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Ardour/ardour is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.

Ardour Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to ardour

  • GitHub repo pipewire

    Mirror of the PipeWire repository (see

  • GitHub repo nixpkgs

    Nix Packages collection

  • GitHub repo lmms

    Cross-platform music production software

  • GitHub repo shotcut

    cross-platform (Qt), open-source (GPLv3) video editor

  • GitHub repo pulseeffects

    Limiter, compressor, reverberation, equalizer and auto volume effects for Pulseaudio applications

  • GitHub repo mixxx

    Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes.

  • GitHub repo brunch

    Boot ChromeOS on x86_64 PC (supports most Intel CPU/GPU or AMD Rizen / Stoney Ridge) (by sebanc)

  • GitHub repo pajackconnect

    Make JACK Work With PulseAudio

  • GitHub repo zynthian-sys

    System configuration scripts & files for Zynthian.

  • GitHub repo iOS-13-Perfect-Series-of-Tweaks

    iOS 13 "Perfect" Series of Tweaks

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Posts where ardour has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-06.
  • High quality audio makes you sound smarter | 2021-04-15
  • Beginner to Linux
    No honestly get rid of Adobe scam as soon as you can and learn some alternatives like Krita, Gimp, Inkspace, LMMS, Ardour, Kdenlive, Shotcut and such.
  • How to record with amp sims?
    I believe that there are a bunch of free ones, too, some open source ones seem to be strong too, which is good to see. would be an example. Apparently audacity can handle vsts too, so it should work too, it's just not a common workflow i guess.
  • pro tools first rainbow wheel of doom on macbook pro
    Ardour (and Mixbus) can import PT sessions and has an option to export all individual tracks and bus in one go.
  • I want to make the switch | 2021-03-25
    Ardour may interest you if you change your mind on learning a new DAW.
  • [Question] Can we get a megathread for open source tweaks? | 2021-03-19
    That's not the point, people sell compiled builds of their open source software too. It's that the code being open source is important, because tweaks usually get root access of the phone.
  • PipeWire: The Linux audio/video bus | 2021-03-03
    Setups for professional music production. This usually requires JACK ( as audio server, which allows synchronizing and connecting multiple applications.

    For example, you can have Ardour ( as DAW, but use another application like Hydrogen ( for creating drum samples. JACK connects the two applications using a virtual patchbay that allows using Hydrogen as an Input for Ardour. Essentially any application can be an input and/or an output.

    JACK also provides synchronization using a "master clock", so that Hydrogen starts playing as soon as you hit the "record" button in Ardour.

    Many people also use a Linux kernel optimized for low latency audio.

    With PulseAudio, these things are not possible. On the other hand, consumer applications like web browsers don't usually offer direct JACK support. So bridging is necessary, by using PulseAudio as a JACK input.

  • *Runs chrome
    Free software is like free speech, and freeware is like free beer. Ardour is a great example of free software. It's not really "free," because the ready to run software costs money, but you are able to view the source code and see how the software works, share the code with your friends, and change the code and then share it with your friends (as long as people can have these same freedoms with your redistributed software).
  • Thinkpad + Pop!_OS + Bitwig = ❤️ | 2021-02-13
    Ardour is pretty great too, if you want a FOSS DAW. Like, surprisingly feature rich and no less unusable than any other DAW I've worked with.
  • What free things are available on the internet that everyone should take advantage of? | 2021-02-09
    /u/jackled says:
  • LMMS – Produce music with your computer | 2021-02-07
    Can anyone compare this with Ardour?

  • Why dont we have a GTK DAW? | 2020-12-27
    Doesn't Ardour use Gtk already?