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The full-stack JavaScript framework. Updates on Twitter: (by cheatcode)


A build plugin to integrate Next.js seamlessly with Netlify (by netlify)
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joystick netlify-plugin-nextjs
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Posts with mentions or reviews of joystick. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-06-12.
  • Fresh – The next-gen web framework
    21 projects | | 12 Jun 2022
    If you need something a bit less esoteric and want a traditional, straightforward approach to building web apps with JavaScript:

    Add an Express route -> tell it to render a component/HTML via a res.render() function -> it auto-hydrates everything on the client for you. Components are written in plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (no JSX or other funky syntax) with a quick-to-grok API.

    No new concepts to learn and keeps you as close to the core technology (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) as possible.

  • Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (June 2022)
    2 projects | | 1 Jun 2022
    SEEKING WORK - Freelance/Contract, Remote, Tennessee, U.S. (Central Time)

    I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer and UI designer. I run, working primarily with my own framework, Joystick (, as well as React.js, GraphQL, and Node.js.

    Looking for 3-6 month freelance and contract opportunities (longer if the timing makes sense). Best suited for working with small teams—startups/standalone or embedded in bigger co's—and individuals looking to ship:

    - Full-stack web apps (internal or customer-facing).

    - UI implementation (HTML, CSS, any JS framework)

    - Command line tools

    - REST APIs (private and public) -- can do GraphQL APIs on request

    - Technical documentation

    - Infrastructure/deployment setup (Bare metal, Docker/k8s, Lambda)

    My working style:

    - Communication-heavy. I prefer clients/projects that don't shy away from investing in getting everything on the table up front and keeping communication tight throughout a project. 1-on-1 preferred for clarity/avoiding miscommunication.

    - Detail-oriented. If it needs to be done well, I'm your guy.

    - Design-focused. I put an emphasis on UX (or DX if the project is for devs) and ensuring that what gets shipped is most likely to generate a ROI for you. I'm not your guy if you want a fast-and-cheap result (

    Email: [email protected]

  • GraphQL Is a Trap?
    18 projects | | 6 May 2022
    Yes. It overcomplicates what can be a simple process using a bit of ingenuity and good ol' fashioned REST endpoints:
  • I fell in love with low-JS
    9 projects | | 4 May 2022
    This is exactly why I’m building Joystick (full-stack, UI framework + Node backend, full SSR out of the box—think Meteor w/o data bottlenecks and dependency traps). JavaScript doesn’t have to be a nightmare:
  • Ask HN: Have we screwed ourselves as software engineers?
    3 projects | | 4 May 2022
    > Will industry move towards simple solutions after experiencing this churn down the line or are we doomed forever?

    That depends on the individual developer. For example, I'm working to clean up the mess that has become app dev w/ JavaScript (, but I expect many will dismiss it short-term because it's not "what everybody else is doing" (despite being far simpler and clearer than the state-of-the-art).

    And therein lies the problem: groupthink. There are very few people asking "how do we simplify this" or "how can we make this more clear" and a whole lot of people trying to impress each other with their galaxy brain knowledge of unnecessary tech.

    The good news is that it's not a technical problem, but a cultural one. People are afraid to think independently and so they just go along with whatever the "best and brightest" say to do (which is usually an incentivized position due to existing relationships/opportunities).

  • I don't miss React: a story about using the platform
    9 projects | | 3 May 2022
    Come on over rovers:

    I promise you'll love it if you're switching from React. And it's full-stack so no more stitching together frankenstacks. Good ol' isomorphic JS for devs who value their time/productivity.

  • Entire website in a single JavaScript file
    11 projects | | 6 Apr 2022
    The truth I learned building my own SSR JavaScript framework is that it's not that complicated, it's just made complicated.

    1. Get some data from a database/source.

    2. Pass that data to a template/component.

    3. Convert that template/component to HTML (using the given framework's version of renderToHTML()).

    4. Return the HTML to your HTTP request.

    For example, here's the SSR for my framework: It blew my mind when I wrote it because I was under the impression it would be more difficult.

  • Ask HN: What is something exciting you're working on?
    8 projects | | 21 Feb 2022
    Working on a full-stack JavaScript framework:

    Currently splitting my time between framework improvements in prep for a 1.0 (wrapping up a PostgreSQL integration today) and working on a deployment automation tool.

  • Back-end languages are coming to the front-end
    16 projects | | 8 Feb 2022
    I do use a virtual DOM but I only use it to patch the HTML in the browser (no synthetic events or anything like that). The meat of it starts here:

    My focus for v1 is on developer ergonomics and solidifying an API (this will be frozen after v1 with the only changes being additions if absolutely necessary—a component you write today will look identical to one you write in 10 years).

    All future major versions will be solely focused on performance and security (my way of saying: I haven't stress-tested renders, but for the time being it will work well for the majority of use cases).

  • Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (February 2022)
    6 projects | | 1 Feb 2022
    SEEKING WORK - Freelance/Contract, Remote, Tennessee, U.S. (Central Time)

    I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer and UI designer, working primarily with React.js, GraphQL, and Node.js.

    I run and recently launched a new full-stack JavaScript framework:

    Looking for 3-6 month freelance and contract opportunities. Best suited for working with small teams (standalone or embedded in bigger co's) and individuals looking to ship:

    - Web apps (internal or customer-facing)

    - Command line tools

    - REST APIs (private and public) -- can do GraphQL APIs on request

    - Technical documentation

    Email: [email protected]


Posts with mentions or reviews of netlify-plugin-nextjs. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2022-06-03.
  • Netlify: Improved workflow and new role for pricing changes
    2 projects | | 3 Jun 2022
    It also seems like an unconscious acknowledgement that their add-on services (form handling, post-processing, identity, analytics, auth, etc.) are woefully inadequate in some cases and uncompetitive in others. $20/mo for form handling beyond 100 submissions? Okay, maybe. But the feature set is so bare it's laughable. There's minimal to no customization for notification emails, no confirmation emails, and their post-processing for form detection will bring the speed of your build pipeline to its knees on any serious site. On one site turning off post-processing yielded a build time reduction of more than double the actual build time of the site.

    Not to mention the fact that by foregoing any concept of a server and forcing everything into some flavor of lambda they've created a scenario where every framework with any such functionality requires open source shepherding to function on their platform[0]. At best they've diluted their initial mission and at worst they've created an unmanageable mess. They can't even make Next.js work on their platform without causing what should issue 404s to return 500s instead[1]. The SEO implications for that are a potential death sentence and that issue has now been open for five months.

    I was very optimistic about Netlify at the outset, and it worked great and still continues to work great for our test cases where we've deployed individual LPs. Where the pain seems to start is anything above a thousand pages or more, which is also coincidentally where the stakes start to get higher. I don't know how they could expect anyone at an enterprise or growing business to seriously scrutinize this platform and view it as ideal with that in mind.


  • Next.js measurement: Serve images in next-gen formats even when using next/image
    1 project | | 23 Mar 2022
    I don't think Netlify supports WebP currently:
  • Vercel Welcomes Rich Harris, Creator of Svelte
    16 projects | | 11 Nov 2021
  • Make a Custom Portfolio Site Generator with StepZen's Developer Publishing Pack
    1 project | | 9 Nov 2021
    I made the template here using NextJS, because Netlify has a NextJS plugin, which automates the process of using serverless functions. I inserted the call to my StepZen GraphQL endpoint in the pages/api folder to keep sensitive info off the client.
  • Why and how we built Distributed with Next.js and Micro
    8 projects | | 26 Mar 2021
    Next.js routes can be turned into Netlify Functions which are essentially hosted as AWS Lambda functions. It's a clever way of pushing certain requirements to the server side, like calling third party APIs with keys you don't want to expose to the client. Next.js is great in this regard and plugins like netlify-plugin-nextjs and next-on-netlify let us do this really quickly but the performance left a lot to be desired.
  • How to deploy your Next.js app on Netlify using Github Actions
    2 projects | | 21 Jan 2021
    (In case you are not interested in Github Actions and want to use Netlify to build your project, take a look at how to use the Next on Netlify Plugin. It directly wraps your Next.js app and doesn't need as much configuration as we are going to explain.)

What are some alternatives?

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