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Mentions Stars Project Description
6 1,185 Soldat is a unique 2D (side-view) multiplayer action game
5 740 Lightpack and Prismatik open repository
4 1 wave function collapse algorithm
3 8,425 RDP Wrapper Library
3 330 GOverlay is an opensource project that aims to create a Graphical UI to help manage Linux overlays.
2 8 A low-fantasy, roguelike game for Windows & Linux
2 0 WebMocks for Delphi Demo projects
1 402 xEdit by Elminster; Updated and maintained by Sharlikran, Zilav, and Hlp
1 277 The new FMD fork! Join our community on Discord!
1 121 Free Pascal Lazarus Project - Sync'ed with Lazarus SubVersion trunk every 15 minutes
1 83 The music composition suite for the Nintendo Game Boy
1 66 A collection of TES5Edit/FNVEdit scripts for modders.
1 53 This component let you execute a dos program (exe, com or batch file) and catch the ouput in order to put it in a memo or in a listbox.
1 31 Siege of Avalon : Open Source is an attempt to keep this great isometric RPG game alive by continuing development on it. Our aim is to create a SDL version of the engine that will work on Win32, Linux and where ever Pascal compilers and SDL are supported.
1 30 A configuration tool for ThinkPad TrackPoints.
1 20 FFmpeg Delphi Headers
1 14 Library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests in Delphi with DUnitX
1 14 FFmpeg headers binding for the Free Pascal Compiler aka FPC
1 4 OptiPerl is a fully integrated developing environment for creating, testing, debugging and running perl scripts
1 2 Disassembler for x86 executables (16-bit and 32-bit) which supports PE, NE, MZ, COM and ELF file formats

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