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  • Unvanquished

    An FPS/RTS hybrid game powered by the Daemon engine (a combination of ioq3 and XreaL)

    Unvanquished - FPS arena game with some RTS elements. C++, libRocket

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

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  • Vangers

    The video game that combines elements of the racing and role-playing genres.

    Vangers - Racing Game with Role-Playing elements, available on Steam. C++, C, SDL2

  • bemuse

    ⬤▗▚▚▚ Web-based online rhythm action game. Based on HTML5 technologies, React, Redux and Pixi.js.

    Bemuse - Web-based rhythm game. Typescript, Javascript, React, Redux, PixiJS

  • openmw

    OpenMW is an open-source open-world RPG game engine that supports playing Morrowind. Main repo and issue tracker can be found here: https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/

    OpenMW - The Elder Scrolls Morrowind clone. C++, OpenGL

  • Ikemen-GO

    An open-source fighting game engine that supports MUGEN resources.

    Ikemen-GO - Remake of the IKEMEN (open-source fighting games engine that supports M.U.G.E.N resources). GO, GLFW, OpenGL

  • carnage3d

    Reimplementation of Grand Theft Auto 1 [GTA1]

    Carnage3D - GTA 1 clone. C++, C, GLFW, GLEW, Box2D

  • re3

    RE3 - GTA 3 clone. C++, DX9, OpenGL

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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  • SanAndreasUnity

    Discontinued Open source reimplementation of GTA San Andreas game engine in Unity [Moved to: https://github.com/in0finite/SanAndreasUnity] (by GTA-ASM)

    San Andreas Unity - GTA San Andreas clone in Unity. C#

  • donut

    Open source reimplementation of The Simpsons: Hit & Run (by plowteam)

    donut - Simpson's Hit & Run clone. C++, OpenGL, SDL2

  • OpenMB

    Open Source role-playing game engine for Taleworlds' Mount&Blade Series written in C# using Ogre3d Engine

    OpenMB - Mount & Blade clone. C#, Oger3D

  • OpenTomb

    An open-source Tomb Raider 1-5 engine remake

    OpenTomb - Tomb Raider 1-5 clone. C++, C, Lua, OpenGL, SDL2

  • RigelEngine

    A modern re-implementation of the classic DOS game Duke Nukem II

    Rigel Engine - Duke Nukem 2 clone. C++, C, OpenGL, SDL2

  • doomretro

    The classic, refined DOOM source port. For Windows PC.

    Doom Retro - Doom source port for Windows. C, SDL2

  • supertux

    SuperTux source code

    SuperTux - Platformer inspired by Mario Brothers. C++, SDL2

  • TSC

    An open source two-dimensional platform game. (by Secretchronicles)

    The Secret Chronicles of Dr M - 2D Platformer. C++, OpenGL, SFML

  • godot-platformer-2d

    2d Metroidvania-inspired game for the 2019 GDquest Godot Kickstarter course project.

    Godot Open 2D Platformer - Metroidvania inspired Platformer made with Godot. GDScript, Godot

  • Commander Genius - Commander Keen 1-6 clone. C++, OpenGL, SDL2

  • jazz2-native

    🎮 · Jazz² Resurrection: Native C++ reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Jazz 2 Resurrection - Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 clone. C++, OpenGL, SDL2

  • nxengine-evo

    nxengine refactoring

    nXEngine-evo - Cave Story clone. C++, SDL2

  • SDLPoP

    An open-source port of Prince of Persia, based on the disassembly of the DOS version.

    SDLPoP - Prince of Persia clone based on DOS disassembly. C, SDL2

  • zelda3

    Zelda3 - Zelda 3 clone. C, SDL2

  • ZQuestClassic

    ZQuest Classic is a game engine for creating games similar to the original NES Zelda

    ZQuest Classic - Engine to play and create games like the original Zelda. C++, OpenGL

  • scummvm

    ScummVM main repository

    ScummVM - Engine to run DOS Point & Click Adventure games. C++, SDL2, OpenGL

  • rawgl

    Discontinued Another World/Out of This World engine reimplementation (SDL, OpenGL)

    raw(gl) - Another World clone. C++, SDL2

  • angband

    A free, single-player roguelike dungeon exploration game

    Angband - Roguelike Dungeon Crawler. C

  • A Dark Room

    A Dark Room - A Minimalist Text Adventure

    A Dark Room - Text Adventure with survival and city-building elements. JavaScript

  • ranviermud

    A node.js based MUD game engine

    Ravenier - MUD server (text-based MMORPG). Javascript, Node.js

  • evennia

    Python MUD/MUX/MUSH/MU* development system

    Evennia - MUD server (text-based MMORPG). Python

  • CoffeeMud

    Full featured, mature MUD supporting MSP, MXP, OLC, with a web server, mail server, and MORE!

    CoffeeMud - MUD server (text-based MMORPG). Java

  • Mudlet

    ⚔️ A cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with scripting in Lua

    Mudlet - Client to connect to a MUD server, scriptable. C++, Lua

  • RenPy

    The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

    Ren'Py - Visual Novel Engine. Python, Cython, C

  • LearnToCodeRPG

    A visual novel video game where you learn to code and get a dev job 🎯

    Learn to Code RPG - Visual Novel that teaches you to code, created with Ren'Py. Ren'Py, Python

  • Bathory

    Visual novel, initially made for Narrative Driven Jam 7

    Bathory - Visual Novel created with Ren'Py. Ren'Py

  • TheParallaxDoor

    Visual Novel Game with specially designed assets for the game

    The Parallax Door - Visual Novel created with Ren'Py. Ren'Py

  • flare-engine

    Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine (engine only)

    Flare Engine - ARPG Engine inspired by Diablo 2. C++, SDL2

  • flare-game

    Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine

    Flare Game - ARPG, the Flare engine was created for. Plain Text, Python

  • OpenDiablo2

    Discontinued An open source re-implementation of Diablo 2

    OpenDiablo2 - Diablo 2 clone. Go

  • OpenEnroth

    Open reimplementation of Might and Magic 6 7 8 game engine

    OpenEnroth - Might&Magic VI-VIII clone. C++, OpenGL

  • OpenGothic

    Reimplementation of Gothic 2 Notr

    OpenGothic - Gothic 2 clone. C++, DX12, Vulkan, Metal

  • OpenVIII-monogame

    Open source Final Fantasy VIII engine implementation in C# working on Windows and Linux (Android and iOS planned too!) [Monogame]

    OpenVIII - Final Fantasy VIII clone. C#, MonoGame

  • riiablo

    Diablo II remade using Java and LibGDX

    Riiablo - Diablo 2 clone. Java, LibGDX, OpenGL

  • mangos-classic

    C(ontinued)-MaNGOS (Classic fork) is about: -- Doing WoW-Emulation Right!

    CMangos Classic - World of Warcraft: Classic server emulation. C++

  • azerothcore-wotlk

    Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO

    Azerothcore - World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King server emulation. C++

  • runelite

    Open source Old School RuneScape client

    Runelite - Open Source old-school RuneScape client. Java

  • ryzomcore

    Ryzom Core is the open-source project related to the Ryzom game. This community repository is synchronized with the Ryzom Forge repository, based on the Core branch.

    Ryzom - Commercial MMORPG available on Steam went open source. C++

  • OpenTTD

    OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe

    OpenTTD - Open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe. C++, SDL2

  • rigs-of-rods

    Main development repository for Rigs of Rods soft-body physics simulator

    Rogs of Rods - Soft-body physics simulator mainly targeted at simulating vehicle physics. C++, OpenGL

  • FreeSO

    Re-implementation of The Sims Online.

    FreeSO - The Sims Online and The Sims 1 clone. C#

  • OpenRCT2

    An open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 🎢

    OpenRCT2 - Roller Coster Tycoon 2 clone. C++, SDL2, OpenGL

  • Librelancer

    A re-implementation of Freelancer

    Librelancer - Freelancer clone. C#, OpenGL

  • fs2open

    fs2open - FreeSpace 2 clone. C++, SDL2

  • CorsixTH

    Open source clone of Theme Hospital

    CrosixTH - Theme Hospital clone. Lua, C++

  • keeperfx

    Open source remake and Fan Expansion of Dungeon Keeper.

    Keeper FX - Dungeon Keeper clone. C

  • keeperrl

    Source code of KeeperRL

    KeeperRL - Dungeon Keeper inspired, available on Steam. C++

  • openage

    Free (as in freedom) open source clone of the Age of Empires II engine 🚀

    [openage]https://github.com/SFTtech/openage) - Age of Empires II clone. Python, C++

  • 0ad

    Git mirror of the 0 A.D. source code (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser)

    0. A.D. - RTS. C++, C

  • godot-port

    Unknown Horizons Godot Engine Port

    Unknown Horizons - Real-time strategy and city-building game. Godot, GDScript

  • fheroes2

    fheroes2 is a recreation of Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine.

    fhearos2 - Heroes of Might and Magic II clone. C++, SDL2

  • glsmac

    Unofficial open-source OpenGL/SDL2 reimplementation of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri ( + Alien Crossfire )

    GLSMAC - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri clone. C++, OpenGL, SDL2

  • julius

    An open source re-implementation of Caesar III

    Julius) - Caesar 3 clone. C, SDL2

  • openblack

    openblack is an open-source game engine that supports playing Black & White (2001).

    openblack - Black & White clone. C++, OpenGL, Vulkan

  • OpenSC2K

    OpenSC2K - An Open Source remake of Sim City 2000 by Maxis

    OpenSC2K - Sim City 2000 clone. JavaScript, TypeScript, WebGL canvas, Physer 3

  • OpenXcom

    Open-source clone of the original X-Com 👽

    OpenXCOM - XCOM clone. C++, SDL2

  • s25client

    Return To The Roots (Settlers II(R) Clone)

    Return to the Roots - The Settlers 2 clone. C++, SDL2

  • Sourcehold

    Open source re-implementation of Stronghold 1

    Sourcehold - Stronghold 1 clone. C++, SDL2

  • vcmi

    Open-source engine for Heroes of Might and Magic III

    VCMI - Heroes of Might and Magic III clone. C++, SDL2

  • Warcraft Remake - Warcraft: Orcs & Humans clone. Java

  • Mindustry

    The automation tower defense RTS

    Mindustry - The automation tower defence RTS. Java

  • Minetest

    Minetest is an open source voxel game-creation platform with easy modding and game creation

    Minetest - Minecraft-inspired voxel game engine. C++

  • Terasology

    Terasology - open source voxel world

    Terasology - Minecraft-inspired voxel game. Java

  • sandspiel

    Creative cellular automata browser game

  • The-Powder-Toy

    Written in C++ and using SDL, The Powder Toy is a desktop version of the classic 'falling sand' physics sandbox, it simulates air pressure and velocity as well as heat.

    The Power Toy - Physics Sandbox. C++, SDL2

  • stk-code

    The code base of supertuxkart

    SuperTuxKart - Mario Kart inspired racing game. C++, C, OpenGL, SDL2

  • pokerth

    PokerTH is a poker game written in C++/Qt.

    PokerTH - Poker Game. C++, QT5

  • lila

    ♞ lichess.org: the forever free, adless and open source chess server ♞

    Lichess - Online Chess Server. Scala, TypeScript

  • Enigma

    Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga. The object of the game is to find uncover pairs of identically colored Oxyd stones. Simple? Yes. Easy? Certainly not! Hidden traps, vast mazes, laser beams, and, most of all, countless hairy puzzles usually block your direct way to the Oxyd stones … (by Enigma-Game)

    Enigma - Puzzle Game. C++, C, SDL2

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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