i3-compatible Wayland compositor (by swaywm)

Sway Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to sway
  • neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

  • dotfiles

  • mpv

    🎥 Command line video player

  • pure

    Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt

  • ranger

    A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console

  • lightline.vim

    A light and configurable statusline/tabline plugin for Vim

  • vimtex

    A modern Vim and neovim filetype plugin for LaTeX files.

  • onedark.vim

    A dark Vim/Neovim color scheme inspired by Atom's One Dark syntax theme.

  • ly

    display manager with console UI

  • mako

    A lightweight Wayland notification daemon

  • pfetch

    🐧 A pretty system information tool written in POSIX sh.

  • imv

    Image viewer for X11/Wayland

  • ranger_devicons

    Ranger plugin that adds file glyphs / icon support to Ranger

  • SimplerentFox

    🦊 A Userstyle theme for Firefox minimalist, transparent and Kkeyboard centered

  • wf-recorder

  • swaylock

    Screen locker for Wayland

  • emptty

    Dead simple CLI Display Manager on TTY

  • dmenu-wayland

    dmenu for wayland-compositors

  • sway-dotfiles

    My sway desktop config and setup scripts

  • gmenu

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Posts where sway has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects.
  • Is it possible to make kitty terminal background blured?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-17
    Not via Sway. See this
  • How can I get the Manjaro QT theme back to stock?
  • Where do I set the PATH Sway uses?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-14
    Presumably this is one of the reasons why the Sway developers don't recommend using a display manager and explicitly say that you should start sway from a tty.
  • Close windows gracefully
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-13
    Sway does not signal the process owning the window (ref 0). Instead, it sends the appropriate Wayland close event (for most things, this is xdg_toplevel.close) (ref 1). It is the application's responsibility to do something (e.g. ask for confirmation) in that handler (ref 2).
  • news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-13
    The wlroots/Sway teams are leading the way towards a more Unix-y Wayland experience, though. Over the last two years or so, a lot of 1:1 replacements for those "do one thing and do it well" X11 tools have appeared: https://github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki/i3-Migration-Guide#commo...
  • How do I setup swaylock to lock from systemd-logind IdleAction?
    reddit.com/r/wayland | 2021-01-11
    If you check the default config file for sway (usually installed to /etc/sway/config), there's a commented out line in there that shows how you can use swayidle in combination with swaylock to lock your machine. You can uncomment it and modify the parameters to your liking- that's the recommended way to run swaylock AFAIK.
  • One big workspace over 2 screens
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-11
    This issue discusses different setups and it says they don't want to diverge from i3, so if i3 doesn't have it then they probably won't add it to Sway either. That led me to this post on i3's sub, which explains that it's a design decision made by the i3 developers.
  • How can I get gaps between windows?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-11
  • GTK settings don't carry over to Flatpak
    reddit.com/r/flatpak | 2021-01-09
    Do any GTK Wayland apps outside of Flatpak also have the anti aliasing problem? With the other stuff it definitely wasn't Flatpak, it's GTK Wayland in particular (see here for more on that).
  • Sway startup applications
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-09
    You can also start programs using SystemD instead.
  • Anyone here uses `pass` (passwordstore.org) on sway?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-08
    I bought a laptop recently and thought Wayland was mostly ready for productive usage but there are some issues which will probably make me go back to i3. This issue is one of them. Another is this issue. Apparently, I can't use my desktop monitor with my laptop with sway without resorting to hacks. I'm also not sure about the screen sharing scene on Wayland with tools like Teams etc.
  • A list of sway-specific apps & scripts
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-08
    There is such one in the wiki.
  • Which Login Display Managers support way ? Which run on Wayland natively ?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-01-07
  • NVIDIA sends out patches to support hardware acceleration with Xwayland
    reddit.com/r/linux | 2021-01-07
    reddit.com/r/linux | 2021-01-07


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