My solutions to the Advent of Code, in Free Pascal (by mikewarot)


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  • How quickly does the average person solve usually solve these?
    I did them in Pascal, I've posted my code on github. I stopped once I got a solution, so there's a lot of cruft in there, but I managed to get all the way through 2020. I was the 9764th person to do so.
  • Turbo Pascal: A Great Choice for Programming Under CP/M (2013) | 2021-01-30

    In case others would like to skip the trip through mike's blog ;)

  • -🎄- 2020 Day 24 Solutions -🎄-
    Pascal (with visualization in text output!)
  • [2020 Day 23 Part 2] Runtime comparison
    This comment unlocked it for me... my Pascal version runs in 0.248 seconds
  • -🎄- 2020 Day 23 Solutions -🎄-
    Pascal - runs part 2 in 0.248 seconds on my laptop.
    Turbo Pascal 7 / MS-DOS
  • -🎄- 2020 Day 22 Solutions -🎄-
    I spent way too much time getting fancy and handling what I thought might happen in part 2, and came up with this clever bit of code that keeps all the cards in place, allows for more than 1 player, player names and uneven numbers of cards.
    Only to find that I had wasted about 2 hours.. and had to re-implement everything, so the second time I did it quick and dirty instead. I kept the cards as strings with the deck being a single string... way, way simpler, even with the recursion, etc.
  • 2020 Day 21 Solutions
    Pascal with a little bit of hand work at the end, because I didn't want to write a sorting routine.