stylus VS metacpan-web

Compare stylus vs metacpan-web and see what are their differences.

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stylus metacpan-web
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Posts with mentions or reviews of stylus. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-10-18.
  • YouTube: Filmmakers Presumed Guilty Until (Maybe) Proven Innocent | 2021-10-18
    That github page links to the dodgy extension "Stylish".

    The better one is called Stylus. The main difference being "Any and all analytics, telemetry, and data-collection have been removed completely. We'd rather not know what you're up to."

  • To anyone who's ever worked on a game wiki: thank you | 2021-09-26
    Highly recommend the Stylus Extension, which has a lot of user-created themes that improve sites. This one does pretty well to make Fandom sites usable (although it has issues with colors that make some pages/links absolutely unreadable, but that's a matter of wiki style clashing with user style).
  • Will there be customizable backrounds?
  • Heya, how do I give VGCats archive a dark background? | 2021-09-09
    You're referring to the browser add-on Stylus. This sub is about digital pens, which are commonly called "styluses".
  • Google search page with windows...can I make it always just show the classic Google logo? (Instead of whatever the latest thing is.) | 2021-09-05
  • The most underused browser feature | 2021-08-25
    > (The end user should apply their own CSS if wanted;

    I still remember the time when user styles were a first class feature built into all browsers. Hell, that 'C' in CSS, "Cascading", was always there to allow styles to enhance/override prior styles, including - at the top-level - to allow the user to override website's styling. Back before web designers ruined everything by making every web page into its own special snowflake, people thought users would have one-two default CSS sheets to choose from and apply to any webpage, the way we today think about "dark mode".

    These days, we have to resort to using browser extensions. A well-known one is Stylus [0][1]. In a way, it's much better than old built-in user styles. But then, it's not built in.


    [0] -

    [1] - Mind the name, it's "Stylus", not "Stylish" - the latter used to be popular, but then it sold out and become another peace of surveillance capitalism detritus. Stylus is a GPLv3 fork of Stylish with data collection removed.

  • Yeah, I might get the hang of removing the focus rings on edge now but where should I input the code and is there any additional codes I should 'inject' as well? | 2021-08-19
    Stylus add-on for Chrome works fine in Edge. Set that as a global style.
  • Automatically scale .gifv urls to fit the full window? | 2021-08-09
  • Wondering about some pinephone uses | 2021-08-09
    What about using Stylus on Firefox ?
  • Does anyone know how to change this back to the old icon? This one is super distracting, and I honestly find it quite ugly. | 2021-07-22
    if you use pc or laptop you can add a styleseet for youtube, use this extension called stylus - (it's open source) , then you can add custom css , so you them make a style sheet for and add this css .ytp-doubletap-static-circle { display: none !important; } this will hide the circle.


Posts with mentions or reviews of metacpan-web. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-10-19.
  • The reports of Perl’s death have been greatly exaggerated | 2021-10-19
    And then there’s CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: a continually-updated collection of over 200,000 open-source modules written by over 14,000 authors, the best of which are well-tested and ‑documented (applying peer pressure to those that fall short), presented through a search engine and front-end built by scores of contributors. Through CPAN you can find distributions for things like:
  • Is Perl still a relevant language to learn?
    Theres and then for the 3rd party libraries.
  • Read The Fantastic Manual: How to get the most out of Perl documentation | 2021-10-13
    CPAN still adds a lot of value. | 2021-10-12
    In addition to using the perldoc command described earlier to understand locally-installed modules, you can use the MetaCPAN web site’s search engine (in both regular and regular expression flavors) to discover and learn how to save time piecing together programs instead of reinventing the wheel. I always check MetaCPAN first when I need to write some Perl.
  • Frenemies part 2: What a difference a (Perl) module makes | 2021-08-24
    A little more MetaCPAN investigation yielded XML::Feed, also maintained by Dave, and it had the added benefit of obviating my need of XML::RSS by not only discovering feeds but also retrieving and parsing them. It also handles the Atom syndication format as well as RSS (hi daxim!). Putting it all together produces the following much shorter and clearer Perl:
  • [SURVEY] Visual update of meta::cpan ? | 2021-05-30
    I recently started to learn Perl (JS/TS is not fun anymore..) and came across I don't know, maybe just by intuition, I started to take a look at visuals of it, and decided to polished it a little bit during weekend. | 2021-05-30
    It’s a community effort; check the issues/PRs on GitHub and submit what you think will improve it.
  • CPANdeps end of life | 2021-05-04
    I have decided to retire it, for several reasons. First, metacpan has sprouted tentacles to do the dependency analysis. Second, the code is a mess and it needs quite a bit of work to cope with the current size of the CPAN-testers database. But third, and most importantly, the employer that I left over a year ago are withdrawing the free hosting.
  • Pair programming for the winner! | 2021-04-25
    You can also contact a CPAN developer if you are interested in Perl, a pypi developer if you are interested in Python, or an npm developer if you are interested in JavaScript/NodeJS. Tell them you'd like to contribute to their library X and ask them if they would agree to pair program with you on the subject? Maybe they will. Oh and you don't have to pick the author of the most popular package. Pick someone who is relatively unknown.
  • #AdoptAPerlModule | 2021-04-14
    Then there is the ADOPTME author on MetaCPAN. Unfortunately the HANDOFF and NEEDHELP search from MetaCPAN are not working well (and actually even the ADOPTME I sent you just above is incomplete). Maybe I have to propose a code change to MetaCPAN 😀

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