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  • Vue.js

    This is the repo for Vue 2. For Vue 3, go to

    Project mention: Vue 2 Final Release | | 2023-12-25
  • Laravel

    Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation for your next big idea — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

    Project mention: Creating GraphQL APIs with Laravel | | 2024-02-15

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a GraphQL API with Laravel, a popular PHP web framework. We will be creating a simple student model, seeding the database with dummy data, setting up a database connection, and creating a GraphQL server by defining our API's schema, queries, and mutations. We’ll also learn how to make requests to our API (test our endpoints) using a tool like Insomnia or Postman. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a working GraphQL API that you can continue to expand and improve.

  • SurveyJS

    Open-Source JSON Form Builder to Create Dynamic Forms Right in Your App. With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.

  • Django

    The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

    Project mention: An Introduction to Testing with Django for Python | | 2024-02-14

    You should not test Django's own code — it's already been tested. For example, you don't need to write a test that checks if an object is retrieved with get_object_or_404 — Django's testing suite already has that covered.

  • Gin

    Gin is a HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a Martini-like API with much better performance -- up to 40 times faster. If you need smashing performance, get yourself some Gin.

    Project mention: Password-less Login in Go from Scratch | | 2024-02-21

    We will be using Gorilla Mux. As per their last update, they have a new group of maintainers, and their repos have shown activity to confirm that. The tutorial can be easily replicated in any other framework or library as well. So, while we will be using Gorilla Mux, you can try to replicate it in Gin or Fiber as well.

  • Spring Boot

    Spring Boot

    Project mention: AI PR adds auto generated comments to whole Spring Boot Project | | 2024-02-27
  • fastapi

    FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

    Project mention: Litestar – powerful, flexible, and highly performant Python ASGI framework | | 2024-02-26

    It’s been my experience that async Python frameworks tend to turn IO bound problems into CPU bound problems with a high enough request rate, because due to their nature they act as unbounded queues.

    This ends up made worse if you’re using sync routes.

    If you’re constrained on a resource such as a database connection pool, your framework will continue to pull http requests off the wire that a sane client will cancel and retry due to timeouts because it takes too long to get a connection out of the pool. Since there isn’t a straightforward way to cancel the execution of a route handler in every Python http framework I’ve seen exhibit this problem, the problem quickly snowballs.

    This is an issue with fastapi, too-

  • Nest

    A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications with TypeScript/JavaScript 🚀

    Project mention: Rust GraphQL APIs for NodeJS Developers: Introduction | | 2024-02-08

    In my usual NodeJS tech stack, which includes GraphQL, NestJS, SQL (predominantly PostgreSQL with MikroORM), I encountered these limitations. To overcome them, I've developed a new stack utilizing Rust, which still offers some ease of development:

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • Spring

    Spring Framework

    Project mention: Spring 6.1 now compatible with virtual threads and JDK 21 overall | /r/hypeurls | 2023-08-19
  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

    Project mention: More control over enum in Rails 7.1 | | 2024-02-29

    In Rails 7.1, a new option _instance_methods is introduced, allowing developers to opt-out of the automatic generation of instance methods for enums. When enum is defined with _instance_methods: false, Rails will no longer generate methods like pending?, processed?, etc.

  • imgui

    Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

    Project mention: Immediate Mode GUI Programming | | 2024-01-15

    Immediate mode is a fuzzy concept, as witnessed by this writeup:

  • Scrapy

    Scrapy, a fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python.

    Project mention: Scrapy: A Fast and Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework | | 2024-02-16
  • Ionic Framework

    A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Project mention: Design Systems with Web Components | | 2023-12-18

    I was recently able to sit down with some of the core members of Ionic, who also created Stencil a toolchain for building Design Systems and Progressive Web Apps. We talked at great length how typically companies are approaching Ionic from a Design Team and need help building components. As a developer I wanted to talk about the Web Components that are used within the Design System first. There was a decent amount of surprise, so I thought I would break down what a Design System is and why it doesn't matter which end you start with, as long as you have both your Design and Development teams working together to build your Design System.

  • Meteor JS

    Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform

    Project mention: Meteor is getting new docs! | | 2024-01-24

    We are in the process of migrating documentation from the current site to the new one. You can follow the status in this PR, and the preview site is here. In the near future, we will move our guide to the same site.

  • Dubbo

    The java implementation of Apache Dubbo. An RPC and microservice framework.

  • Materialize

    Materialize, a CSS Framework based on Material Design

    Project mention: CSS Maker | | 2024-02-26


  • Laravel

    The Laravel Framework.

    Project mention: Tell HN: Laravel's default truncate method uses cascade for Postgres databases | | 2024-02-23

    Hope this saves a future team from unexpected behavior resulting in (potential) production data loss.

    When using Postgres, Laravel's default method for truncate uses the cascade option, which will ignore foreign key constraints and potentially wipe large amounts of data with no confirmation or warning.

    It was originally introduced in 2018:

    Here are two threads on it if you are curious:

  • Fiber

    ⚡️ Express inspired web framework written in Go

    Project mention: อย่าเพิ่งใช้ fiber ถ้ายังไม่ได้อ่าน doc | | 2023-10-31
  • Symfony

    The Symfony PHP framework

    Project mention: Top 12 PHP Frameworks For Web Development in 2024 | | 2024-02-13

    Symfony is an open-source PHP framework developed by SensioLabs which has a thriving community of over 300,000 developers with 29k stars and 9.4k forks on GitHub. It provides a set of reusable PHP components and a development methodology for building complex and scalable web applications. It is recommended due to its advanced features and user-friendly environment. The user can also develop microservices.

  • slate

    A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. (Currently in beta.) (by ianstormtaylor)

    Project mention: 5 Not-So-Typical React Libraries for an Outstanding Project | | 2023-08-03
  • PostCSS

    Transforming styles with JS plugins

    Project mention: PostCSS - my initial experience | | 2024-01-11

    the plugins in the official PostCSS website were old like IE6 or the marquee tag, and

  • expo

    An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

    Project mention: Como Foi O Front In Floripa? 🤔 | | 2023-11-28
  • go-zero

    A cloud-native Go microservices framework with cli tool for productivity.

  • ngx-admin

    Customizable admin dashboard template based on Angular 10+

    Project mention: Is there any github repo or something for medium or advanced level project in Angular that I can run in my local and learn something from that ?? | /r/Angular2 | 2023-09-06

    I learned a lot from the ngx-admin template but if you want a real world project PeerTube's Web app written in Angular you can check it out here

  • WorkOS

    The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

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What are some of the best open-source Framework projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Vue.js 206,443
2 Laravel 76,133
3 Django 75,844
4 Gin 74,436
5 Spring Boot 71,887
6 fastapi 68,574
7 Nest 63,085
8 Spring 54,542
9 Ruby on Rails 54,520
10 imgui 54,298
11 Scrapy 50,265
12 Ionic Framework 50,216
13 Meteor JS 43,988
14 Dubbo 39,822
15 Materialize 38,857
16 Laravel 31,043
17 Fiber 30,487
18 Symfony 29,118
19 slate 28,698
20 PostCSS 28,091
21 expo 27,836
22 go-zero 27,114
23 ngx-admin 24,944
The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.