Bitcoin & Lightning full node on a Raspberry Pi (by Stadicus)


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Stadicus/RaspiBolt is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

RaspiBolt Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to RaspiBolt
  • GitHub repo raspiblitz

    Get your own Bitcoin & Lightning Node running - on a RaspberryPi with a nice LCD

  • GitHub repo umbrel

    A personal Bitcoin and Lightning node designed for everyone

  • GitHub repo Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

  • GitHub repo electrum

    Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

  • GitHub repo metamask-extension

    :globe_with_meridians: :electric_plug: The MetaMask browser extension enables browsing Ethereum blockchain enabled websites

  • GitHub repo Bitcoin.org

    Bitcoin.org Website

  • GitHub repo lnbook

    Mastering the Lightning Network (LN)

  • GitHub repo Eclair

    A scala implementation of the Lightning Network.

  • GitHub repo MyEtherWallet

    MyEtherWallet (our friends call us MEW) is a free, client-side interface helping you interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

  • GitHub repo rotki

    A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that protects your privacy

  • GitHub repo electrum-personal-server

    Maximally lightweight electrum server for a single user

  • GitHub repo bitcoincore.org

    Bitcoin Core project website

  • GitHub repo mynode

    The easiest way to run Bitcoin and Lightning!

  • GitHub repo phoenix

    Phoenix is a non custodial Bitcoin wallet using Lightning to send/receive payments. (by ACINQ)

  • GitHub repo bitcointreasuries.org

  • GitHub repo lighter

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Posts where RaspiBolt has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-09.
  • Let the fun begin!!
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-04-09
    I followed this guide from RaspiBolt and it was a surprisingly painless experience.
  • Is it mandatory to have port 8333 listening?
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-04-08
    use Tor https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • Trouble broadcasting from raspibolt
    I've followed the raspibolt guide here, and got to the stage of opening up a lightning channel.
  • Wanting to run my own Full Node.
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-04-03
    I set up Cornelius by following this guide: RaspbiBolt
  • Tor vs. my ip?
    "Best" is subjective, it depends on whether you prefer high-level or low-level tools. I use RaspiBolt, which is what RaspiBlitz is based on, because I prefer the less pre-packaged feel and it taught me more about my system.
  • Bitcoin Core Installer blocked?
    I personally followed the guide here: https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • Yet another new lightning node come to play
    Here's my node: YetAnotherNodeWill up be 24/7, running on a raspberry pi 4 following the RaspiBolt guide
  • Is there any open source banking software?
    Yes, Bitcoin with the Lightning Network is definitely the answer to that, as you can run your own "bank" completely with open source on your own. There are some very nice "be your own bank" projects like Raspiblitz: https://github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz Or Raspibolt if you want to setup everything yourself with documentation: https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • The Mempool is CLEARING 6 SAT/VB transactions! Move your coin or open some Lightning channels TONIGHT!
    I think most the RPi4 tutorial I followed will be applicable if you have a working understanding of Docker. RaspiBolt
  • EASIEST way to set up a node?
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-03-28
    If you want to build your own, the two go-to projects are raspibolt and is derivative raspiblitz. Both open source, and once you get them up and running, you really will know most things to know about running your own bitcoin node forever.
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-03-28
    I know you asked for the easiest, but if you want to do it with a bit more work but a lot more learning, check this out: https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • Chain fees are low! OPEN SOME LIGHTNING CHANNELS
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-03-27
    Good RPi4 Node tutorial: https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • Finally running my own ₿itcoin full node!
    reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2021-03-26
  • Best Noobie Getting Started Guide
    Basically anything that can run a Bitcoin Core node and stay online 24/7. A Raspberry Pi is sufficient, you can follow the guide here (see also the "Joinmarket" section in the "Bonus" part). You'll also find some basic commands in it (how to start the yield generator etc). https://stadicus.github.io/RaspiBolt/
  • Any way to make money hosting a node?
    I recommend trying RaspiBolt. You'll be running a full Bitcoin node, so you'll want at least a 1TB drive to be comfortable.