YouTube-Dl Hosting Ban Paves the Way to Privatized Censorship

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    They _are_ still hosting, which does only link to / redirect to the downloads and repository on Github. While there are download links like on the website, they simply return a 302 redirect to the latest artifact on Github, i.e.,

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    >The fediverse is not decentralized, it is “federated.” Large portions of the fediverse are censored by a few powerful admins that control the majority of users and speech that flows through the network.

    Really? No one tells me what to post on my Pixelfed[0] instance. And if they wanted to, they'd need to commit felonies to do so.

    You're under the misapprehension that self-hosting isn't viable. I don't believe so (and self-host many services), but I respect your opinion.

    Don't like what "a few powerful admins that control the majority of users and speech that flows through the network?" Don't use or federate with those instances.

    As I said, I run several ActivityPub instances and I don't even know who such "powerful admins" might be. Nor do I care.

    I get your point, but (not attacking you here, just the idea that you have to interact with "big" sites not under your control, that (might) make moderation decisions you don't like).

    If your goal is to reach the largest number of people, presumably for commercial purposes, I suppose that you might feel limited by folks who don't want your unsolicited commercial posts on or federated with their sites.

    That could be limiting. But the vast majority of us just want to share and interact with people we know about non-commercial stuff. Setting up you own instance is absolutely decentralized (go ahead -- block my Pixelfed site -- I don't care -- I don't know you and I don't want to interact with you).

    There are many use cases and perspectives here, but your assertion that ActivityPub (AP) (as a protocol, not any specific instance, which is why I separated the applications that run on top of AP) isn't decentralized isn't accurate.

    The existence of instances with large (relatively speaking) numbers of users is irrelevant to whether or not the protocol and the platforms that rely on it are decentralized or not.

    Feel free to disagree -- I get your point, but it's not relevant to any of my use cases.


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