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Stars Project Description
- 3,475 The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
- 1,039 DDLC fan mod to extend Monika
- 90 A template for producing Doki Doki Literature Club Mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines
- 67 [WIP] "Doki Doki Literature Club!" Android port
- 53 Lost your RenPy RPY files? Get them back, using RPYC and some code magic.
- 49
- 47 A new template for producing DDLC mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines based off DDLC itself.
- 46 This is 3D camera functions and GUI Action Editor for Ren'py
- 40 Doki Doki Literature Club! Japanese Language Patch
- 39 Decompiled and formatted code of old DDLC for RenPy Launcher (Only for modding and internal use)
- 36 Text Tags that add various effects to Ren'py text!
- 29 RPG Battle Engine for Renpy
- 23 Speech Bubbles in Ren'Py
- 21 inventory, shop, crafting, quests, and battle systems for ren'py!
- 19 A submod dedicated to bring you and Monika THAT much closer. How close you ask? Like, THIS close 🤏
- 17 A submod that adds an Extra+ button, as well as adding more content for Monika After Story.
- 15 The source code of the game "Everlasting Summer"
- 14 Additions for Monika After Story
- 13 Draw images in Ren'Py
- 12 Project Modflake. A Ren'Py Specific Tool for building DDLC Mods.

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