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  • Senior Full-stack Developer with 20+ years of experience

    A full-stack developer from Bucharest, Romania, EU, with 20+ years of experience. Curious by nature, an avid reader of fantasy, fiction, history & tech-related literature, always looking to expand my skillset and horizons, to understand how things work and to make them work better. Author of [📒Mantine DataTable](, [✨tRPC-SvelteKit](, [🌐IISExpress-Proxy]( and [other open-source projects]( Owner of []( **Current tech-stack** - Typescript/JavaScript - Node.js - React/Next.js, but I'm also interested in Svelte/SvelteKit - React UI Frameworks I've been working with: - [Mantine]( — I'm a contributor and also the author of [📒Mantine DataTable]( - [Ant Design]( - [MaterialUI]( - [Blueprint.js]( - [tRPC]( — I'm a contributor and also the author of [✨tRPC-SvelteKit]( - Prisma, PostgreSQL, [Hasura]( - [NextAuth]( - Firebase (mostly firebase-auth) - SQL in general; I have experience in designing enterprise DB architectures while working for multinational companies in the past - I have a few CSS tricks up my sleeve, a good understanding of the DOM, I'm fluent with CSS-in-JS, SASS/CSS-Modules, Emotion and I'm even good-enough at creating website/application designs from scratch; here are some examples: - The [docs website for Mantine DataTable]( - []( - []( - [interiordelight™️]( - [King's Host]( - [AJM Fleet Purchase]( - []( - [ASPAX documentation website]( **Things I've worked with back in the Dark Ages** - PHP & MySQL, around y2k (yeah, I'm that old) - Java/J2EE, .NET/C#, Oracle, SQL Server, BizTalk, cca. 2002—2007 - CoffeeScript & IcedCofeeScript, back when when JS had no async/await - Quite a few templating languages such as [Mustache]( or [Jade/Pug]( and some strange old JS frameworks ([Backbone](, [Riot.js]( in the pre-React era **Notable open-source projects I've built over the years** - [📒Mantine DataTable]( — a "dark-theme aware" table component for your Mantine UI data-rich applications, featuring asynchronous data loading support, pagination, multiple rows selection, column sorting, custom cell data rendering, row context menu, and more - [✨tRPC-SvelteKit]( — an adapter allowing you to build end-to-end typesafe APIs with in your SvelteKit applications - [🌐IISExpress-Proxy]( — A simple, yet practical command-line utility enabling .NET developers to test web applications served by IIS Express on remote devices; it's been around since 2015, but I'm amazed by the sheer number of people who still have to use IISExpress nowadays - [🛠️ASPAX]( — a simple Node.js asset packager inspired by Rails, in 2013, when Webpack didn't exist - ⚙️[Node.js](, [MongoDB](, [PostgreSQL]( & [MySQL]( cartridges for Redhat's OpenShift, in 2015-2015, when Docker wasn't yet a wide-spread tool **The long(er) story** You can find my full-length boring ~~obituary~~ Resume/CV on LinkedIn at [](, but here's the blurb: - 20+ years of experience in web and software development - I've worked for various companies (from mid-sized to large multinationals such as [Allianz]( and [Garanta — member of National Bank of Greece]( during the initial part of my career; for the last part I've been working as an independent developer - I sometimes ~~rant~~ write about technology and its impact on human behaviour in [articles like these]( **Hobbies, likes & dislikes** ❤️ open-source, lazy mornings, good coffee, trekking in the mountains, reading 👎 hypocrisy, xenophobia, willful ignorance, people talking bullshit **Before approaching me for work** I'm potentially interested in subcontracting front-end or full-stack development work (leaning towards front-end). You can learn more about what I did over the years by visiting my [LinkedIn profile](, but since you are on this page, chances are that you already have a pretty good idea of how my skills could be of assistance to you. If you want to hire me, please consider that I'm most productive with the aforementioned tech-stack. **NOTE**: I'm currently getting a constant flow of approaches, some of them relevant, others not so relevant. Therefore, mentioning in your text that *you've seen [my GitHub profile](* would: - tell me that you know exactly what you need me for (as opposed to just trying to fill a vacant role); - let me know that my skills would indeed be valuable for you and would spare us both valuable time that we'd otherwise have to spend in trying to assess that; - help me **prioritize your message** and come up with a quick reply.

    Open but not looking
    🇷🇴 Romania
  • Front End Developer | Aspiring Full Stack Developer

    Content Creator. Author at CSS Tricks & DEV. A human being who tries to keep a good relationship with bugs!

    Actively Looking
    🇮🇳 India
  • Senior Developer with 5 years experience in the FinTech space

    Really passionate about both software and people. Had my first computer experience at around 2-3 with a then-state-of-the-art Olivetti 286 running at 12MHz in ~1993 and haven't stopped learning. After studying computer science and completing my Master's degree with a focus on drones, wireless mesh-networks, building fault-tolerant architectures and distributed computing, I'm focusing on honing my craft as a software developer in the FinTech space.

    Open but not looking
    🇿🇦 South Africa
  • 🛡️ Security+, Google & ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity ⛓ Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Intelligence 👨🏽‍💻 Python, JavaScript, Cloud

    Transitioning to cybersecurity from law enforcement. CompTIA Security+, ISC2 CC, and Google Cybersecurity Professional certificates. Full stack cloud developer. Gamer. Tech enthusiast.

    Actively Looking
    🇺🇸 USA