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  • Airflow

    Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows

  • Project mention: AI Strategy Guide: How to Scale AI Across Your Business | | 2024-05-11

    Level 1 of MLOps is when you've put each lifecycle stage and their intefaces in an automated pipeline. The pipeline could be a python or bash script, or it could be a directed acyclic graph run by some orchestration framework like Airflow, dagster or one of the cloud-provider offerings. AI- or data-specific platforms like MLflow, ClearML and dvc also feature pipeline capabilities.

  • luigi

    Luigi is a Python module that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs. It handles dependency resolution, workflow management, visualization etc. It also comes with Hadoop support built in.

  • Project mention: Ask HN: What is the correct way to deal with pipelines? | | 2023-09-21

    I agree there are many options in this space. Two others to consider:



    There are also many Kubernetes based options out there. For the specific use case you specified, you might even consider a plain old Makefile and incrond if you expect these all to run on a single host and be triggered by a new file showing up in a directory…

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

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  • Prefect

    The easiest way to build, run, and monitor data pipelines at scale.

  • Project mention: Prefect: A workflow orchestration tool for data pipelines | | 2024-03-13
  • Kedro

    Kedro is a toolbox for production-ready data science. It uses software engineering best practices to help you create data engineering and data science pipelines that are reproducible, maintainable, and modular.

  • Project mention: Nextflow: Data-Driven Computational Pipelines | | 2023-08-10

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I'll definitely take a look, although at this point I am so comfortable with Snakemake, it is a bit hard to imagine what would convince me to move to another tool. But I like the idea of composable pipelines: I am building a tool (too early to share) that would allow to lay Snakemake pipelines on top of each other using semi-automatic data annotations similar to how it is done in kedro (

  • viewflow

    Reusable workflow library for Django

  • Project mention: Ask HN: Anyone use a code to mindmap/flowchart tool? | | 2024-02-24

    viewflow supports BPMN:

  • galaxy

    Data intensive science for everyone.

  • Project mention: Need for GUIs for bioinformatic tools? | /r/bioinformatics | 2023-06-17

    Maybe it would help you to look at the galaxy project: GitHub main site

  • couler

    Unified Interface for Constructing and Managing Workflows on different workflow engines, such as Argo Workflows, Tekton Pipelines, and Apache Airflow.

  • Project mention: (Not) to Write a Pipeline | | 2023-06-27

    author seems to be describing the kind of patterns you might make with . or see for example , which is an sdk for describing tasks that may be submitted to different workflow engines on the backend.

    it's a little confusing to me that the author seems to object to "pipelines" and then equate them with messaging-queues. for me at least, "pipeline" vs "workflow-engine" vs "scheduler" are all basically synonyms in this context. those things may or may not be implemented with a message-queue for persistence, but the persistence layer itself is usually below the level of abstraction that $current_problem is really concerned with. like the author says, eventually you have to track state/timestamps/logs, but you get that from the beginning if you start with a workflow engine.

    i agree with author that message-queues should not be a knee-jerk response to most problems because the LoE for edge-cases/observability/monitoring is huge. (maybe reach for a queue only if you may actually overwhelm whatever the "scheduler" can handle.) but don't build the scheduler from scratch either.. use argowf, kubeflow, or a more opinionated framework like airflow, mlflow, databricks, aws lamda or step-functions. all/any of these should have config or api that's robust enough to express rate-limit/retry stuff. almost any of these choices has better observability out-of-the-box than you can easily get from a queue. but most importantly.. they provide idioms for handling failure that data-science folks and junior devs can work with. the right way to structure code is just much more clear and things like structuring messages/events, subclassing workers, repeating/retrying tasks, is just harder to mess up.

  • SaaSHub

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  • NIPY

    Workflows and interfaces for neuroimaging packages

  • redun

    Yet another redundant workflow engine

  • Project mention: Redun: Yet another redundant workflow engine | | 2023-08-11
  • jug

    Parallel programming with Python

  • flowsaber

    Dataflow based workflow framework


    Robotic Process Automation in Windows and Linux by using BPMN diagrams.

  • typhoon-orchestrator

    Create elegant data pipelines and deploy to AWS Lambda or Airflow

  • pyDag

    Scheduling Big Data Workloads and Data Pipelines in the Cloud with pyDag

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What are some of the best open-source Workflow engine projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Airflow 34,705
2 luigi 17,372
3 Prefect 14,829
4 Kedro 9,398
5 viewflow 2,573
6 galaxy 1,319
7 couler 891
8 NIPY 734
9 redun 489
10 jug 405
11 flowsaber 40
12 BPMN_RPA 37
13 typhoon-orchestrator 29
14 pyDag 24

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