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Simple, open-source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. (by plausible)


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plausible/analytics is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

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  • I Wrote an Open Source Analytics Platform in full Javascript in less than 30 Days.
    Looks similar to , another cookies user metrics tracking system.
  • Simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics | 2021-04-17
  • Create Static page for logging IP addresses | 2021-04-15
    If you mean statistics for your site so you can see how many people visit it, then that is typically provided by an external analytics service. Jekyll itself does not provide that. There are plenty of site analytics services to choose from. I recommend finding one that respects privacy and does not use cookies. I personally use Plausible. It is very easy to set up. It’s literally one line of code you add to your site.
  • Simple, Privacy-Friendly, and Free Analytics Using Serverless Functions | 2021-04-14
    Cost -- If you're looking to add analytics to something like a personal site, this is probably your biggest problem. Modern, privacy-focused analytics products like Fathom Analytics, Plausible Analytics and Netlify Analytics give you ways to avoid many or even all of the other problems on this list, but they're not free -- and there's nothing wrong with that, but I can't justify paying a monthly subscription just to see how many people read my blog posts, and you probably can't either.
  • Awesome Clones | 2021-04-14
    Clone of Demo Repo Tech stack Repo Stars 1Password / LastPass C#, Xamarin 2048 React 2048 React, TypeScript, Redux 2048 Beads Airbnb React, Firebase Airbnb TypeScript, React, NextJS, Prisma, GraphQL Airtable React, Firebase, Firestore, Typescript Airtable Django, nuxt.js, PostgreSQL Algolia Rust Amazon React, Firebase Amazon Prime React Apple Music React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL PHP, MySQL Typescript, Battleship Game TypeScript, React Clubhouse React, WebRTC Clubhouse React, Postgress, Elixir Codecademy React Discord React, Node, Express, Socket-IO, MySQL Discord React, NestJS, TypeScript, Socket-IO, PostgreSQL Disney+ React Native, expo Doodle (Scheduling tool) PHP Dribbble MERN, react Dribbble MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, Dropbox PHP, JS Dropbox PHP, JS, Vuejs Evernote Javascript, Typescript Facebook MERN Facebook react, graphql, mongodb Firebase PHP Gmail Flutter Google Analytics React, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Tailwind Google Analytics PHP, HTML, MySQL Google Analytics Node, MongoDB Google Analytics Rails, OpenResty, TimescaleDB, postgresql, tailwindcss Google Drive React, Node.js, mongoDB Google Keep React, GraphQL, Golang, SQlite Google Keep Vue, Typescript, Firestore Google Keep Django, JS Google Forms Django, JS Google Photos React, Redux, Firebase Google Translate Python, Flask Headspace Flutter Hackernews React Hackernews Python, Django IMDB React, Redux, Firebase Instagram Reactjs, Express, Nodejs, Mongodb, Socketio Instagram Jetpack Compose Instagram React, Redux Instagram React, Firebase Intercom JAMStack, Vue iOS Homescreen React, Next.js, Emotion Jira React, Typescript Jira Angular, Akita, TailwindCSS, ng-zorro MacOS Calculator React MacOS Notes app React Medium / Wordpress / Substack JAMStack, Ember, Node, MySQL Medium React, Next.js MS Paint Node.js Netflix React, Redux Netflix React, Firebase Netflix React, Firebase Netflix Ruby, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, AWS Netflix React Native, expo Netflix React, TypeScript, MongoDB Nike Express, MongoDB Notion Node, React, Go Omegle React, Firebase, Twilio Orkut ReactJS, GraphQL, Apollo, PostgreSQL PayTM Flutter Pinterest GraphQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, Mysql Postman Electron Postman JAMStack, Vue, NuxtJS, firebase Reddit React, Typescript Reddit Node.js, React, NoSQL TikTok + Reddit React Twitch React, Next.JS, Typescript Slack React, Go Slack JAMStack, Typescript Slack Python, JS, TS Slack React Native, Expo Snapchat React, Redux, Typescript, Cypress, Jest, Enzyme Spotify Angular 11, Nx, ngrx, TailwindCSS and ng-zorro Spotify React Spotify Web Player React Spotify Electron, React, Typescript Spotify React Spotify React Spotify React Native, Expo Spotify React Native Spotify + Soundcloud + YouTube React, Redux, Express, PostgreSQL Stackoverflow ReactJs, NextJs, Express, MongoDB Stackoverflow MySQL, Express, React Tetris Game React, Typescript Tetris Game Typescript Tiktok React, Firebase Tiktok Flutter, Firebase Tiktok + Reddit React Trello Meteor Trello Django, AngularJS Trello PHP Trello React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB Trello Angular 10 Trello React, Python, Flask, PostgreSQL Trello React trello Express, MongoDB trello React, Redux, Node, Express,, MongoDB Trello React, Node.js, Firebase, Serverless, AWS Lambda Twitter React, Redux, NodeJS, MYSQL Twitter HTML, CSS, JQuery Twitter MERN Twitter React, express, mongo, aws, Twitter Vue, Express, Mongo Twitter React, Redux Typeform / Google Form Python Typeform Javascript Uber React native, expo Uber Flutter Unsplash React Unsplash React, Material-UI Vimeo React, Redux, Ruby. PostgreSQL Whatsapp Flutter Whatsapp Angular, Express, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Typescript Whatsapp MERN Wix Javascript, Webpack Workflowy ReactJS, DraftJS Youtube React, Redux, Express, Sequelize Youtube Music React, Firebase, Material-UI Zapier Typescript, Vue, Docker Zapier Ruby
  • My journey through my second elixir, phoenix app, job hunt, simple CRUD based tool to help aid hunting down jobs or tracking anything you fancy in a stateful, timeline manner | 2021-04-13
    defmodule ExWeb.Plugs.ClientIp do require Logger behaviour Plug def init(opts), do: opts def call(conn, _opts) do Logger.metadata(client_ip: get_ip(conn)) conn end # This code is from Plausible Analytics\_web/remote\_ip.ex def get_ip(conn) do forwarded_for = List.first(Plug.Conn.get_req_header(conn, "x-forwarded-for")) if forwarded_for do String.split(forwarded_for, ",") |> |> List.first() else to_string(:inet_parse.ntoa(conn.remote_ip)) end end end ```
  • I started Lichess, Ask Me Anything | 2021-04-12
    nandemo asked about geolocation tracking for lichess, maybe you could try or matamo? Both libre/open source and non-tracking (althought default plausible instance is cloudflare hosted I think).
  • Is anyone here using Visitor Analytics? Is it legit? | 2021-04-11
    I'm not sure about Visitor Analytics. But Plausible Analytics is a really nice alternative to GA. If you're looking for some basic infomation, it's privacy friendly, open source, and only about 1kB in size.
  • DuckDuckGo promises to block Google’s latest ad-tracking tech — if Google allows it | 2021-04-09
    Plenty of recaptcha alternatives. There’s also analytic alternatives like
  • Taking on Google | 2021-03-31
    Well, the site is probably not taking on Google all that much just yet, but they are interviewing Marko Saric who is.

    The plausible landing page gives me zero cookies and only requests are to and

  • Learning Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView: A Primer for Experienced Programmers
    Elixir is used by major companies like Discord, WhatsApp and more because it scales very well for communication systems. The Phoenix framework is THE web framework in Elixir - my old company used it to program some backends and APIs. There is an OpenSource alternative to Google Analytics that is based on Elixir and Phoenix:
  • Reading Plausible Analytics code - question: why are the context files so thin, and what's the right way to write the context files? | 2021-03-29
    How come their context files ( are so thin?
  • Firebase Killer is finally here! | 2021-03-24
    As mentioned, we are considering and as replacements. We are all for deGoogle as well. Hence the Firebase Alternative 😊 | 2021-03-24
    This is a good suggestion. We were also considering