Trending Elixir Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 20 Sep 2021.
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Top 50 Trending Elixir Projects

  • GitHub repo livebook

    Interactive and collaborative code notebooks for Elixir - made with Phoenix LiveView

  • GitHub repo blockscout

    Blockchain explorer for Ethereum based network and a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains.

  • GitHub repo swoosh

    Compose, deliver and test your emails easily in Elixir

  • GitHub repo elixir-ls

    A frontend-independent IDE "smartness" server for Elixir. Implements the "Language Server Protocol" standard and provides debugger support via the "Debug Adapter Protocol"

  • GitHub repo broadway

    Concurrent and multi-stage data ingestion and data processing with Elixir

  • GitHub repo realtime

    Listen to your to PostgreSQL database in realtime via websockets. Built with Elixir.

  • GitHub repo protobuf

    A pure Elixir implementation of Google Protobuf (by elixir-protobuf)

  • GitHub repo Plausible Analytics

    Simple, open-source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.

  • GitHub repo ex_aws

    A flexible, easy to use set of clients AWS APIs for Elixir

  • GitHub repo nx

    Multi-dimensional arrays (tensors) and numerical definitions for Elixir (by elixir-nx)

  • GitHub repo surface

    A server-side rendering component library for Phoenix

  • GitHub repo bors-ng

    👁 A merge bot for GitHub Pull Requests

  • GitHub repo axon

    Nx-powered Neural Networks (by elixir-nx)

  • GitHub repo mint

    Functional HTTP client for Elixir with support for HTTP/1 and HTTP/2. (by elixir-mint)

  • GitHub repo phoenix_live_dashboard

    Realtime dashboard with metrics, request logging, plus storage, OS and VM insights

  • GitHub repo faker

    Faker is a pure Elixir library for generating fake data. (by elixirs)

  • GitHub repo ex_doc

    ExDoc produces HTML and EPUB documentation for Elixir projects

  • GitHub repo benchee

    Easy and extensible benchmarking in Elixir providing you with lots of statistics!

  • GitHub repo Crawly

    Crawly, a high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Elixir.

  • GitHub repo grpc-elixir

    An Elixir implementation of gRPC (by elixir-grpc)

  • GitHub repo witchcraft

    Monads and other dark magic for Elixir

  • GitHub repo torch

    A rapid admin generator for Elixir & Phoenix (by mojotech)

  • GitHub repo phoenix_live_view

    Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML

  • GitHub repo Papercups

    Open-source live customer chat

  • GitHub repo mox

    Mocks and explicit contracts in Elixir

  • GitHub repo money

    Elixir library for working with Money safer, easier, and fun... Is an interpretation of the Fowler's Money pattern in fun.prog. (by elixirmoney)

  • GitHub repo learn-elixir

    :droplet: Learn the Elixir programming language to build functional, fast, scalable and maintainable web applications!

  • GitHub repo Sobelow

    Security-focused static analysis for the Phoenix Framework

  • GitHub repo wallaby

    Concurrent browser tests for your Elixir web apps.

  • GitHub repo postgrex

    PostgreSQL driver for Elixir

  • GitHub repo quantum

    :watch: Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir

  • GitHub repo joken

    Elixir JWT library

  • GitHub repo stripity_stripe

    An Elixir Library for Stripe

  • GitHub repo flow

    Computational parallel flows on top of GenStage (by dashbitco)

  • GitHub repo vex

    Data Validation for Elixir (by CargoSense)

  • GitHub repo Hex

    Package manager for the Erlang VM

  • GitHub repo Absinthe Graphql

    The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

  • GitHub repo eventstore

    Event store using PostgreSQL for persistence (by commanded)

  • GitHub repo gen_stage

    Producer and consumer actors with back-pressure for Elixir

  • GitHub repo commanded

    Use Commanded to build Elixir CQRS/ES applications

  • GitHub repo google-cloud

    Elixir client libraries for accessing Google APIs.

  • GitHub repo bamboo

    Testable, composable, and adapter based Elixir email library for devs that love piping.

  • GitHub repo event_bus

    :surfer: Traceable, extendable and minimalist **event bus** implementation for Elixir with built-in **event store** and **event watcher** based on ETS.

  • GitHub repo

    News and podcast for developers

  • GitHub repo ecto

    A toolkit for data mapping and language integrated query.

  • GitHub repo plug

    A specification and conveniences for composable modules between web applications

  • GitHub repo Phoenix

    Peace of mind from prototype to production

  • GitHub repo ex_machina

    Create test data for Elixir applications

  • GitHub repo elixir_koans

    Elixir learning exercises

  • GitHub repo ueberauth

    An Elixir Authentication System for Plug-based Web Applications

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Elixir projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 livebook 7.5%
2 blockscout 6.8%
3 swoosh 6.6%
4 elixir-ls 6.3%
5 broadway 5.7%
6 realtime 4.8%
7 protobuf 4.6%
8 Plausible Analytics 4.5%
9 ex_aws 4.2%
10 nx 4.2%
11 surface 4.1%
12 bors-ng 3.7%
13 axon 3.0%
14 mint 2.7%
15 phoenix_live_dashboard 2.7%
16 faker 2.6%
17 ex_doc 2.5%
18 benchee 2.4%
19 Crawly 2.4%
20 grpc-elixir 2.3%
21 witchcraft 2.2%
22 torch 2.2%
23 phoenix_live_view 2.2%
24 Papercups 2.1%
25 mox 2.1%
26 money 2.1%
27 learn-elixir 2.0%
28 Sobelow 2.0%
29 wallaby 2.0%
30 postgrex 1.9%
31 quantum 1.7%
32 joken 1.6%
33 stripity_stripe 1.5%
34 flow 1.5%
35 vex 1.5%
36 Hex 1.5%
37 Absinthe Graphql 1.4%
38 eventstore 1.4%
39 gen_stage 1.4%
40 commanded 1.4%
41 google-cloud 1.3%
42 bamboo 1.3%
43 event_bus 1.3%
44 1.3%
45 ecto 1.2%
46 plug 1.2%
47 Phoenix 1.2%
48 ex_machina 1.2%
49 elixir_koans 1.1%
50 ueberauth 1.1%