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  • rust

    Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

    Project mention: Learning Rust: A clean start | | 2024-02-26

    I've decided it's time to learn Rust and in order to keep myself motivated I'm going to keep a record of how the learning is going here.

  • sway

    🌴 Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient smart contracts. (by FuelLabs)

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • swc

    Rust-based platform for the Web

    Project mention: Storybook 8 Beta | | 2024-02-06

    First, we switched the default compiler for new projects from Babel to SWC (Speedy Web Compiler). SWC is dramatically faster than Babel and requires zero configuration. We’ll continue to support Babel in any project currently using it.

  • typst

    A new markup-based typesetting system that is powerful and easy to learn.

    Project mention: LaTeX and Neovim for technical note-taking | | 2024-02-21

    I hope in a couple of years we start seeing posts like these with Typst instead of LaTeX. It seems like setting this up would be a bit easier since Typst is much more concise than LaTeX.


  • RustPython

    A Python Interpreter written in Rust

    Project mention: FLaNK Stack Weekly 12 February 2024 | | 2024-02-12
  • oxc

    ⚓ A collection of JavaScript tools written in Rust.

    Project mention: The JavaScript Oxidation Compiler | | 2023-12-16
  • enso

    Hybrid visual and textual functional programming.

    Project mention: Ask HN: What are your thoughts on no-code tools like Microsoft's Power Automate? | | 2024-01-18

    > At least I have yet to see one that is actually useful in the sense of a generic (or even a single-purpose-built) language

    Yeah as said, seems to be a general purpose functional programming language with visual editor, but otherwise I haven't really seen any no-code solutions worth their salt. I'm not particularly a fan of enso either, but it's the best I've seen.

  • WorkOS

    The modern API for authentication & user identity. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

  • rspack

    A fast Rust-based web bundler 🦀️

    Project mention: Rspack | /r/devopspro | 2023-06-11
  • gleam

    ⭐️ A friendly language for building type-safe, scalable systems!

    Project mention: Gleam has a 1.0 release candidate | | 2024-02-10
  • lightningcss

    An extremely fast CSS parser, transformer, bundler, and minifier written in Rust.

    Project mention: I'm fed up with it, so I'm writing a browser | | 2023-09-22

    Would you consider using some libraries in your project? There are lots of good ones in the Rust ecosystem, and many of them are not part of any existing browsers.

    For example:

    - (HTML parsing - note: this is used in Servo)

    - (CSS parsing)

    - (web layout)

    - (text layout and rendering)

    Obviously you should be free to work on whatever you like, but just as a benchmark on the scope of your project: I spent ~6 months implementing just the CSS Grid algorithm in Taffy last year. An entire browser from literal scratch is probably a 10 year project for one person.

  • leo

    🦁 The Leo Programming Language. A Programming Language for Formally Verified, Zero-Knowledge Applications

    Project mention: 2023/4/15 Network Upgrade Changelog !!! | /r/Aleo | 2023-04-16
  • melody

    Melody is a language that compiles to regular expressions and aims to be more readable and maintainable

    Project mention: nom > regex | /r/rust | 2023-12-06
  • lumen

    An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly

    Project mention: Firefly – A new compiler and runtime for BEAM languages | /r/patient_hackernews | 2023-04-19
  • gluon

    A static, type inferred and embeddable language written in Rust. (by gluon-lang)

    Project mention: Gluon is a static, type inferred and embeddabble language written in Rust | | 2023-07-01
  • trunk

    Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web.

    Project mention: Why Is the Front End Stack So Complicated? | | 2023-10-16

    I've been using Rust and WASM for my latest front-end project, and I think this setup is a viable alternative to commonly used JS frameworks for those willing to put in some effort to ramp up on new technology. Addressing the concerns from the article:

    "No universal import system" - Rust has it's own module system and Cargo is used for managing dependencies, no need to worry about different module systems.

    "Layers of minification, uglification, and transpilation." Just compile Rust to WASM file for the browser, same as using any other compile target.

    "Wildly different environments." Something that you'll still need to deal with. Some runtime dependencies are system-specific (code running on the browser usually needs access to Web APIs, and JavaScript, code running on the server can't access WebAPIs but can access the system clock and filesystem. Sometimes separate libraries or separate runtime configs are needed (e.g. configurable time source)

    "Overemphasis on file structure." Not a problem for imports, but you may still have file structure dependencies things like CSS, image resources etc.

    "Configuration hell." Pretty much non-existent once you have your Rust compiler setup locally.

    "Development parity." Just use trunk:, to watch, build and serve, config is minimal.

  • erg

    A statically typed language compatible with Python

  • ante

    A safe, easy systems language

    Project mention: Graydon Hoare: Batten Down Fix Later | /r/rust | 2023-05-30

    Have you had a look at Ante? It looks a lot like a Rust 2.0 with better ergonomics. There are a lot of interesting ideas.

  • ariadne

    A fancy diagnostics & error reporting crate (by zesterer)

    Project mention: What languages have the best error message rendering styles in the terminal? | /r/ProgrammingLanguages | 2023-07-12

    To complement, Nushell's error rendering is done with miette (whose name is a reference to this cute meme AFAIK). There is also another notable Rust error rendering lib: ariadne. So you can get the same beautiful error rendering in your own projects :D

  • rustc_codegen_cranelift

    Cranelift based backend for rustc

    Project mention: A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++ | | 2023-08-17

    > When this happens, it seems like it'll be possible to get the LLVM bits out of the bootstrap process and lead to a fully self-hosted Rust.

    What do you mean by "when this happens"? GP's point is that this has already happened: the Cranelift backend is feature-complete from the perspective of the language [0], except for inline assembly and unwinding on panic. It was merged into the upstream compiler in 2020 [1], and a compiler built with only the Cranelift backend is perfectly capable of building another compiler. LLVM hasn't been a necessary component of the Rust compiler for quite some time.



  • pavex

    An easy-to-use Rust framework for building robust and performant APIs

    Project mention: Pavex DevLog #5: redesigning our runtime types [Rust web framework] | /r/rust | 2023-06-29

    The update goes into the details of the rationale driving the new design choices, which might of interest if you use or design web frameworks. The project is developed in the open on GitHub if you want to have a look under the hood.

  • solang

    Solidity Compiler for Solana and Polkadot

  • kcl

    KCL Programming Language (CNCF Sandbox Project).

    Project mention: 10 Ways for Kubernetes Declarative Configuration Management | | 2024-01-01

    KCL: A declarative configuration and policy programming language implemented by Rust, which improves the writing of a large number of complex configurations through mature programming language technology and practice, and is committed to building better modularity, scalability and stability around configuration, simpler logic writing, fast automation and good ecological extensionally.

  • tao

    A statically-typed functional language with generics, typeclasses, sum types, pattern-matching, first-class functions, currying, algebraic effects, associated types, good diagnostics, etc. (by zesterer)

    Project mention: What backwards-incompatible changes would you make in a hypothetical Rust 2.0? | /r/rust | 2023-04-19

    If you want some prior work on this, I've implemented effect-objects-as-return-values in my own language Tao, using uniqueness types. There's still work to be done, but I think it's sufficient as a proof of concept that this approach is viable without type soup.


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What are some of the best open-source Compiler projects in Rust? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 rust 90,398
2 sway 54,562
3 swc 29,579
4 typst 26,553
5 RustPython 17,190
6 oxc 7,830
7 enso 7,252
8 rspack 6,957
9 gleam 5,903
10 lightningcss 5,513
11 leo 4,656
12 melody 4,575
13 lumen 3,542
14 gluon 3,067
15 trunk 3,067
16 erg 2,474
17 ante 1,793
18 ariadne 1,509
19 rustc_codegen_cranelift 1,359
20 pavex 1,334
21 solang 1,170
22 kcl 1,126
23 tao 1,056
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