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Top 23 Ruby Third-party API Projects

  • t

    A command-line power tool for Twitter.

    Project mention: Twitter makes it harder to choose the old reverse-chronological feed | | 2022-03-10
  • twitter

    A Ruby interface to the Twitter API.

    Project mention: Can't access web UI: Docker through Unraid | | 2022-09-27

    Using google-apis-core 0.4.1 Using google-apis-discovery_v1 0.7.0 Using google-apis-generator 0.4.0 Using google-api-client 0.53.0 Using google-cloud-env 1.5.0 Using google-cloud-errors 1.2.0 Using google-cloud-core 1.6.0 Using google-protobuf 3.21.5 (x86_64-linux) Using googleapis-common-protos-types 1.3.0 Using grpc 1.42.0 (x86_64-linux) Using googleapis-common-protos 1.3.12 Using rly 0.2.3 Using google-gax 1.8.2 Using google-cloud-translate 2.3.0 Using haversine 0.3.0 Using httparty 0.14.0 Using hipchat 1.2.0 Using mimemagic 0.4.3 Using httmultiparty 0.3.16 Using http-cookie 1.0.3 Using http-form_data 1.0.1 Using http 2.1.0 Using huginn_agent 0.6.1 Using hypdf 1.0.10 Using jquery-rails 4.2.2 Using json 2.6.1 Using jsonpath 1.1.0 Using kgio 2.11.4 Using kramdown 2.3.1 Using libv8-node (x86_64-linux) Using liquid 5.3.0 Using listen 3.0.8 Using systemu 2.6.4 Using macaddr 1.7.1 Using memoizable 0.4.2 Using mime-types-data 3.2021.1115 Using mime-types 3.4.1 Using mini_magick 4.11.0 Using mini_racer 0.6.2 Using mqtt 0.3.1 Using mysql2 0.5.3 Using naught 1.1.0 Using net-ftp-list 3.2.8 Using netrc 0.11.0 Using omniauth 1.9.1 Using omniauth-oauth2 1.7.2 Using omniauth-dropbox-oauth2 0.3.0 from Using omniauth-oauth 1.1.0 Using omniauth-evernote 1.2.1 Using omniauth-google-oauth2 0.8.2 Using omniauth-tumblr 1.2 Using omniauth-twitter 1.3.0 Using raindrops 0.20.0 Using rb-kqueue 0.2.4 Using rest-client 2.0.2 Using rturk 2.12.1 Using uuid 2.3.7 Using ruby-growl 4.1 Using rufus-scheduler 3.8.1 Using sassc 2.3.0 Using tilt 2.0.10 Using sassc-rails 2.1.2 Using sass-rails 6.0.0 Using select2-rails Using simple_oauth 0.3.1 Using slack-notifier 1.0.0 Using spectrum-rails 1.3.4 Using tumblr_client 0.8.5 from (at [email protected]) Using twilio-ruby 5.62.0 Using twitter 5.15.0 from Using twitter-stream 0.1.15 from (at a80822d) Using typhoeus 1.3.1 Using uglifier 2.7.2 Using unicorn 6.1.0 Using weibo_2 0.1.7 from (at [email protected]) Using xmpp4r 0.5.6 Bundle complete! 110 Gemfile dependencies, 204 gems now installed. Gems in the groups 'test' and 'development' were not installed. Bundled gems are installed into ./vendor/bundle 2022-09-26 13:18:42,316 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/bootstrap.conf" during parsing 2022-09-26 13:18:42,316 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/foreman.conf" during parsing 2022-09-26 13:18:42,316 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/mysqld.conf" during parsing 2022-09-26 13:18:42,322 INFO RPC interface 'supervisor' initialized 2022-09-26 13:18:42,322 CRIT Server 'unix_http_server' running without any HTTP authentication checking 2022-09-26 13:18:42,322 INFO supervisord started with pid 1 2022-09-26 13:18:43,324 INFO spawned: 'stdout' with pid 574 2022-09-26 13:18:43,326 INFO spawned: 'bootstrap' with pid 575 2022-09-26 13:18:43,330 INFO success: bootstrap entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 0 seconds (startsecs) 2022-09-26 13:18:43,340 INFO exited: bootstrap (exit status 1; not expected) 2022-09-26 13:18:44,342 INFO success: stdout entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Data Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services in less time with less code.

  • Octokit

    Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API

    Project mention: Automate GitHub API Calls With Ruby, Keyboard Maestro, and 1Password CLI | | 2022-09-07

    After extracting the GitHub username from the Paddle payload, I would use the octokit gem to add the customer as a read-only collaborator to the repo. Something like this:

  • Slack Notifier

    A simple wrapper for posting to slack channels

  • twilio-ruby

    A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML

    Project mention: Automating Updates to Twilio Webhook URLs | | 2022-06-16

    After some digging in the Twilio documentation, I found some options to set the webhooks URLs through their ruby gem

  • tweetstream

    A simple EventMachine-based library for consuming Twitter's Streaming API.

  • fb_graph

    This gem doesn't support FB Graph API v2.0+. Please use fb_graph2 gem instead.

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • gitlab

    Ruby wrapper and CLI for the GitLab REST API

  • ruby-gmail

    A Rubyesque interface to Gmail. Connect to Gmail via IMAP and manipulate emails and labels. Send email with your Gmail account via SMTP. Includes full support for parsing and generating MIME messages.

  • linkedin

    Ruby wrapper for the LinkedIn API

  • Restforce

    A Ruby client for the Salesforce REST API.

  • ruby-trello

    Implementation of the Trello API for Ruby

    Project mention: MatrixEval - A local alternative to GitHub Action/Circle CI/Travis CI matrix job. Simply run your code against different versions of dependencies. | | 2022-03-01

    Here is a real configuration from the ruby-trello gem

  • Yt

    The reliable YouTube API Ruby client

  • Pusher

    Ruby library for Pusher Channels HTTP API

    Project mention: Need help implementing google maps | | 2022-11-26

    Then watchPosition from @react-native-community/geolocation is definitely the way to go. Here's a link to the example in their repo. This will constantly update the position state variable, which you can then send to a realtime service which other users are subscribed to and consuming. (Depending on your implementation, could be a websocket or some pub/sub service... I've worked with Pusher Channels before for something similar.)

  • telegram-bot

    Ruby gem for building Telegram Bot with optional Rails integration

  • gmail

    A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you'll need. (by gmailgem)

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox API Ruby Client

  • pivotal-tracker

    Ruby gem that provides an AR-style interface for the Pivotal Tracker API

  • hipchat-rb

    HipChat HTTP API Wrapper in Ruby with Capistrano hooks

  • google-api-ads-ruby

    Ads API Client Libraries for Ruby

  • wikipedia

    Ruby client for the Wikipedia API

  • facy

    command line power tool for facebook

  • Xeroizer

    Xero accounting system API library.

  • Zigi

    Delete the most useless function ever: context switching.. Zigi monitors Jira and GitHub updates, pings you when PRs need approval and lets you take fast actions - all directly from Slack! Plus it reduces cycle time by up to 75%.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-11-26.

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What are some of the best open-source Third-party API projects in Ruby? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 t 5,406
2 twitter 4,450
3 Octokit 3,700
4 Slack Notifier 1,462
5 twilio-ruby 1,324
6 tweetstream 1,115
7 fb_graph 1,045
8 gitlab 1,024
9 ruby-gmail 788
10 linkedin 752
11 Restforce 743
12 ruby-trello 726
13 Yt 714
14 Pusher 654
15 telegram-bot 519
16 gmail 382
17 Dropbox 363
18 pivotal-tracker 352
19 hipchat-rb 342
20 google-api-ads-ruby 288
21 wikipedia 285
22 facy 239
23 Xeroizer 230
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