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  • GitHub repo libvips

    A fast image processing library with low memory needs.

    Project mention: Still true? How true? | reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor | 2021-10-17

    https://github.com/libvips/libvips https://github.com/libvips/libvips/wiki/Why-is-libvips-quick interesting

  • GitHub repo yugabyte-db

    The high-performance distributed SQL database for global, internet-scale apps.

    Project mention: Query PostgreSQL, or any 🐘-compatible like Amazon Redshift, from YugabyteDB 🚀 thanks to Postgres FDW | dev.to | 2021-11-22

    I've used import_collate 'false' because we don't support yet the COLLATE clause (see #1127)

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo sqlitestudio

    A free, open source, multi-platform SQLite database manager.

    Project mention: Is there a way to download my Brave browsing history? I already saved the SQLite file, but I cannot read the dates. | reddit.com/r/brave_browser | 2021-11-12

    Well, you need https://sqlitestudio.pl/

  • GitHub repo flecs

    A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++

    Project mention: What are your recommendations for c++ game dev? | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-08-26

    Worth mentioning flecs https://github.com/SanderMertens/flecs as an alternative to entt. It's simpler and more focused, IMO, whereas entt also tries to do a number of things that aren't strictly ECS-related.

  • GitHub repo StarRuler2-Source

    4X Space Strategy game Star Ruler 2's open source distribution.

    Project mention: any suggestions for a space game comparable to star ruler 2. | reddit.com/r/4Xgaming | 2021-04-27

    This github has been setup by blindmind for anyones use. Pretty cool of them. https://github.com/BlindMindStudios/StarRuler2-Source

  • GitHub repo desmume

    DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator

    Project mention: THE FINAL ROUND OF THE ACE ATTORNEY CHARACTER ELIMINATION CONTEST. Simon Blackquill has been declared guilty. Now it's Sebastian Debeste against Dick Gumshoe. May the best character be declared Not Guilty. | reddit.com/r/AceAttorney | 2021-11-23

    He is! If you don't have a DS emulator I recommend Desmume to get Investigations 2 because the (free) fan translation's the only way to play it in English. But if you didn't play the first AAI you should do that first because a lot of main characters from that come back

  • GitHub repo soloud

    Free, easy, portable audio engine for games

    Project mention: Has anybody gotten the SoLoud audio library working with MSVC 2019? | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-03-01

    Hey folks, I've migrated a project from MSVC 2017 to 2019, and for the life of me cannot get SoLoud to run without crashing. Here is a link to a more descriptive description of the problem I'm having. I've stripped my project down to the following, and I'm still getting crashes:

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo utf8.h

    📚 single header utf8 string functions for C and C++

  • GitHub repo zpl

    📐 Pushing the boundaries of simplicity

    Project mention: ZPL: C99 single header-only multi-purpose toolkit | reddit.com/r/C_Programming | 2021-03-20
  • GitHub repo earcut.hpp

    Fast, header-only polygon triangulation

    Project mention: RapidObj v0.1 - A fast, header-only, C++17 library for parsing Wavefront .obj files. | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-06-28

    And out of 6,000 lines in the file, at least 3000 are other people's code: earcut for polygon triangulation and fast_float because .obj files typically contain a lot of floating point numbers so it's important to parse them quickly.

  • GitHub repo qb64

    BASIC for the modern era.

    Project mention: which game engine should i choose? | reddit.com/r/lua | 2021-11-22

    Unpopular opinion now, but I also still think BASIC is still one of the most approachable beginner languages, even today. Late-era BASIC was way different than the old-style line-numbered BASIC that got a bad reputation for teaching bad habits, and it was possible to write well-structured programs with later dialects like QBasic. There's even a modern, open-source variant of it still being developed called qb64 that makes it possible to make standalone programs with it and I believe adds new features on top of QB (like for graphics handling, mouse, etc.) while also retaining backward compatibility with old QB code. It would even be possible to carry that knowledge forward to a platform like Xojo, which is like a continuation of VisualBASIC, though I wouldn't necessary encourage that. Would make more sense to start with QB and then take the fundamental knowledge learned there and apply it to learning new languages.

  • GitHub repo i-use-arch-btw

    "I use Arch btw" but it's a Turing-complete programming language.

    Project mention: I've used Arch Linux, I even tried Manjaro and Black Arch, but | reddit.com/r/linuxmasterrace | 2021-11-25

    It's not a ready distro, you write it yourself using I use arch BTW.

  • GitHub repo SSVOpenHexagon

    C++20 FOSS clone of "Super Hexagon". Depends on SSVStart, SSVEntitySystem, SSVLuaWrapper, SSVMenuSystem, JSONcpp, SFML2.0. Features JSON/LUA customizable game files, a soundtrack by BOSSFIGHT, pseudo-3D effects.

    Project mention: Open Hexagon, my open-source spiritual successor to Super Hexagon (endorsed by Terry Cavanagh), is now out of Early Access! | reddit.com/r/pcgaming | 2021-11-04

    The product is dual-licensed -- the Steam version has an EULA, the GitHub repository is AFL Licensed.

  • GitHub repo metalang99

    Full-blown preprocessor metaprogramming

    Project mention: No cheating | reddit.com/r/HolUp | 2021-10-19
  • GitHub repo gb

    gb single-file public domain libraries for C & C++ (by gingerBill)

    Project mention: What is your own favorite C project? | reddit.com/r/C_Programming | 2021-08-05

    Some of my favorites are: sokol/pacman.c, Gunslinger, and gb

  • GitHub repo reproc

    A cross-platform (C99/C++11) process library

    Project mention: subprocess: A no nonsense library for writing shell commands in C++ | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-09-11

    Have you seen reproc? I'm not sure if it can do piping.

  • GitHub repo utest.h

    🧪 single header unit testing framework for C and C++

    Project mention: GitHub - Snaipe/Criterion: A cross-platform C and C++ unit testing framework for the 21st century | reddit.com/r/C_Programming | 2021-09-29

    Doesn't really have CMake integration, which is a big downer. You could try utest.h, which is a pretty minimal (as the name suggests), but featureful testing library. It still needs you to declare the main, but is that really such a problem?

  • GitHub repo datoviz

    ⚡ High-performance GPU interactive scientific data visualization with Vulkan

    Project mention: Looking for a library for plotting a big amount of geometrical data | reddit.com/r/learnpython | 2021-08-23

    Maybe Datoviz or Dear PyGui?

  • GitHub repo whereami

    Locate the current running executable and the current running module/library on the file system 🔎 (by gpakosz)

    Project mention: Absolute path works but relative doesn't | reddit.com/r/cpp_questions | 2021-10-14

    If you need the path relative to the .exe you first need to find the absolute path of the .exe, for which standard C++ has no way - you need to use OS specific features (Win API) or a wrapper library, e.g. whereami

  • GitHub repo computecpp-sdk

    Collection of samples and utilities for using ComputeCpp, Codeplay's SYCL implementation

    Project mention: SYCL | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-04-04

    Codeplay's cmake files define a add_sycl_to_target. With that, it's fairly easy to include the sycl compilation steps into your project, works under both windows and linux.

  • GitHub repo hello_imgui

    Hello, Dear ImGui: cross-platform Gui apps for Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android / Emscripten with the simplicity of a "Hello World" app

    Project mention: Easiest to Build C++ Library | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-02-12

    (I ran git clone --recursive https://github.com/pthom/hello_imgui to get the hello_imgui directory)

  • GitHub repo OpenHoW

    Open-source reimplementation of Gremlin's Hogs of War (PC/PSX).

    Project mention: GitHub - TalonBraveInfo/OpenHoW: Open-source reimplementation of Gremlin's Hogs of War (PC/PSX). | reddit.com/r/HogsOfWar | 2021-09-18
  • GitHub repo PSRayTracing

    A (modern) C++ implementation of the first two books of the Peter Shirley Ray Tracing mini-books (https://raytracing.github.io). Features a clean project structure, perf. improvements (compared to the original code), multi-core rendering, and more.

    Project mention: Stories of what happened when you forgot to initialize a variable | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-01-12

    Here's my implementation: https://github.com/define-private-public/PSRayTracing It's different, mainly in structure (cleaner) and that it's much more performant. It also allows you to either use the code I wrote (typically faster) or the book's methods with the flip of a compiler flag.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-11-25.

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What are some of the best open-source CPP projects in C? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 libvips 5,944
2 yugabyte-db 5,807
3 sqlitestudio 2,292
4 flecs 2,139
5 StarRuler2-Source 1,305
6 desmume 1,260
7 soloud 1,196
8 utf8.h 1,054
9 zpl 716
10 earcut.hpp 516
11 qb64 474
12 i-use-arch-btw 469
13 SSVOpenHexagon 467
14 metalang99 425
15 gb 401
16 reproc 391
17 utest.h 381
18 datoviz 317
19 whereami 317
20 computecpp-sdk 264
21 hello_imgui 199
22 OpenHoW 153
23 PSRayTracing 151
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