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Top 23 Linux Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo the-art-of-command-line

    Master the command line, in one page

    Project mention: How to make the color of the text before the prompt sign different? | | 2021-06-12
  • GitHub repo node

    Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

    Project mention: Why does Promise.all() result in an UnhandledPromiseRejection error when the handler is attached to a variable on a subsequent line, but not when it's chained? | | 2021-07-29
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo Atom

    :atom: The hackable text editor

    Project mention: Getting Started with JavaScript - Ultimate Free Resources | | 2021-07-16


  • GitHub repo the-book-of-secret-knowledge

    A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more.

    Project mention: The Book Of Secret Knowledge | | 2021-07-16
  • GitHub repo hyperterm

    A terminal built on web technologies

    Project mention: New to Pop OS! | | 2021-07-24

    Now, I have two questions. The first one is, which terminal do you recommend using? I used Hyper but it has some dependency issue on Pop OS and after installing them manually, it didn't solve.

  • GitHub repo alacritty

    A cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator.

    Project mention: Installing alacritty from downloaded git command. | | 2021-08-01

    I tried installing alacritty and the mirrors could not download. Tried to use different mirrors but still the same problem. So I just git cloned the alacritty repository source "" into my user directory. How to installed it in Gentoo ?

  • GitHub repo edex-ui

    A cross-platform, customizable science fiction terminal emulator with advanced monitoring & touchscreen support.

    Project mention: The Expanse UI Design | | 2021-06-09

    Also previously posted, but if you want to TECHNICOOL your workstation a la Hollywood:

  • Syncfusion

    Build stunning web applications quickly using Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls.. The Syncfusion JavaScript suite offers more than 65 cross-platform, responsive, and lightweight JS/HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications.

  • GitHub repo mkcert

    A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.

    Project mention: Why is SSL such a pain? | | 2021-07-28

    Try mkcert ( It’s super easy to set up and use.

  • GitHub repo nativefier

    Make any web page a desktop application

    Project mention: Show HN: I developed a native macOS Hacker News client | | 2021-07-20

    Look forward to trying it out, thanks!

    If you find yourself in a position of not wanting a specific website mixed in with your browser tabs again but not caring enough to make another native app, check out nativefier. Quickly makes an electron wrapper for any website.

  • GitHub repo PowerShell

    PowerShell for every system!

    Project mention: New PowerShell Version - v7.2.0-preview.8 Release of PowerShell | | 2021-07-23
  • GitHub repo Motrix

    A full-featured download manager.

    Project mention: Motrix - best download manager out there? | | 2021-07-22
  • GitHub repo sherlock

    🔎 Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks

    Project mention: Osint on Laptop | | 2021-07-16 (used to be pip-able :/)

  • GitHub repo N1

    :love_letter: An extensible desktop mail app built on the modern web. Forks welcome!

    Project mention: Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop | | 2021-04-02

    > - Finding a mail client I don't hate on linux is tricky. I've never been able to get on with the console clients, and I actually quite like Mac Mail. Thunderbird is kinda okay.

    If you're not a mailing list based developer, I would recommend Nylas Mail, which is both snappy any polished.

  • GitHub repo linux-insides

    A little bit about a linux kernel

    Project mention: Can someone clear my doubts | | 2021-05-21
  • GitHub repo Ventoy

    A new bootable USB solution.

    Project mention: Boot to live USB | | 2021-07-29

    Often. Sometimes the hardware is just not compatible. Or you try Something else.. PS I'm so thrilled to kick Windows to the curb ;)

  • GitHub repo awesome-swift

    A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources. Feel free to contribute!

    Project mention: Universal Systems Programming with Swift ! | | 2021-03-09

    Here are some of the awesome things that have already been done with Swift !

  • GitHub repo marktext

    📝A simple and elegant markdown editor, available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

    Project mention: Compare AsciiDoc and Markdown | | 2021-07-05

    Check this free markdown WYSIWYG editor I guess it is inspired by Typora which is the first I saw. It is very impressive. Not sure about the image drag and drop. That is app specific.

    I wished we had that for ASCIIDoc because it looks more powerful than the half backed Markdown.

  • GitHub repo libGDX

    Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

    Project mention: Dialogue system ? | | 2021-07-29

    You want the UI classes and associated widgets. See for the docs, there are any bed of examples in it and at the bottom.

  • GitHub repo notable

    The Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.

    Project mention: software to take notes? | | 2021-07-26

    Notable is very sleek, has both a light and a dark mode, and it allows for Markdown formatting and multiple note sheets if you want to give your thoughts some structure.

  • GitHub repo Boostnote

    A markdown editor for developers on Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Project mention: Where is the insert date shortcut? | | 2021-06-20

    Also, if this is a feature request, you can open one here for boost note next:, or for old boost (legacy) note:

  • GitHub repo cool-retro-term

    A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...

    Project mention: What's the first thing you're going to do on your Steam Deck? | | 2021-07-31
  • GitHub repo kivy

    Open source UI framework written in Python, running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

    Project mention: Scrollview black screen | | 2021-07-28
  • GitHub repo Kodi Home Theater Software

    Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media. With its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, it's available for Android, BSD, Linux, macOS, iOS and Windows.

    Project mention: Can't install Kodi from official website in Mecool KM6 Deluxe | | 2021-07-29

    Im not familiar with the device you are using, but if it runs android just download the APK from and sideload it. You can use X-Plorer if you want to load from a shared network location.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-08-01.


What are some of the best open-source Linux projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 the-art-of-command-line 93,254
2 node 80,678
3 Atom 55,799
4 the-book-of-secret-knowledge 47,134
5 hyperterm 36,355
6 alacritty 33,815
7 edex-ui 33,224
8 mkcert 31,112
9 nativefier 28,058
10 PowerShell 27,912
11 Motrix 26,976
12 sherlock 26,159
13 N1 24,613
14 linux-insides 23,065
15 Ventoy 21,377
16 awesome-swift 20,979
17 marktext 19,117
18 libGDX 18,699
19 notable 18,169
20 Boostnote 17,438
21 cool-retro-term 14,894
22 kivy 13,279
23 Kodi Home Theater Software 12,667
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