Trending JavaScript Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 20 Sep 2021.
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Top 50 Trending JavaScript Projects

  • GitHub repo ethermint

    Ethermint is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum, built on Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality using the Cosmos SDK. (by tharsis)

  • GitHub repo Chartbrew

    Open-source web platform for creating charts out of different data sources (databases and APIs) 📈📊

  • GitHub repo fosscord

    Fosscord is a free open source selfhostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform

  • GitHub repo nextjs-subscription-payments

    Clone, deploy, and fully customize a SaaS subscription application with Next.js.

  • GitHub repo mediacms

    MediaCMS is a modern, fully featured open source video and media CMS, written in Python/Django and React, featuring a REST API.

  • GitHub repo ffmpeg.wasm

    FFmpeg for browser and node, powered by WebAssembly

  • GitHub repo Formality

    A modern proof language

  • GitHub repo openreplay

    :tv: OpenReplay is developer-friendly, open-source session replay.

  • GitHub repo browser-fs-access

    File System Access API with legacy fallback in the browser

  • GitHub repo CtCI-6th-Edition-JavaScript

    Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Ed. JavaScript Solutions

  • GitHub repo zx

    A tool for writing better scripts

  • GitHub repo yari

    The platform code behind MDN Web Docs

  • GitHub repo stitches

    CSS-in-JS with near-zero runtime, SSR, multi-variant support, and a best-in-class developer experience.

  • GitHub repo

    A fast, global content delivery network for ES Modules.

  • GitHub repo rainbow

    🌈‒ the Ethereum wallet that lives in your pocket (by rainbow-me)

  • GitHub repo Javascript

    A repository for All algorithms implemented in Javascript (for educational purposes only) (by TheAlgorithms)

  • GitHub repo awesome-vite

    ⚡️ A curated list of awesome things related to Vite.js

  • GitHub repo just

    a very small v8 javascript runtime for linux only (by just-js)

  • GitHub repo yjs

    Shared data types for building collaborative software

  • GitHub repo BootstrapBlazor

    A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Bootstrap and Blazor

  • GitHub repo pwndoc

    Pentest Report Generator

  • GitHub repo Lightcord

    A simple - customizable - Discord Client

  • GitHub repo next-auth-example

    An example project that shows how to use NextAuth.js

  • GitHub repo hicetnunc

    hicetnunc UI/UX

  • GitHub repo vue-demi

    🎩 Creates Universal Library for Vue 2 & 3

  • GitHub repo ethereum-org-website is a primary online resource for the Ethereum community.

  • GitHub repo Web-Dev-For-Beginners

    24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer

  • GitHub repo Twitter-API-v2-sample-code

    Sample code for the Twitter API early access endpoints (Python, Java, Ruby, and Node.js).

  • GitHub repo emailengine

    Headless email client

  • GitHub repo Superalgos

    Free, open-source crypto trading bot, automated bitcoin / cryptocurrency trading software, algorithmic trading bots. Visually design your crypto trading bot, leveraging an integrated charting system, data-mining, backtesting, paper trading, and multi-server crypto bot deployments.

  • GitHub repo troika

    A JavaScript framework for interactive 3D and 2D visualizations

  • GitHub repo neo

    The application worker driven frontend framework (by neomjs)

  • GitHub repo tailwind-dashboard-template

    Mosaic Lite is a free admin dashboard template built on top of Tailwind CSS and fully coded in React. Made by

  • GitHub repo guide

    The official guide for discord.js, created and maintained by core members of its community (by discordjs)

  • GitHub repo nhost

    The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL

  • GitHub repo Index

    Metarhia educational program index 📖

  • GitHub repo awesome-strapi

    A curated list of awesome things related to Strapi

  • GitHub repo lowdefy

    An open-source, self-hosted, low-code framework to build internal tools, web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with YAML or JSON.

  • GitHub repo next-learn

    Learn Next.js Starter Code

  • GitHub repo orbit-components

    React components of open-source Orbit design system by (by kiwicom)

  • GitHub repo kaboom.js

    💥 JavaScript game library

  • GitHub repo splide

    Splide is a lightweight, powerful and flexible slider and carousel, written in pure JavaScript without any dependencies.

  • GitHub repo SvelteKit

    The fastest way to build Svelte apps (by sveltejs)

  • GitHub repo module-federation-examples

    Implementation examples of module federation , by the creators of module federation

  • GitHub repo gltfjsx

    🎮 Turns GLTFs into JSX components

  • GitHub repo good-first-issue

    Make your first open-source contribution.

  • GitHub repo undici

    An HTTP/1.1 client, written from scratch for Node.js

  • GitHub repo drizzle

    Reactive Ethereum dapp UI suite

  • GitHub repo arquero

    Query processing and transformation of array-backed data tables.

  • GitHub repo discord.js

    A powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the Discord API

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source JavaScript projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 ethermint 97.5%
2 Chartbrew 48.1%
3 fosscord 31.8%
4 nextjs-subscription-payments 25.6%
5 mediacms 23.7%
6 ffmpeg.wasm 22.8%
7 Formality 21.6%
8 openreplay 20.5%
9 browser-fs-access 20.1%
10 CtCI-6th-Edition-JavaScript 20.0%
11 zx 19.9%
12 yari 19.1%
13 stitches 18.7%
14 18.5%
15 rainbow 17.8%
16 Javascript 16.8%
17 awesome-vite 16.1%
18 just 16.0%
19 yjs 15.9%
20 BootstrapBlazor 15.7%
21 pwndoc 15.2%
22 Lightcord 15.2%
23 next-auth-example 14.8%
24 hicetnunc 14.6%
25 vue-demi 14.4%
26 ethereum-org-website 14.3%
27 Web-Dev-For-Beginners 14.3%
28 Twitter-API-v2-sample-code 13.8%
29 emailengine 13.8%
30 Superalgos 13.7%
31 troika 13.3%
32 neo 12.8%
33 tailwind-dashboard-template 12.8%
34 guide 12.4%
35 nhost 12.4%
36 Index 12.3%
37 awesome-strapi 11.9%
38 lowdefy 11.8%
39 next-learn 11.7%
40 orbit-components 11.6%
41 kaboom.js 11.6%
42 splide 11.5%
43 SvelteKit 11.2%
44 module-federation-examples 11.1%
45 gltfjsx 11.1%
46 good-first-issue 11.1%
47 undici 11.0%
48 drizzle 11.0%
49 arquero 10.9%
50 discord.js 10.8%