Monero: the secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency (by monero-project)

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  • GitHub repo PiNode-XMR

    Monero Node for Single Board Computers with Web Interface and additional tools pre-configured. Self Installing.

  • GitHub repo monero-GUI-guide

    Guide for the Monero GUI wallet

  • Scout

    Get performance insights in less than 4 minutes. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo csharp-monero-rpc-client

    A wallet and daemon client to interface with Monero's JSON-RPC API, built on .netstandard2.1.

  • GitHub repo xmrig

    RandomX, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and Argon2 CPU/GPU miner

  • GitHub repo monero-gui

    Monero: the secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency

  • GitHub repo research-lab

    A general repo for Monero Research Lab work in progress and completed work

  • GitHub repo monderd-i2pz

  • GitHub repo dockprom

    Docker hosts and containers monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, cAdvisor, NodeExporter and AlertManager

  • GitHub repo BiglyBT

    Feature-filled Bittorrent client based on the Azureus open source project

  • GitHub repo monero-wallet-generator

    Self contained offline javacsript Monero wallet generator

  • GitHub repo

    A simple stateless privacy-protecting URL redirecting service for Matrix

  • GitHub repo crypto-ecosystems

    A taxonomy for open source cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized ecosystems

  • GitHub repo monero-site

  • GitHub repo i2p-zero

    Zero dependency, small footprint, cross-platform I2P Java Router with simple tunnel/socks controller and SAM interface

  • GitHub repo monero-lws

    Monero Light Wallet Server (scans monero viewkeys and implements mymonero API)

  • GitHub repo xmrig-monitoring

    XMRig Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

  • GitHub repo docker-monerod

    Monerod Docker image based off alpine

  • GitHub repo monerod_exporter

    Monerod Prometheus exporter

  • GitHub repo monero-verify

    A shell script to automatically verify Monero binary releases

  • GitHub repo docker-monerod-exporter

    ExcitableAardvark/monerod_exporter on docker

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Posts where monero has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-02-24.
  • How does simply having a variable block size overcome bitcoin's glaring issue of fees? | 2021-02-24
    wallet2.cpp, around line 7454
  • How To Create A Monero Service in Linux | 2021-02-24
    why create your own unit file when Monero already includes one?
  • PSA: This dip was most likely caused by a 3600+ BTC outflow by the mining pool F2Pool. Always research the data before panicking about dips.
    Correct, you are stupid. Jk lol you're right you can't buy monero on binance with USD/Euro. Might be worth reading up on or the monero subreddit. I haven't traded XMR in years and a LOTT has changed since then in crypto, so i'm a terrible primary source for information. But for the past hour or so I've been looking into the best way to acquire some XMR. If anyone has any advice, feel free to share...
  • How could transactions become faster? | 2021-02-20
    Not since v0.15. | 2021-02-20
    Only since v0.15 has it been network enforced.
  • PiNodeXMR help gave no instruction how to open the files
    So I'll format the SSD in Windows and I began downloading the blockchain.raw file from a few hours ago with 18GB download remaining
  • Rmonero Weekly Discussion February 13 2021 Use | 2021-02-17
  • How to increaese demand for Monero | 2021-02-16
  • How To Run A Node | 2021-02-13
    Download the latest release of the official GUI from the Monero github:
  • Why is the price so incredibly low? | 2021-02-12
    Yeah, sure you don't. The source code is available for anyone to review
  • Several CCS proposals are seeking funding! | 2021-02-11
    I assume it means, if you type "gn" then it will suggest "gnaw" and "gnome" for you to pick from. There are limited number of words that can be used, and I believe only the first 3 letters of each word are actually used. You can find the word lists here:
  • The reasoning behind monerotesla | 2021-02-10
    +1 but a link to the main page of would've been nice, marketing wise.. like in "Monero is the largest and ..."
  • Question about Monero community | 2021-02-10
    This is a big part of the community, but the real decisions are made on GitHub. Reddit is primarily a forum for discussion :)
  • MyMonero Android app is available for testing | 2021-02-09
    Have the guys at "" update their website to point to your app. This is probably where most of people will have a first look at.


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