Trending Rust Projects

This page lists the top trending Rust projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 22 Apr 2024.
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Top 50 Trending Rust Projects

  • aici

    AICI: Prompts as (Wasm) Programs

  • pingora

    A library for building fast, reliable and evolvable network services.

  • pg_vectorize

    The simplest way to orchestrate vector search on Postgres

  • flox

    Developer environments you can take with you (by flox)

  • dora

    low latency, composable, and distributed dataflow for AI and robotic application (by dora-rs)

  • quary

    Transform data together. Model, test and deploy as a team.

  • gleam

    ⭐️ A friendly language for building type-safe, scalable systems!

  • teo

    Schema-centered next-generation web framework for Rust, Node.js and Python.

  • redlib

    Private front-end for Reddit

  • trieve

    All-in-one infrastructure for building search, recommendations, and RAG. Trieve combines search language models with tools for tuning ranking and relevance.

  • bpftop

    bpftop provides a dynamic real-time view of running eBPF programs. It displays the average runtime, events per second, and estimated total CPU % for each program.

  • spiceai

    A unified SQL query interface and portable runtime to locally materialize, accelerate, and query datasets from any database, data warehouse, or data lake.

  • monolith

    ⬛️ CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file

  • Daft

    Distributed DataFrame for Python designed for the cloud, powered by Rust

  • floneum

    A toolkit for controllable, private AI on consumer hardware in rust

  • rpgp

    OpenPGP implemented in pure Rust, permissively licensed

  • crypto-ecosystems

    A taxonomy for open source cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized ecosystems

  • LlamaEdge

    The easiest & fastest way to run customized and fine-tuned LLMs locally or on the edge

  • uv

    An extremely fast Python package installer and resolver, written in Rust.

  • zksync-era

    zkSync era

  • universal-android-debloater-next-generation

    Cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted Android devices. Improve your privacy, the security and battery life of your device.

  • nox

    Rust implementation of the Fluence network peer (by fluencelabs)

  • tembo

    Monorepo for Tembo Operator, Tembo Stacks, and Tembo CLI

  • ja4

    JA4+ is a suite of network fingerprinting standards

  • mail-server

    Secure & Modern All-in-One Mail Server (IMAP, JMAP, SMTP)

  • jco

    JavaScript tooling for working with WebAssembly Components

  • gritql

    GritQL is a query language for searching, linting, and modifying code.

  • holochain

    The current, performant & industrial strength version of Holochain on Rust.


    Scalable, Low-latency and Hybrid-enabled Vector Search in Postgres. Revolutionize Vector Search, not Database.

  • pgmq

    A lightweight message queue. Like AWS SQS and RSMQ but on Postgres.

  • halloy

    IRC application written in Rust

  • bionic-gpt

    BionicGPT is an on-premise replacement for ChatGPT, offering the advantages of Generative AI while maintaining strict data confidentiality

  • plugins-workspace

    All of the official Tauri plugins in one place!

  • Ribir

    Non-intrusive GUI framework for Rust

  • spider

    The fastest web crawler written in Rust. Maintained by @a11ywatch. (by spider-rs)

  • pixi

    Package management made easy

  • tfhe-rs

    TFHE-rs: A Pure Rust implementation of the TFHE Scheme for Boolean and Integer Arithmetics Over Encrypted Data.

  • eza

    A modern, maintained replacement for ls

  • loco

    πŸš‚ πŸ¦€ The one-person framework for Rust for side-projects and startups

  • zed

    Code at the speed of thought – Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.

  • Graphite

    2D raster & vector editor that melds traditional layers & tools with a modern node-based, non-destructive, procedural workflow.

  • text-embeddings-inference

    A blazing fast inference solution for text embeddings models

  • aws-lambda-web-adapter

    Run web applications on AWS Lambda

  • rerun

    Visualize streams of multimodal data. Fast, easy to use, and simple to integrate. Built in Rust using egui.

  • system-manager

    Manage system config using nix on any distro

  • foundations

    Cloudflare's Rust service foundations library.

  • russh

    Rust SSH client & server library

  • phira

  • paradedb

    Postgres for Search and Analytics

  • voy

    πŸ•ΈοΈπŸ¦€ A WASM vector similarity search written in Rust

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Rust projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 aici 95.7%
2 pingora 95.2%
3 pg_vectorize 90.0%
4 flox 67.6%
5 dora 63.7%
6 quary 60.8%
7 gleam 60.5%
8 teo 54.5%
9 redlib 54.2%
10 trieve 51.0%
11 bpftop 46.4%
12 spiceai 44.5%
13 monolith 41.5%
14 Daft 37.6%
15 floneum 36.5%
16 rpgp 36.1%
17 crypto-ecosystems 31.6%
18 LlamaEdge 30.9%
19 uv 30.2%
20 zksync-era 28.3%
21 universal-android-debloater-next-generation 28.0%
22 nox 26.3%
23 tembo 24.7%
24 ja4 23.4%
25 mail-server 23.4%
26 jco 22.7%
27 gritql 20.5%
28 holochain 20.2%
29 19.9%
30 pgmq 19.8%
31 halloy 19.3%
32 bionic-gpt 18.9%
33 plugins-workspace 18.1%
34 Ribir 17.8%
35 spider 17.4%
36 pixi 17.1%
37 tfhe-rs 17.0%
38 eza 16.8%
39 loco 16.6%
40 zed 16.4%
41 Graphite 16.3%
42 text-embeddings-inference 15.9%
43 aws-lambda-web-adapter 15.9%
44 rerun 15.9%
45 system-manager 15.7%
46 foundations 15.6%
47 russh 15.5%
48 phira 15.4%
49 paradedb 15.1%
50 voy 15.0%