Google Chromium, sans integration with Google (by Eloston)


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Eloston/ungoogled-chromium is an open source project licensed under BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License which is an OSI approved license.

Ungoogled-chromium Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to ungoogled-chromium

  • GitHub repo brave-browser

    Next generation Brave browser for Android, Linux, macOS, Windows.

  • GitHub repo uBlock

    uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.

  • GitHub repo bromite

    Bromite a Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!

  • GitHub repo uBlock-issues

    This is the community-maintained issue tracker for uBlock Origin

  • GitHub repo chromium

    The official GitHub mirror of the Chromium source

  • GitHub repo Fenix

    Firefox for Android

  • GitHub repo user.js

    Firefox privacy, security and anti-fingerprinting: a comprehensive user.js template for configuration and hardening

  • GitHub repo privacytools.io

    🛡🛠 You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

  • GitHub repo Waterfox

    The official Waterfox 💧 source code repository

  • GitHub repo iceraven-browser

    Iceraven Browser

  • GitHub repo chromium-web-store

    Allows adding extensions from chrome web store on ungoogled-chromium. Also adds semi-automatic extension updating.

  • GitHub repo iridium-browser

    Iridium Browser source code

  • GitHub repo go-sync

    Brave sync server v2

  • GitHub repo vscodium

    binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing

  • GitHub repo bevy

    A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust

  • GitHub repo ProtonMail Web Client

    Official AngularJS web client for the ProtonMail secure email service.

  • GitHub repo ClearURLs-Addon

    ClearURLs is an add-on based on the new WebExtensions technology and will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy.

  • GitHub repo icecat-win64

  • GitHub repo mozilla-vpn-client

    A fast, secure and easy to use VPN. Built by the makers of Firefox.

  • GitHub repo browser

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Posts where ungoogled-chromium has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-06-09.
  • Ungoogled Chromium vs Brave
    reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-06-13
  • Brave is not private.
    reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-06-09
    It depends on your usecase, I’d personally recommend librewolf which is more private than Firefox and also slightly more lightweight. But in terms of a chromium alternative ungoogled chromium is also good as long as you harden it with extensions, privacytools.io has a good guide for this
    If you don’t want to us librewolf/Firefox, then ungoogled chromium is probably the only chromium browser free from telemetry. Although, it doesn’t improve privacy unless you harden it via exensions, in which case privacytools.io has some good recommendations.
  • I'm the Fedora Project Leader -- ask me anything!
    reddit.com/r/linux | 2021-06-09
    Thank you very much! My problem with Firefox is that it doesn't support Chrome extensions (obviously). So currently I'm thinking whether to use Vivaldi or Ungoogled Chromium...
  • How much of ungoogled browser is ungoogled chromium browser really is?
    Why not read about exactly what it says about itself here?
  • I updated the Discord Avatar Maker to use the new logo! (you can still switch back though)
  • why is there no browser forks in the void repo?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-06-07
    Seems one is almost available... https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium/issues/375
  • It's time to ditch Chrome
    reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-06-07
    Ungoogled chromium is still completely open source so if you don’t trust that they removed everything just go on their GitHub and Check for yourself.
    reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-06-07
    Which is the best engine there is? It is completely open source so anyone can modify and remove everything they don’t like, including Google. The best example here is ungoogled chromium
  • It’s Time to Ditch Chrome
    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-06-06
    Not mentioned in the article is the 'ungoogled Chromium' project, which can be downloaded here [0] or compiled from here [1]

    [0] https://chromium.woolyss.com (look for the ungoogled tag)

    [1] https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium

  • My DeGoogling experience
    reddit.com/r/degoogle | 2021-06-06
    Use ungoogled-chromium for example!
  • It’s time to ditch Chrome
    If anyone is looking for its cake and eat it too, you can try ungoogled-chromium : https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium
  • Is it possible to get my tabs back to looking like yesterday?
    reddit.com/r/firefox | 2021-06-04