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Posts where developer-roadmap has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-06-15.
  • Experiential learner guidance
    And look at this roadmap:
  • Advice on becoming a junior web developer | 2021-06-16
    Here's a pretty good roadmap you can follow
  • Best resources to become self-taught Frontend Web Developer | 2021-06-15
    I think people will tell you about Eloquent Javascrip. I read like 5 chapters of it, than it became too “difficult” for me, as in “this will not get me a job so it’s not worth it”. Apart from that, I followed this roadmap basically
  • Are there career options are there for Linux and programming?
    Take a look at for some outlines of the various tools, techs, and expertise involved in some different roles. DevOps is a very fluid title that tends to mean different things in different orgs. Site Reliability Engineer type of role may also be up your alley. Platform Engineer is another title that might be interesting to you.
  • Berufliche Veränderung | 2021-06-13
  • Faire une reconversion pro vers ingénieur FullStack ? | 2021-06-13
  • I'm a 24-year student and I'm stuck. Now I'm a very little programmer, but I think about throwing it for cybersecurity. Any recommendations, please?
    I think to start again with programming, but from the beginning. One by one technology, without any cheating. I found in my opinion a nice graph: It makes sense for me, these technologies and tools are popular. I think the biggest challenge was Angular, when I did the MEAN app. I didn't know perfect JavaScript, but as we know, Angular uses TypeScript. When I had to do something, everything mixed up. I preferred to teach React, but I had to work with Angular.
  • After dropping out of a 4yr university, I’ve decided to attend community college and get an associates in IT: Full stack specialty. What can I do this summer to prepare?
  • [NeedAdvice] Way too focused on having "as much fun as possible"
    Html and css are very easy to learn for a first time learner, especially for someone with a programming background. Javascript would be next up, but you only really need the basics of javascript for front end web development (the visual side, no servers and stuff). Those three languages are the most important for web development and are what I would recommend for someone starting out. Eventually you would move on to use javascript frameworks like vue.js or react, and if you decide to start working with data collection (back end web development) then there's a few additional languages that you'll need. This web development roadmap shows a pretty good path of what you should do to start out, though it can seem more intimidating than it actually is. is an amazing resource, and is also pretty good for learning as well. For a code editor, you can use pretty much anything, but I would personally recommend VSCode since there are many useful features you can add.
  • Age 26, too late to start?
    Here's a solid roadmap:
  • Where can I find an comprehensive list of all web development topics? | 2021-06-06
  • Mechanical engineering to web development. | 2021-06-05
  • Roadmap of Frontend Developer | 2021-06-03
    If you want complete roadmap than click this link below:-
  • Developer Roadmaps | 2021-06-03
    This is an example available at
  • Monthly 'Getting into DevOps' thread - 2021/06 | 2021-06-01
    2019 DevOps Roadmap - one developer's ideas for which skills are needed in the DevOps world. This roadmap is controversial, as it may be too use-case specific, but serves as a good starting point for what tools are currently in use by companies.