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rails/rails is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Ruby on Rails Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Ruby on Rails
  • GitHub repo mimemagic

    Mime type detection in ruby via file extension or file content [Moved to:] (by minad)

  • GitHub repo forem

    For empowering community 🌱

  • GitHub repo Sidekiq

    Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

  • GitHub repo mimemagic

    Mime type detection in ruby via file extension or file content

  • GitHub repo omniauth-apple

    OmniAuth strategy for Sign In with Apple

  • GitHub repo Kaminari

    ⚡ A Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, customizable and sophisticated paginator for Ruby webapps

  • GitHub repo Simple Form

    Forms made easy for Rails! It's tied to a simple DSL, with no opinion on markup.

  • GitHub repo PaperTrail

    Track changes to your rails models

  • GitHub repo Slim

    Slim is a template language whose goal is to reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic. (by slim-template)

  • GitHub repo Draper

    Decorators/View-Models for Rails Applications

  • GitHub repo Sequel

    Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby

  • GitHub repo AASM

    AASM - State machines for Ruby classes (plain Ruby, ActiveRecord, Mongoid, NoBrainer)

  • GitHub repo EventMachine

    EventMachine: fast, simple event-processing library for Ruby programs

  • GitHub repo Celluloid

    Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby

  • GitHub repo Haml

    HTML Abstraction Markup Language - A Markup Haiku

  • GitHub repo ActiveRecord Import

    A library for bulk insertion of data into your database using ActiveRecord.

  • GitHub repo Paranoia

    acts_as_paranoid for Rails 3, 4 and 5

  • GitHub repo MetaTags

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.

  • GitHub repo Globalize

    Rails I18n de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord model/data translation. (by globalize)

  • GitHub repo ROM

    Data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby

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Posts where Ruby on Rails has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-11.
  • Rails 7 enables scoping to apply to all queries | 2021-04-13
    The pull request always has better information than some low quality blog:
  • L - licensing
    L - licensing
  • Rails 7 : an imagined preview | 2021-04-12
    Indeed, just check the code. It’s like 5 methods and mostly comments:
  • Reduce memory consumption with a custom ActiveRecord attribute | 2021-04-11
    That seemed interesting. Whenever an hstore value is fetched from the DB, it gets parsed there, ActiveRecord gets rid of quoting. In our project Hstore is used mainly for keeping translations. So, every record keeps identical keys in the Hstore column, something like this:
  • I've just upgraded from 5.2 to 6.1 and it went okay. Only problem so far is Authlogic. ActiveModel error: unknown attribute 'password_confirmation' for User. Works fine if I switch back to 5.2. | 2021-04-09
  • Sinatra and ActiveRecord::QueryCache problem | 2021-04-08
    The ActiveRecord::QueryCache middleware was being initialized (, but in the version 5.0 of ActiveRecord there is no initialize method (, but in version 4.2 there is (
  • Test Rails API with json type | 2021-04-05
    By default Rails converts all params that come from Rspec to strings(related issue
  • Gnarly Learnings from March | 2021-04-02
    HEY added encryption at rest to attributes in their database, and that is now being abstracted into Rails. While there are a number of gems or options to do this today, it'll be interesting to see this as part of the framework already. I particularly appreciated the forethought to consider rotation of encryption ciphers with the inclusion of a previous attribute.
  • Rails 7 introduces Active Record Encryption | 2021-04-02
    It does not feature blind indexing, this was discussed on the pull request here:
  • Encryption Added to Active Record | 2021-04-01
  • Rails 7 adds the ability to schedule the query on the background thread pool | 2021-03-31
    But that's not a legacy issue, that's an optimization to avoid checking connections in/out constantly as it can be costly. The "refactoring" necessary to do like Sequel would just be to delete that line of code. | 2021-03-31
    Here's the commit establishing that they'll be skipping 6.2 and going to 7.0. It says "We have big plans for the next version of Rails and that require big versions." As far as I know, there isn't any info about these big plans. | 2021-03-31 | 2021-03-31
    I am still on 6.0 until is resolved | 2021-03-31
    It's built-in: