What's a small Linux program that you don't give much thought but makes your life a hundred times easier from time to time?

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  • exa

    A modern replacement for ‘ls’.

    exa: better ls

  • fzf

    :cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder

    good picks, bat is a great companion for fzf for previewing.


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  • tmux

    tmux source code

    tmux - Does so much it's hard to describe. Like GNU Screen on steroids.

  • glances

    Glances an Eye on your system. A top/htop alternative for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

    I like glances for quickly monitoring my server or desktop.

  • fish-shell

    The user-friendly command line shell.

    Fish, a replacement for Bash with cleaner syntax and much more helpful auto-completion.

  • fsearch

    A fast file search utility for Unix-like systems based on GTK3

    fsearch when I want to quickly find some file within the millions of files on my computer.

  • em-keyboard

    The CLI emoji keyboard

    em : a cli emoji picker. I have a hotkey to launch it in a terminal session. I pick my emoji by typing and pressing "enter." I close the terminal with the alias xx. I pasted with ctrl+v. I use this embarrassingly often and have added my own stuff to the built-in database. The source code is worth looking at. github

  • InfluxDB

    Access the most powerful time series database as a service. Ingest, store, & analyze all types of time series data in a fully-managed, purpose-built database. Keep data forever with low-cost storage and superior data compression.

  • zoxide

    A smarter cd command. Supports all major shells.

  • tealdeer

    A very fast implementation of tldr in Rust.

    tealdear for tldr

  • thefuck

    Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.

    Fix your typos with thefuck

  • httpie

    🥧 HTTPie for Terminal — modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.

  • tldr

    📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

    And this is why we were blessed with tldr.

  • cheat.sh

    the only cheat sheet you need

    Also cheat.sh

  • inxi

    inxi is a full featured CLI system information tool. It is available in most Linux distribution repositories, and does its best to support the BSDs.

    4) inxi - system info via perl : https://github.com/smxi/inxi

  • lgogdownloader

    LGOGDownloader is unofficial downloader to GOG.com for Linux users. It uses the same API as the official GOG Galaxy.

    5) lgogdownloader - manage your gog games via CLI : https://github.com/Sude-/lgogdownloader

  • zsh-histdb

    A slightly better history for zsh

    zsh-histdb: store your command history in a sqlite database along with the exit status code and the directory the command was run in. Therefore no randomly losing portions of your command history based on which terminals you closed first or didn't close at all, and no getting weird garbage in your history from multi-line commands. I have a nearly complete history of every shell command I've typed since installing each of my machines.

  • TimeShift

    System restore tool for Linux. Creates filesystem snapshots using rsync+hardlinks, or BTRFS snapshots. Supports scheduled snapshots, multiple backup levels, and exclude filters. Snapshots can be restored while system is running or from Live CD/USB.

    Why is nobody mentioning #timeshift

  • hx

    Hex editor for the terminal using plain C99 + POSIX libs.

    hx a vim-like hex editor in your terminal. It's amazing, and i use it all the time.

  • ripgrep

    ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore


  • sl

    SL(1): Cure your bad habit of mistyping


  • Mosh

    Mobile Shell

    mosh: better SSH, server rendered, auto reconnect

  • rofi

    Rofi: A window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement

    rofi: interactive menu to select many things, programs, files, passwords (dmenu alt)

  • skim

    Fuzzy Finder in rust!

    skim: super fast file finding, fantastic in Vim (fzf alt)

  • ffsend

    :mailbox_with_mail: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.

    ffsend: quick file sharing from command-line (shameless plug)

  • zhistory

    search through zsh history

  • touchcursor-linux

    TouchCursor style keyboard remapping for Linux.

  • zim-desktop-wiki

    Main repository of the zim desktop wiki project

    Zim makes it really easy to create your own desktop wiki.

  • jello

    CLI tool to filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax. (Similar to jq)

    There's a new TUI for jello now called jellex that can help you create your jello python filters faster and easier.

  • jellex

    TUI to filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax

    There's a new TUI for jello now called jellex that can help you create your jello python filters faster and easier.

  • udiskie

    Automounter for removable media

    If you are not using a DE, doesn't Udiskie help with this? With the --smart-tray options it shows up on your tray when it detect drives and automount them. You can umount and power off by right clicking and selecting the drive. Or just udiskie-umount -da.

  • toggle-monitor-grayscale

    Toggle Xorg monitors between color and grayscale mode

    Everything's seems less distracting with Toggle monitor grayscale

  • Sonar

    Write Clean Python Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 225 unique rules to find Python bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

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