shell to execute native commands when it can just call to the OS API itself, as PS clearly does.
  • Creating Network Locations for Users
    reddit.com/r/Intune | 2021-02-15
    My bad, you’re not setting mapped drive locations. I was talking about this: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/7829
  • Cannot suppress Test-NetConnection progress output
    In v6+ this performance hit has been removed so | Out-Null is the same as $null =, > $null, or [void] https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/pull/2629.
  • This is a big list of alternative shells! (As opposed to the common POSIX-ish shells like bash and zsh)
    I think you are using the PowerShell that comes with Windows. For the best speed I would recommend the ones in releases page on GitHub
  • New PowerShell Version - v7.2.0-preview.3 Release of PowerShell
  • New PowerShell Version - v7.1.2 Release of PowerShell
  • New PowerShell Version - v7.0.5 Release of PowerShell
  • Init?
    British devs at Microsoft when they have to get up early be like
  • Open Windows 10 VPN via batch
    reddit.com/r/Batch | 2021-02-10
    I know it's been a messy issue. A tiny mistake in pbk can cause an error. I even opened this issue on PowerShell repository. https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/12260
  • what is power shell?
    Windows 10 comes with the older Windows-only edition (version 5.1), but you can download the latest PowerShell (7) on GitHub. Assuming you have a newer PC, you'll want to download PowerShell-7.1.1-win-x64.msi which is the 64-bit Windows installer. MSI files are installer packages for Windows that you can run the same way as you would .EXE application files.
  • REST API Response (JSON) has a leading '.'
    Could this be a byte order mark? Invoke-WebRequest includes byte order mark
  • How to execute previous command with find/replace (like caret in bash)
    It looks like the current implementation of Invoke-History is a minimum-viable-product, and that the idea was that it should grow to include more functionality like Bash and other Unix shells, but the growth hasn't happened yet: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/12488#issuecomment-619618853
  • Powershell (quand on ne connaît que Linux)
    dev.to | 2021-01-28
    Github Officiel de Powershell


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