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  • AirSim

    Open source simulator for autonomous vehicles built on Unreal Engine / Unity, from Microsoft AI & Research

    Project mention: Modding API for old game: Strategies to ensure it runs on older systems while not losing productivity? | /r/REGames | 2023-05-04
  • carla

    Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research.

    Project mention: Tesla braces for its first trial involving Autopilot fatality | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-08-28
  • SonarCloud

    Analyze your C and C++ projects with just one click.. SonarCloud, a cloud-based static analysis tool for your CI/CD workflows, offers a one-click automatic analysis of C and C++ projects hosted on GitHub. Zero configuration and free for open-source projects! Analyze free.

  • Recast/Detour

    Navigation-mesh Toolset for Games

    Project mention: RE: If you had to pick a library from another language (Rust, JS, etc.) that isn’t currently available in Python and have it instantly converted into Python for you to use, what would it be? | /r/Python | 2023-04-20


  • interpret

    Fit interpretable models. Explain blackbox machine learning.

    Project mention: [D] Alternatives to the shap explainability package | /r/MachineLearning | 2022-11-25

    Maybe InterpretML? It's developed and maintained by Microsoft Research and consolidates a lot of different explainability methods.

  • webots

    Webots Robot Simulator

    Project mention: Robotics Simulation - Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Real Worlds | dev.to | 2023-09-28

    Open Robotics Resources - Provides guides and documentation for robotics simulation.

  • BehaviorTree.CPP

    Behavior Trees Library in C++. Batteries included.

    Project mention: Coroutines make robot code easy for high schoolers | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-22
  • habitat-sim

    A flexible, high-performance 3D simulator for Embodied AI research.

    Project mention: Break into CV with background in biological vision and neuroscience | /r/computervision | 2022-12-30

    Spot on! I think you grasped the general idea. During some of my 3d studies, I collected data about hand movements, eye movements and navigation paths within scenes, which could potentially be used for training data in robots (e.g. to train robot arm-suction grip, visual input and navigation respectively). I see projects like this https://aihabitat.org/, where my research seems quite relevant.

  • InfluxDB

    Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time. Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

  • stable-diffusion.cpp

    Stable Diffusion in pure C/C++

    Project mention: Stable Diffusion in pure C/C++ | /r/patient_hackernews | 2023-08-23
  • bwapi

    Brood War API

  • redtail

    Perception and AI components for autonomous mobile robotics.

  • aitrack

    6DoF Head tracking software

    Project mention: How to get ACC head tracking with a webcam in Linux | /r/ACCompetizione | 2023-09-11

    Additionally you can use https://github.com/AIRLegend/aitrack to get good head tracking and you don't need to run it with the same WINE prefix, since it uses UDP to communicate. Just run it casually from your OS (via WINE for example). But OpenTrack still need to run in the same WINE prefix ofc.

  • vectordb

    Epsilla is a high performance Vector Database Management System (by epsilla-cloud)

    Project mention: Show HN: Epsilla – Open-source vector database with low query latency | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-08-14
  • OpenSteer

    OpenSteer is a C++ library to help build steering behaviors for autonomous characters in games and animation.

  • liboai

    A C++17 library to access the entire OpenAI API.

    Project mention: Build a Basketball SMS Chatbot with LangChain Prompt Templates in Python | dev.to | 2023-05-31

    OpenAI Account – make an OpenAI Account here

  • LlamaGPTJ-chat

    Simple chat program for LLaMa, GPT-J, and MPT models.

    Project mention: New to this community, most models I download fail and end up in a core dump | /r/LocalLLaMA | 2023-05-23

    If you want to use that model specifically, check out : https://github.com/kuvaus/LlamaGPTJ-chat

  • ultimateMRZ-SDK

    Machine-readable zone/travel document (MRZ / MRTD) detector and recognizer using deep learning

    Project mention: Real-time Android QR Code Recognition with YOLO and Dynamsoft Barcode Reader | dev.to | 2022-01-03
  • vs-mlrt

    Efficient CPU/GPU/Vulkan ML Runtimes for VapourSynth (with built-in support for waifu2x, DPIR, RealESRGANv2/v3, Real-CUGAN, RIFE and more!)

    Project mention: Custom Anime4K shaders? | /r/mpv | 2023-07-05

    or whatever you want, you need to write the code yourself though. https://github.com/AmusementClub/vs-mlrt

  • htm.core

    Actively developed Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) community fork (continuation) of NuPIC. Implementation for C++ and Python

  • Sanmill

    Sanmill is an open-source, UCI-like Mill/Morris/Merrills/Mühle/Malom (and its variants) program with CUI, Flutter GUI and Qt GUI, sharing and freely distributing the code, tools and data needed to deliver this mill game. We do this because we are convinced that open software and open data are key ingredients to make rapid progress.

  • Daisykit

    Daisykit is an easy AI toolkit with face mask detection, pose detection, background matting, barcode detection, and more. With Daisykit, you don't need AI knowledge to build AI software.

    Project mention: mediapipe VS daisykit - a user suggested alternative | libhunt.com/r/mediapipe | 2023-03-24

    Daisykit(opens in a new tab) is an easy AI toolkit with face mask detection, pose detection, background matting, barcode detection, and more. This open-source project includes the following: - Daisykit SDK - C++, the core of models and algorithms in NCNN deep learning framework. - Daisykit Python wrapper for easy integration with Python. - Daisykit Android - Example app demonstrating how to use Daisykit SDK in Android.

  • WearableIntelligenceSystem

    Wearable computing software framework for intelligence augmentation research and applications. Easily build smart glasses apps, relying on built in voice command, speech recognition, computer vision, UI, sensors, smart phone connection, NLP, facial recognition, database, cloud connection, and more. This repo is in beta.

    Project mention: are you excited for premium mixed reality yet? how do you think QC is going to enable <10ms passthrough latency? quest 2 latency is ~50ms | /r/AR_MR_XR | 2022-10-03

    This architecture is pretty much what we've built out as a smart glasses software framework here: https://github.com/emexlabs/WearableIntelligenceSystem

  • cli-gpt

    🔨 command line tool that uses GPT to translate text into executable commands (by filippofinke)

    Project mention: Show HN: Tool that uses GPT to translate text into executable commands | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-03-25
  • OpenPointClass

    Fast and memory efficient semantic segmentation of 3D point clouds. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Project mention: OpenPointClass: Fast and memory efficient semantic segmentation of 3D point clouds | /r/UAVmapping | 2023-03-06
  • Revelo Payroll

    Free Global Payroll designed for tech teams. Building a great tech team takes more than a paycheck. Zero payroll costs, get AI-driven insights to retain best talent, and delight them with amazing local benefits. 100% free and compliant.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2023-09-28.

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What are some of the best open-source AI projects in C++? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 AirSim 15,127
2 carla 9,684
3 Recast/Detour 5,762
4 interpret 5,697
5 webots 2,717
6 BehaviorTree.CPP 2,259
7 habitat-sim 1,881
8 stable-diffusion.cpp 1,654
9 bwapi 1,554
10 redtail 970
11 aitrack 844
12 vectordb 762
13 OpenSteer 284
14 liboai 208
15 LlamaGPTJ-chat 166
16 ultimateMRZ-SDK 157
17 vs-mlrt 153
18 htm.core 132
19 Sanmill 119
20 Daisykit 91
21 WearableIntelligenceSystem 83
22 cli-gpt 72
23 OpenPointClass 65
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