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  • InfluxDB - Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.
  • 5e-statblock-importer

    A module for FoundryVTT that creates a new actor from any 5e monster or NPC statblock.


  • About Time (not sure if it's still required/useful, as it's been mostly replaced by Simple Calendar, but it's mentioned in DDB Importer, DAE and maybe others)

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • Active-Auras

    Active Auras

  • Active-Token-Lighting

    Active Token Effects

  • advancedspelleffects

    This module will use Sequencer, Tagger, JB2A spell effects and socketlib to create advanced spell functionality without relying on finicky macros to do the heavy lifting.

    Advanced Spell Effects

  • AlternativeRotation

    FoundryVTT module to rotate objects a different way

    Alternative Rotation

  • always-hp

    Always HP


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  • apsj

    Beautiful and functional styles and fonts for your Foundry VTT Journals.

    Arius Planeswalker's Stylish Journal

  • foundryvtt-attack-roll-check-5e

    A tiny module that helps GMs know when an attack roll hits a targeted creature.

    Attack Roll Check D&D5e

  • FVTT-Autocomplete-Inline-Properties

    Add inline property autocompletion for fields that can use them

  • automated-jb2a-animations

    Automated Animations

  • foundryvtt-auto-roll-npc-save-5e

    A Foundry VTT module which informs the GM of a saving throw result for an NPC in 5e when targeted.

    Auto Roll NPC Save D&D5e

  • Better-Roofs

    A Foundry VTT module to improve roof behaviour

    Better Roofs

  • Border-Control

    Border Control

  • foundryvtt-dnd5eCharacterActions

    Provides a Template and data aggregator for dnd5e Character Actor Actions

    Character Actions 5e

  • chatlog-scaler

    A FoundryVTT module that enables you to change font sizes in the chat log.

    Chat Log Scaler

  • cleaner-sheet-title-bar

    A simple FoundryVTT module to remove text from actions in cluttered title bars.

    Cleaner sheet title bar

  • compact-compendium-list

    Better UI for the compendium packs tab in FoundryVTT. Clearer and more compact.

    Compact Compendium List

  • compendium-browser

    A module to easily browse and filter spells as well as npcs loaded from compendie

    Compendium Browser

  • Danger-Zone

    localized zone effects with trigger options supporting animations, lasting effects, active effects, macros and integrations with other Foundry modules.

    Danger Zone

  • ddb-importer

    Integrate your content into Foundry virtual tabletop

    D&D Beyond Importer

  • FoundryVTT-Deprecated-Modules

    A module to warn Foundry users when they have a deprecated module installed. (by League-of-Foundry-Developers)

    Deprecated Modules

  • dragonflagon-fvtt

    DragonFlagon FoundryVTT Modules

    DragonFlagon Active Lights

  • dfreds-convenient-effects

    A FoundryVTT module that adds easy to use toggleable active effects for common use cases in the DND5e system.

    DFreds Convenient Effects

  • dfreds-droppables

    A FoundryVTT module that adds support for dropping folders onto the canvas.

    DFreds Droppables

  • dfreds-pocket-change

    FoundryVTT module that automatically adds money to NPC character sheets when dropped on the canvas based on the DMG's individual treasures table. This is best used with Loot Sheet NPC 5e.

    DFreds Pocket Change

  • Dice So Nice!

  • Dice Tray

  • ElevationDragRuler

    A Foundry VTT module which adds a speedprovider for Drag Ruler to pick between different movement options based on elevation and terrain from Enhanced Terrain Layer.

    DnD5e Drag Ruler Integration

  • foundryvtt-drag-ruler

    A Foundry VTT module that shows a ruler when dragging tokens so you can see how far you've dragged them

    Drag Ruler

  • FoundryVTT-Drag-Upload

    Adds the ability to drag an image onto Foundry to automatically create Tokens and Tiles

    Drag Upload (Get Over Here!)

  • dungeondraw-foundry-vtt

    Dungeon Draw

  • Dynamic-Effects-SRD

    A compendium pack for SRD items, spells, feats etc configured for use with Dynamic Effects, Midi QoL and About Time


  • dae

    Dynamic Active Effects

  • enhanced-terrain-layer

    Enhanced Terrain Layer

  • foundry-filepicker-favorites

    Filepicker Improvements

  • fvtt-find-the-culprit

    Find the culprit (absolutely necessary when working with so many modules)

  • Force Client Settings

  • FoundryVTT - Forien's Copy Environment

  • foundryvtt-forien-unidentified-items

    This module aims to provides system agnostic solution to handle unidentified items and their identification for games via Foundry VTT.

    Forien's Unidentified Items

  • macros

    FVTT Community Macros - 📝 Contribute macros or download them as a module! 📝

    Foundry Community Macros

  • tables

    FVTT Community Tables - 📝 Contribute tables or download them as a module! 📝 (by foundry-vtt-community)

    Foundry Community Tables

  • foundryvtt-importer

    Import entities from external sources like Reddit, CSV, etc.

    Foundry VTT Content Parser

  • foundry_5e_monster_maker

    A D&D 5e monster maker module for the Foundry VTT. Build new monsters with level-appropriate, balanced stats in seconds.

    Giffyglyph's 5e Monster Maker

  • gm-notes

    A Foundry VTT Module to add GM-Only notes to entities

    GM Notes

  • foundryvtt-gmScreen

    A module which creates a modular GM Screen

    GM Screen

  • Hidden-Soundtracks

    Hidden Soundtracks

  • FoundryVTT-hotbar-uses

    Illandril's Hotbar Uses

  • FoundryVTT-inventory-sorter

    Illandril's Inventory Sorter (5e)

  • Item Collection

  • foundryvtt-item-effects-to-chat-5e

    A module which allows a GM to interact with effects on rolled items from chat.

    Item Effects to Chat D&D5e

  • FoundryVTT-ItemPiles

    Item Piles

  • journal-scaler

    A FoundryVTT module that enables you to change font sizes inside journal windows.

    Journal Scaler

  • lazymoney

    Easily add or remove currency with automatic conversion and no overdraft.

    Lazy Money

  • lessfog

    FVTT module to enhance visibility for the GM

    Less Fog

  • Levels


  • Magic Items

  • Merge Walls

  • FVTT-Minimal-Rolling-Enhancements-DND5E

    Some minimalist enhancements to the core D&D5e rolling workflow. Attempts to stay as close to core as possible while improving convenience.

    Minimal Rolling Enhancements

  • foundryvtt-minimal-ui

    Foundry VTT Module. Configurable UI module, allows the user to hide, collapse or auto-hide components separately.

    Minimal UI

  • module-credits

    Lists the authors of projects on the Manage Modules Window. If a url is provided in the module.json file, it will make the version tag link to the module url.

    Module Management+

  • monks-active-tiles

    Monk's Active Tile Triggers

  • hotbar-expansion

    This is an update to the standard Hotbar to expand and show all rows on the Hotbar on the screen at the same time.

    Monk's Hotbar Expansion

  • monks-little-details

    Monk's Little Details

  • monks-wall-enhancement

    Monk's Wall Enhancment

  • MonsterBlocks

    A Foundry VTT module to add NPC sheets that faithfully reproduce the appearance of D&D 5e monster statblocks.

    Monster Blocks

  • mookAI

    If you encounter problems, please leave an issue or message me on the FVTT discord with the handle @Daveofwonders


  • OneJournal

  • PDFoundry

    A fully featured PDF viewer module for Foundry VTT, including form fillable actor sheets, journal links, and more!


  • fvtt-module-permission-viewer

    Foundry VTT Module for displaying entity permissions

    Permission Viewer

  • pings


  • fvtt-module-polyglot

    Talk to others using a language you can speak and scrambles text you can't understand.


  • fvtt-module-popout

    FVTT Module PopOut!

    PopOut! (minor issue with Tidy 5e Sheet. If a player wants to use it Popped Out, have them disable the option to right click on the sheet and use the classic UI instead)

  • popout-resizer

    Popout Resizer (I have this one temporarily disabled due to an issue with Stream View, which I use to record the sessions for future reference. Creators are aware and it will hopefully get fixed soon.)

  • qol-maximize-reopened-sheets

    FoundryVTT module with a minor quality of life fix for sheet window rendering

    QoL - Maximize Reopened Sheets

  • quick-encounters

    Quick Encounters keeps your Foundry map clean and your encounters simple in heavily populated dungeons.

    Quick Encounters

  • Quick Insert

  • Ready To Use Cards

  • scene-backup-tool

    Scene Backup Tool

    Scene Backup Tool

  • FVTT-SelectiveShow

    Adds the ability to selectively choose who to show journal entries to.


  • select-tool-everywhere

    Select tool everywhere

  • SharedVision

    Shared Vision

  • foundryvtt-sidebar-resizer

    Allows users to resize the sidebar of Foundry VTT

    Sidebar, Chat and Windows Resizer

  • foundryvtt-simple-calendar

    A simple calendar module for the FoundryVTT system

    Simple Calendar

  • foundryvtt-smart-doors

    A Foundry VTT module that makes your doors smarter.

    Smart Doors

  • Smart-Target

    A module to target with Alt+Click and show portraits instead of colored pips to indicate targets


  • fvtt-SocketSettings

    Update your players client-settings with ease


  • SIFToolkit

    Spells Items and Features Toolkit Module for Foundry VTT

    Spells, Items and Features Toolkit

  • fvtt-split-journal

    Split journal entries into multiple entries.

    Split Journal

  • dnd-randomizer

    Stochastic, Fantastic!

  • fvtt-module-stream-view

    FoundryVTT module that provides a minimal UI view with automated camera work, ideal for streaming or recording games.

    Stream View

  • foundryvtt-temp-effects-as-statuses

    A Foundry VTT module which allows users to toggle temporary effects as though they were statuses

    Temporary Effects as Token Statuses

  • foundryvtt-terrain-ruler

    A FoundryVTT module that allows to make measurements including difficult terrain

    Terrain Ruler

  • times-up


  • fvtt-tokenactionhud

    Creating a token action HUD module for Foundry VTT (by Drental)

    Token Action HUD

  • FVTT-TokenHUDWildcard

    Module for FoundryVTT that expands functionality to Token HUD and Wildcard Images

    Token HUD Wildcard

  • Tokenmagic

    A Foundry VTT module that allows you to add animations and graphic effects to tokens, tiles, templates and drawings.

    Token Magic FX

  • token-mold

    Token Mold

  • TokenVariants

    Token Variant Art (only really active when I'm preparing the game)

  • foundryvtt-update-token-image

    Changes the Prototype Token's image when an Actor's image is being changed

    Update Token Image

  • wall-height

    New fork of original project for continued improvements.

    Wall Height

  • warpgate

    Warp Gate

  • Weather-Blocker

    Block weather effects through drawings


  • WhisperBox

    A small module for Foundry VTT that adds the ability to create a dedicated box for whispering to a specific player.

    WhisperBox (currently disabled due to an issue with Attack Roll Check D&D5e. Haven't gotten word from any of the creators on if it will get fixed)

  • zsync


  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

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