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Stars Project Description
7 1,031 DDLC fan mod to extend Monika
3 41 A new template for producing DDLC mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines based off DDLC itself.
3 12 A submod that adds an Extra+ button, as well as adding more content for Monika After Story.
3 6 🗨️ Ask your Monika to say something and pose for you~
3 3 +.✦ ~ a collection of selector submods ~ .✦
2 64 [WIP] "Doki Doki Literature Club!" Android port
2 0 A real-time DDLC Pose Preview Tool in DDLC. Supports DDLC, MPT and ExPoser
1 13 Additions for Monika After Story
1 11 Katawa Shoujo: Summer's Clover
1 7 This submod allows Monika to change her outfits and hairstyles in the morning and evening, taking into account various different factors
1 7 💛 Submod about self-harm for MAS
1 6 🛰️ Show everyone who's the person you're spending your time with~
1 6 A simplified version of Ren'Py screens and some additional tools
1 5 🚀 Let your Monika greet you every time you start your computer!
1 4 Porting of the visual novel "KatawaShoujo" to run on RenPy version 8
1 3 Extending functionality for RenPy galleries
1 3 A submod that allows you to save monika outfits!
1 2 Tired of Monika not having any idea where you're taking her? Use this submod to be more specific in your destination!
1 1 Новый шаблон для разработки модификаций для DDLC, который соблюдает правила Руководства по использованию ИС Team Salvato, основанный на самой DDLC.
1 0 PSVita port of Air Pressure

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