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Top 23 Python ML Projects

  • yolov5

    YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite

    Project mention: Equations for computing true positives and false positives when using object detection algorithms? | | 2022-01-13

    Looking at this source (, I found that you could calculate the true positives and false positives with the following equations:

  • MLflow

    Open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle

    Project mention: [D] Tips for ML workflow on raw data | | 2022-01-21
  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • yolov3

    YOLOv3 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite (by ultralytics)

    Project mention: I don't know how to train a YOLO v3 model with some custom data that is labeled in an unusual form (XML files) | | 2021-10-29

    Each image has an XML file associated with it. The XML files have the corresponding labels and bounding boxes, so I can write a script to convert them into this form, and follow this tutorial on training custom data.

  • CoreML-Models

    Largest list of models for Core ML (for iOS 11+)

    Project mention: [MacOs/Node JS] Is there a simple hand tracking library that works in node.js? | | 2021-02-21

    Mac? Use the built in coreml;

  • metaflow

    :rocket: Build and manage real-life data science projects with ease!

    Project mention: Netflix Metaflow | | 2022-01-23

    The project predates Facebook’s name-change to Meta. That’s gotta be irksome.

    Project site:

  • MindsDB

    In-Database Machine Learning

    Project mention: MindsDB: Creating machine learning predictive models using SQL. | | 2022-01-19

    Want to try it out for yourself? Sign up for a free MindsDB account and join our community! Engage with MindsDB community on Slack or Github to ask questions, share and express ideas and thoughts!

  • Activeloop Hub

    Dataset format for AI. Build, manage, & visualize datasets for deep learning. Stream data real-time to PyTorch/TensorFlow & version-control it. (by activeloopai)

    Project mention: The hand-picked selection of the best Python libraries released in 2021 | | 2021-12-21


  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • BentoML

    Model Serving Made Easy

    Project mention: How to Build a Machine Learning Demo in 2022 | | 2022-01-16

    Using a general-purpose framework such as FastAPI involves writing a lot of boilerplate code just to get your API endpoint up and running. If deploying a model for a demo is the only thing you are interested in and you do not mind losing some flexibility, you might want to use a specialized serving framework instead. One example is BentoML, which will allow you to get an optimized serving endpoint for your model up and running much faster and with less overhead than a generic web framework. Framework-specific serving solutions such as Tensorflow Serving and TorchServe typically offer optimized performance but can only be used to serve models trained using Tensorflow or PyTorch, respectively.

  • polyaxon

    Machine Learning Management & Orchestration Platform (Monorepo for Polyaxon's MLOps Tools)

    Project mention: [D] Productionalizing machine learning pipelines for small teams | | 2021-08-08

    For running experiments, is a really good free open-source package that has lots of nice integrations so you can quickly run experiments in k8s but it might be overkill in some cases.

  • feast

    Feature Store for Machine Learning

    Project mention: [P] Announcing Feast 0.10: The simplest way to serve features in production | | 2021-04-15


  • ScaledYOLOv4

    Scaled-YOLOv4: Scaling Cross Stage Partial Network

    Project mention: Real time object detection and recognition | | 2021-11-08

    Take a look at yolov5 or scaled yolov4. They should both handle real-time training, at low enough resolution anyway; I don't know if there is any model that can do real-time detection on 4K videos. Don't pay attention to the version numbers, I think the scaled yolov4 is sliiiightly better performance.

  • zenml

    ZenML 🙏: MLOps framework to create reproducible pipelines.

    Project mention: ZenML helps data scientists work across the full stack | | 2022-01-05
  • pycm

    Multi-class confusion matrix library in Python

    Project mention: [P] PyCM 3.3 released: Comparison of Classifiers Based on Confusion Matrix | | 2021-10-27
  • model-optimization

    A toolkit to optimize ML models for deployment for Keras and TensorFlow, including quantization and pruning.

    Project mention: Need Help With Pruning Model Weights in Tensorflow 2 | | 2021-06-07

    I have been following the example shown here, and so far I've had mixed results and wanted to ask for some help because the resources I've found online have not been able to answer some of my questions (perhaps because some of these are obvious and I am just being dumb).

  • Photonix

    A modern, web-based photo management server. Run it on your home server and it will let you find the right photo from your collection on any device. Smart filtering is made possible by object recognition, face recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other ML algorithms.

    Project mention: (Pi 4B) What's a good program for a photo gallery ? | | 2022-01-10
  • awesome-mlops

    :sunglasses: A curated list of awesome MLOps tools (by kelvins)

    Project mention: Run your first Kubeflow pipeline | | 2021-11-20

    Recently I've been learning MLOps. There's a lot to learn, as shown by this and this repository listing MLOps references and tools, respectively.

  • deepchecks

    Test Suites for Validating ML Models & Data. Deepchecks is a Python package for comprehensively validating your machine learning models and data with minimal effort.

    Project mention: Test suites for machine learning models in Python (New OSS package) | | 2022-01-18

    And if you liked the project, we'll be delighted to count you as one of our stargazers at!

  • ai-economist

    Foundation is a flexible, modular, and composable framework to model socio-economic behaviors and dynamics with both agents and governments. This framework can be used in conjunction with reinforcement learning to learn optimal economic policies, as done by the AI Economist (

    Project mention: "The AI Economist: Optimal Economic Policy Design via Two-level Deep Reinforcement Learning", Zheng et al 2021 {Salesforce} | | 2021-08-05
  • kglib

    Grakn Knowledge Graph Library (ML R&D)

    Project mention: Graph theory, graph convolutional networks, knowledge graphs | | 2021-02-08

    It's always funny to see people mentioning hypergraphs in relation to knowledge graphs, this is exactly what we do at Grakn Labs (disclaimer: work there)

    For others: we're also starting to look into ML on knowledge graphs, check out our initial work at :D

  • 0xDeCA10B

    Sharing Updatable Models (SUM) on Blockchain

    Project mention: Discussion Thread | | 2021-07-09

    Between this, their blockchain-based machine learning sharing system and their recent patent for a cryptocurrency mined using your brain activity, it seems like Microsoft is really going hard on crypto lately.

  • clai

    Command Line Artificial Intelligence or CLAI is an open-sourced project from IBM Research aimed to bring the power of AI to the command line interface.

    Project mention: ¿Alguien sabe de una página o aplicación tipo Librería de código? | | 2021-10-23
  • deepsparse

    Neural network inference engine that delivers GPU-class performance for sparsified models on CPUs

    Project mention: [D] How does the DeepSparse Engine work? | | 2021-10-23

    Neural magic has open source tools for pruning models and the DeepSparse efficiently executes the sparse models on CPU. Here is the only description of the inner workings I could find. source

  • zpy

    Synthetic data for computer vision. An open source toolkit using Blender and Python.

    Project mention: Why isn't this technology used more for AI projects? | | 2021-12-21

    I'm sort of in the same boat. I just discovered this very interesting package called zpy that's meant to help automate turning synthetic conditions into training data. I have some experience with Python and am fairly new to Blender, but I could probably get as far as making a good segmented dataset.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-01-23.

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What are some of the best open-source ML projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 yolov5 21,328
2 MLflow 11,127
3 yolov3 8,261
4 CoreML-Models 5,220
5 metaflow 5,178
6 MindsDB 4,452
7 Activeloop Hub 4,220
8 BentoML 3,132
9 polyaxon 2,984
10 feast 2,690
11 ScaledYOLOv4 1,758
12 zenml 1,617
13 pycm 1,200
14 model-optimization 1,189
15 Photonix 1,136
16 awesome-mlops 1,020
17 deepchecks 901
18 ai-economist 746
19 kglib 488
20 0xDeCA10B 403
21 clai 374
22 deepsparse 363
23 zpy 217
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