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  • pgcli

    Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting

    Project mention: Postgres: ERROR: column d.adsrc does not exist | | 2022-05-23


  • frappe

    Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

  • Sonar

    Write Clean Python Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 225 unique rules to find Python bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • wal-e

    Continuous Archiving for Postgres

    Project mention: Recovering a PostgreSQL Database After a Hard Drive Failure | | 2021-12-31

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  • databases

    Async database support for Python. 🗄

    Project mention: A Deep Dive into Connecting FastAPI with SingleStore. | | 2022-10-18

    MySQL is a powerful and popular database, and it's well-suited for use with Python. In the following section, we are going through how to set up a connection to a MySQL database in an asynchronous manner using the create_asynchrouns_engine function from SQLAlchemy. We'll also use the databases package and the aiomysql extra dependency. We'll also adapt the SQLAlchemy declarative approach to defining our users' table.

  • Alerta

    Alerta monitoring system

    Project mention: Looking for a tool to aggregate alerts | | 2022-01-05

    opensource option :

  • Barman

    Barman - Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL

  • fastapi-react

    🚀 Cookiecutter Template for FastAPI + React Projects. Using PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, and Docker

  • Zigi

    The context switching struggle is real. Zigi makes context switching a thing of the past. It monitors Jira and GitHub updates, pings you when PRs need approval and lets you take fast actions - all directly from Slack!

  • Udacity-Data-Engineering-Projects

    Few projects related to Data Engineering including Data Modeling, Infrastructure setup on cloud, Data Warehousing and Data Lake development.

    Project mention: ✨ 5 Free Resources to Learn Data Engineering 🚀 | | 2022-09-27


  • sgr

    sgr (command line client for Splitgraph) and the splitgraph Python library

    Project mention: Postgres Auditing in 150 lines of SQL | | 2022-03-09

    You might like what we're doing with Splitgraph. Our command line tool (sgr) installs an audit log into Postgres to track changes [0]. Then `sgr commit` can write these changes to delta-compressed objects [1], where each object is a columnar fragment of data, addressable by the LTHash of rows added/deleted by the fragment, and attached to metadata describing its index [2].

    I haven't explored sirix before, but at first glance it looks like we have some similar ideas — thanks for sharing, I'm excited to learn more, especially about its application of ZFS.




  • condenser

    Condenser is a database subsetting tool

    Project mention: Is it atypical to have a dev DB service on your local environment? | | 2022-12-01

    A tool like might help.

  • pgANN

    Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) searches with a PostgreSQL database.

  • astro-sdk

    Astro SDK allows rapid and clean development of {Extract, Load, Transform} workflows using Python and SQL, powered by Apache Airflow.

    Project mention: After Airflow. Where next for DE? | | 2022-11-15

    More of a general principle but when you don't have design patterns, you get varying levels of results right? I think what Astro is doing to introduce "strong defaults" through projects like the astro-sdk or the cloud ide are interesting experiments to remove some of the busy work of common dags (load from s3, do something, push to database) will HELP reduce the cognitive load of really common, simple actions and give them a better single pattern to optimize on. I don't think those efforts reduce the optionality of true power users at all who want to custom code their s3 log sink to have some unique implementation while at the same time maybe solving some of the fragmentation to very frequently performed operations. 🤞

  • django-pgviews

    Fork of django-postgres that focuses on maintaining and improving support for Postgres SQL Views.

  • FastAPIQuickCRUD

    Generate CRUD methods in FastApi from an SQLAlchemy schema

    Project mention: FastAPI Quick CRUD | | 2022-03-07
  • mathesar

    Web application providing an intuitive user experience to databases.

    Project mention: Looking For: inventory for music albums | | 2022-12-02

    I'm working on a database UI called Mathesar, but we're not releasing until next month.

  • django-pgpubsub

    A distributed task processing framework for Django built on top of the Postgres NOTIFY/LISTEN protocol.

    Project mention: django-pgpubsub: A lightweight alternative to Celery built on top of the Postgres NOTIFY/LISTEN protocol | | 2022-12-02
  • dbt-spotify-analytics

    Containerized end-to-end analytics of Spotify data using Python, dbt, Postgres, and Metabase

  • pytest-mock-resources

    Pytest Fixtures that let you actually test against external resource (Postgres, Mongo, Redshift...) dependent code.

    Project mention: why isn't there a mock module for motor? | | 2022-06-22

    It doesn’t elegantly solve your problem because it currently also depends on pymongo, unnecessarily for you, but It spins up a real mongo server using docker (if you’re willing to eat mongo’s startup cost).

  • boxball

    Prebuilt Docker images with Retrosheet's complete baseball history data for many analytical frameworks. Includes Postgres, cstore_fdw, MySQL, SQLite, Clickhouse, Drill, Parquet, and CSV.

    Project mention: Importing Retrosheet to Tableau or Power BI | | 2022-04-26

    I haven't worked with BI tools, but I'll make the same recommendation for Retrosheet data that I always do: check out the Boxball distributions, specifically the CSV files (or the parquet files if you prefer). You can load those right in, rather than futzing with Retrosheet's event files and processing them manually, etc., just to get to the same spot.

  • squabble

    An extensible linter for SQL queries and migrations.

  • introspector

    A schema and set of tools for using SQL to query cloud infrastructure.

  • pg_net

    A PostgreSQL extension providing an async networking interface accessible via SQL using a background worker and curl.

    Project mention: Show HN: Multiplayer Demo Built with Elixir | | 2022-04-11

    > finding the building blocks of modern applications (database, auth, functions, presence, realtime subscriptions), making them easy to use, and then sharing the source code.

    Great observation!

    > I’ve learned a ton just from cruising around supabase GitHub.

    Glad to hear it!

    > Can you say which of these new components will be open sourced?

    All of these components are open source and licensed under Apache License v2.0.

    > There are some other features (e.g. function hooks) that are also closed-source at the moment.

    I actually worked on the initial implementation of function hooks. We've actually already open sourced both the client (see: and the pg_net extension it requires (see:

    > Is Supabase heading for an “open core” model?

    I don't think so. We want to continue to open source our projects under either MIT (client libs) and Apache License v2.0 (server libs).

  • little_brother

    Parental Control Application implemented in Python 3 packaged for Debian and Ubuntu to monitor and limit kids' play time on Linux hosts

    Project mention: Public Computer Linux solutions? | | 2022-03-21

    This github project might be of use to you, though:

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Data Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services in less time with less code.

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What are some of the best open-source Postgre projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 pgcli 10,769
2 frappe 4,260
3 wal-e 3,362
4 databases 3,163
5 Alerta 2,165
6 Barman 1,432
7 fastapi-react 1,403
8 Udacity-Data-Engineering-Projects 892
9 sgr 312
10 condenser 251
11 pgANN 225
12 astro-sdk 190
13 django-pgviews 183
14 FastAPIQuickCRUD 183
15 mathesar 125
16 django-pgpubsub 120
17 dbt-spotify-analytics 88
18 pytest-mock-resources 86
19 boxball 78
20 squabble 62
21 introspector 59
22 pg_net 48
23 little_brother 38
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