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  • GitHub repo mempool

    An open-source explorer developed for the Bitcoin community, focusing on the emerging transaction fee market to help our transition into a multi-layer ecosystem.

  • GitHub repo lnd

    Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️

  • GitHub repo raspiblitz

    Get your own Bitcoin & Lightning Node running - on a RaspberryPi with a nice LCD

  • GitHub repo lnbook

    Mastering the Lightning Network (LN)

  • GitHub repo zap-desktop

    Cross platform Lightning Network wallet focused on user experience and ease of use ⚡️

  • GitHub repo umbrel

    A personal Bitcoin and Lightning node designed for everyone

  • GitHub repo awesome-lightning-network

    ⚡ A curated list of awesome Lightning Network projects for developers and crypto enthusiasts

  • GitHub repo loop

    Lightning Loop: A Non-Custodial Off/On Chain Bridge

  • GitHub repo lnbits

    LNbits, free and open-source lightning-network wallet/accounts system.

  • GitHub repo lightning-node-management

    Beginner friendly resources to manage a routing node on the Lightning Network

  • GitHub repo nanopos

    A simple Lightning :zap: point-of-sale system, powered by Lightning Charge

  • GitHub repo clboss

    Automated C-Lightning Node Manager

  • GitHub repo boltz-backend

    Backend of Boltz

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Posts where awesome-lnurl has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-14.
  • Las Vegas Strip Club Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments Over the Lightning Network | 2021-07-16
    There are no addresses on Lightning Network but invoices. And invoices are one time only but there are solutions, like LNURL that is supported by multiple wallets and it is reusable. Even better is BOLT-12 that would handle it on the lightning network but this is not yet implemented.
  • ⚡ Lightning Thursday! July 15, 2021: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡ | 2021-07-14
    Aside from just cheap and fast transactions, LN can also be used to: - Authenticate: Login to platforms using your lightning network wallet (List of supported services to try here: - Enable smart contract functionality: Discrete log contracts can use lightning to create fast and decentralised contracts between two parties. Most of the experimentation here is related to creating bitcoin settled derivative contracts without a central party (see: and )
  • Roger Ver said he's going to support BTC if we can message him 1$ in Lightning. So I did. | 2021-06-07
    So... here's the shareable link It's quite easy. Just install Breez wallet (open-source, non-custodial) or other newer LN wallet (supported), open the link above scan or tap on the QR code above and there you go. You get 500 sats settled in couple seconds, you can spend those right away and the fees are probably only couple sats.
  • My reply to people who tell me to “just use lightning” | 2021-06-06
    Hello, here's 3000 satoshis: (first come first serve). You can get Breez wallet (other supported), click on the link, withdraw in couple seconds and use the money right away. E.g. to donate to | 2021-06-06
    That's not really true - check out LNURL. Here are the apps that support it . I can generate a QR code that Roger can scan with e.g. Muun wallet and get the sats and be able to spend it right away. | 2021-06-06
    We could just send you LNURL-Withdraw QR code, you scan it and get money... Here are apps that support it:
  • New Lightning App for Having Fun with Your Sats
    I'm using a scheme called LNURL-withdraw. It effectively automates the creation of the LN invoice. LNURL-withdraw is supported by all major lightning wallets.
  • LNBiG - a paid channels!
    Maybe I don't understand your use case. I have a channel from Lnbig on blw, that was 1 tap to open. For a routing on clightning you could also 1-click if you're using any of these wallets paired to your node. I've been onboarding newbies to LN for 3 years and it's the first time I'm hearing they prefer CLI.
  • Progress on non-invoice (spontaneous) payments over LN
    I sound like a broken record on this subreddit but this already exists. It's called Lnurl-pay. Lots of wallets support it, you can have a static Qr code and supporting LN wallets can scan it. Invoice generation happens between wallets in the background and you get paid.
  • ⚡Lightning Thursday!, February 18th 2021: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡ | 2021-02-18
  • ⚡⚡⚡ LIGHTNING GIVEAWAY! ⚡⚡⚡ (without the scam part!) | 2021-01-26
    few? LOL
  • If You Think Lightning Network Sucks While Using | 2020-12-29


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