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Mentions Stars Project Description
28 778 DDLC fan mod to extend Monika
3 2,237 The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
1 74 A template for producing Doki Doki Literature Club Mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines
1 6 A new template for producing DDLC mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines based off DDLC itself.
1 3 Modifies all dialogue menus to be the same format (where possible)
1 3 A slightly more enhanced and aware set of idle poses for Moni
1 3 This submod allows Monika to change her outfits and hairstyles in the morning and evening, taking into account various different factors
1 2 Allows Monika to play a song or a playlist of songs for the two of you to relax in the evening.
1 1 Addresses an issue in the renpy loader which allows it to load files from full paths on UNIX systems
1 1 Changes Monika's font in the textbox and in history to make it a bit more personal.
1 0 Modifies the English spelling rules Monika uses

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