imgui VS webview

Compare imgui vs webview and see what are their differences.


Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies (by ocornut)


Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++. Uses WebKit (GTK/Cocoa) and Edge WebView2 (Windows). (by webview)
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imgui webview
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Posts with mentions or reviews of imgui. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-04-06.
  • Using raylib with Dear ImGui: Game Dev Debugging UI
    5 projects | | 6 Apr 2024
    include(cmake/CPM.cmake) function(raylib_imgui_setup_dependencies) message(STATUS "Include Dear ImGui") FetchContent_Declare( ImGui GIT_REPOSITORY GIT_TAG 277ae93c41314ba5f4c7444f37c4319cdf07e8cf) # v1.90.4 FetchContent_MakeAvailable(ImGui) FetchContent_GetProperties(ImGui SOURCE_DIR IMGUI_DIR) add_library( imgui STATIC ${imgui_SOURCE_DIR}/imgui.cpp ${imgui_SOURCE_DIR}/imgui_draw.cpp ${imgui_SOURCE_DIR}/imgui_widgets.cpp ${imgui_SOURCE_DIR}/imgui_tables.cpp) target_include_directories(imgui INTERFACE ${imgui_SOURCE_DIR}) include(cmake/CPM.cmake) message(STATUS "Include dbg-macro") cpmaddpackage( "gh:sharkdp/dbg-macro#fb9976f410f8b29105818b20278cd0be0e853fe8" )# v0.5.1 message(STATUS "Include fmtlib") cpmaddpackage("gh:fmtlib/fmt#e69e5f977d458f2650bb346dadf2ad30c5320281" )# 10.x message(STATUS "Include raylib") cpmaddpackage("gh:raysan5/raylib#ae50bfa2cc569c0f8d5bc4315d39db64005b1b0" )# v5.0 message(STATUS "Include spdlog") cpmaddpackage("gh:gabime/spdlog#7c02e204c92545f869e2f04edaab1f19fe8b19fd" )# v1.13.0 message(STATUS "Include rlImGui") FetchContent_Declare( rlImGui GIT_REPOSITORY GIT_TAG d765c1ef3d37cf939f88aaa272a59a2713d654c9) FetchContent_MakeAvailable(rlImGui) FetchContent_GetProperties(rlImGui SOURCE_DIR RLIMGUI_DIR) add_library(rlimgui STATIC ${rlimgui_SOURCE_DIR}/rlImgui.cpp) target_link_libraries(rlimgui PRIVATE imgui raylib) target_include_directories(rlimgui INTERFACE ${rlimgui_SOURCE_DIR}) endfunction()
  • Ask HN: Fastest cross-platform GUI stack/strategy
    3 projects | | 18 Mar 2024
  • Immediate Mode GUI Programming
    15 projects | | 15 Jan 2024
    Immediate mode is a fuzzy concept, as witnessed by this writeup:
  • Nebula is an open-source and free-to-use modern C++ game engine
    6 projects | | 9 Jan 2024
  • Black Triangles
    1 project | | 26 Dec 2023
    It's fun to see the evolution in e.g. these examples of image loading for Dear Imgui:

    DirectX9 will even load the image for you, DirectX11 okay we get a few more structures to fill out, DirectX12 is where it goes off the rails and we are filling out a bunch of UNKNOWN DONT_CARE JUST_DO_IT. Then of course Vulkan is the one that gets the big fat "this probably won't actually work for you" warning.

    I understand whats happening, but you know sometimes I just want to display a fucking image.

  • Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface with minimal dependencies
    10 projects | | 20 Dec 2023
    ImGui is engine/GPU agnostic

    Themeing isn't a just a retained mode thing, you can do wonders with immediate UIs, even thought (dear)ImGui doesn't provide much, you can still do wonders:

    More on that topic:

  • Where do I start to learn C++ for a game development
    2 projects | /r/gamedev | 10 Dec 2023
    Bonus: If you want to make desktop app with UI, then this is another great C++ library and it's also simple to learn as well.
  • GUI library for fast prototyping
    3 projects | /r/rust | 6 Dec 2023
    AFAIK the Rust equivalent to C++'s Dear ImGui is egui.
  • Stretching myself thin with Dear ImGui projects
    2 projects | | 28 Nov 2023
    They use a Dear ImGui, a C++ GUI library.
  • PCSX2 Disables Wayland Support
    7 projects | | 26 Nov 2023
    Aside from bugs and driver issues, Wayland has some unfortunate design limitations. For example, Dear ImGui multi-viewports don't work because "Wayland doesn't let application read or write windows positions."

    This is a feature available on Windows, macOS, and of course X11. Making choices like this means desktop Linux becomes even more of a weird island that nobody wants to support.


Posts with mentions or reviews of webview. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-02-09.
  • Why Bloat Is Still Software's Biggest Vulnerability
    4 projects | | 9 Feb 2024
    You can create the webview using each platforms native GUI toolkit and setup JS communication yourself OR you can use a lightweight library that does it for [1] (search its README for language "bindings").


  • Ask HN: Do we still need Electron?
    1 project | | 12 Sep 2023
    Each platform has it's own webview control available as a shared library installed with the OS.

    MacOS has WKWebKit based on WebKit.

    Windows has WebView2 based on Edge/Chromium.

    Linux has webkit2gtk based on WebKit.

    Tools like Tauri use a simple cross-platform single-header abstraction called webview.h[1].

    Electron no longer allows Node.js to be called from renderer processes, all communication with Node.js is done via IPC.

    In this case, why do we still need Electron? Why does it have to be tied to V8/Node.js?

    The fact that Chromium Embedded Framework exists and is third-party makes me think that Chromium wasn't designed for being embedded, and Electron is filling that gap.

    This is elucidated here further here

    > it's difficult to reuse their work...if another WebKit-based application or another port wanted to do multiprocess based on Chromium WebKit, it would be necessary to reinvent or cut & paste a great deal of code.

    It makes me think that perhaps WebKit was the better choice for embedding. The fact that Node used V8 made Chromium the choice, and that Node being called from the renderer was the original way of working. Maybe because WebKit didn't have a build for Windows was an issue too...

    But now that we have Bun, perhaps it's time that WebKit becomes that browser target of choice for desktop apps on macOS.

    Unless WebView2 for macOS arrives, which would have a more sane cross-platform story. WebView2 has a very large feature-set though which make take a while to implement for macOS.


  • Nui C++ User Interface Library
    4 projects | /r/cpp | 2 Jun 2023
    Nui could base on this in theory. Nui uses under the hood, which provides browser windows for linux, windows or mac. Nui adds some cmake to make the "in-browser" and "main-process" part appear seemless, as well adding a DSEL for the "in-browser" view part.
  • [Golang] Recommandation de bibliothèque d'interface utilisateur légère
    6 projects | /r/enfrancais | 17 May 2023
    WebView 7k
  • Did you hear about using a web browser as GUI using C99?
    2 projects | /r/C_Programming | 10 May 2023
    You mean something like this?
  • Desktop apps with golang
    3 projects | /r/golang | 28 Apr 2023
  • Neutralinojs – Build lightweight cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript
    8 projects | | 26 Apr 2023
    Golang can compile to windows statically, and on Windows those bindings are using the MSWebView2 API (aka Microsoft Edge webview).

    I know that you can also compile the into a dll specifically, and link against that. But I'd never done with Visual C++ because I am cross-compiling from Linux to Windows.

    The README of the webview/webview project refers to the WebView2 SDK on NuGet, however [1]


  • The Quest for the Ultimate GUI Framework
    4 projects | /r/programming | 22 Apr 2023
    The author shrugs off web tech (maybe because of electron bloat?) but you can avoid the bloat by using each platforms native web browser control. There are even cross-platform libraries that make creating the native control and cross-communication simple. These applications would be architecturally similar to Win32 apps using and communicating with a XAML Island, but the advantage of web tech is it's an open standard and WPF/WinUI is not.
  • ( A tile-based mini browser. You can pin webpages and files on a screen together. Not for deep reading but for having a quick look at the latest information at any time.
    1 project | /r/browsers | 28 Jan 2023
    For example, you could use a native webview (Edge WebView2 for Windows and WebKit for MacOS/Linux), which uses much less RAM than Electron.
  • Should web developers learn Flutter instead of React Native/Electron for mobile/desktop apps?
    2 projects | /r/FlutterDev | 11 Nov 2022
    From a more established company with more guaranteed long-term support than the web frameworks that solve the above problems (like Tauri and Webview)

What are some alternatives?

When comparing imgui and webview you can also consider the following projects:

wxWidgets - Cross-Platform C++ GUI Library

fyne - Cross platform GUI toolkit in Go inspired by Material Design

nuklear - A single-header ANSI C immediate mode cross-platform GUI library

Lorca - Build cross-platform modern desktop apps in Go + HTML5

NanoGUI - Minimalistic GUI library for OpenGL

sciter - Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/JS engine for modern UI development

GTK+ - Read-only mirror of

tauri - Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend.

egui - egui: an easy-to-use immediate mode GUI in Rust that runs on both web and native

wry - Cross-platform WebView library in Rust for Tauri.


Wails - Create beautiful applications using Go