Trending HTML Projects

This page lists the top trending HTML projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 28 Nov 2022.
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Top 50 Trending HTML Projects

  • webvm

    Virtual Machine for the Web

  • Restreamer

    The Restreamer is a complete streaming server solution for self-hosting. It has a visually appealing user interface and no ongoing license costs. Upload your live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, or other streaming solutions like Wowza. Receive video data from OBS and publish it with the RTMP and SRT server.

  • epg

    EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for thousands of TV channels collected from different sources

  • css-exercises

  • gradio

    Create UIs for your machine learning model in Python in 3 minutes

  • elementary

    Open-source data observability for analytics engineers.

  • aos-AVP

    NOVA opeN sOurce Video plAyer: main repository to build them all


    Chrome Developers

  • Charts.css

    Open source CSS framework for data visualization.


    Informative site with EoL dates of everything

  • web3

    Making sense of web3 & crypto. Introduction to key concepts and ideas. Rigorous, constructive analysis of key claims pro and con. A look at the deeper hopes and aspirations.

  • this-week-in-rust

    Data for


    The RF and reverse engineering framework for everyone

  • aws-secure-environment-accelerator

    The AWS Secure Environment Accelerator is a tool designed to help deploy and operate secure multi-account, multi-region AWS environments on an ongoing basis. The power of the solution is the configuration file which enables the completely automated deployment of customizable architectures within AWS without changing a single line of code.


    An encyclopedia for offensive and defensive security knowledge in cloud native technologies.

  • view-transitions

  • community-group

    This is the official DTCG repository for the design tokens specification.

  • Storm-Breaker

    Social engineering tool [Access Webcam & Microphone & Location Finder] With Python

  • learn-to-cloud

    Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing


    HTTP Archive's annual "State of the Web" report made by the web community

  • eth2-beaconchain-explorer

    Open source golang based explorer for the eth2 beacon chain

  • tailwind-dashboard-windster

    Free and open-source admin dashboard interface built on top of Tailwind CSS and Flowbite

  • papis

    Powerful and highly extensible command-line based document and bibliography manager.

  • samples

    Azure AD B2C custom policy solutions and samples. (by azure-ad-b2c)

  • awesome-compose

    Awesome Docker Compose samples

  • pdf2htmlEX

    Convert PDF to HTML without losing text or format. (by pdf2htmlEX)

  • Voron-Hardware

    Cool Hardware designed by the Voron Design group

  • jdm

    A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

  • django-DefectDojo

    DefectDojo is a DevSecOps and vulnerability management tool.

  • web-codecs

    WebCodecs is a flexible web API for encoding and decoding audio and video.

  • react-charts

    ⚛️ Simple, immersive & interactive charts for React

  • webauthn

    Web Authentication: An API for accessing Public Key Credentials

  • tailwindcss-forms

  • geek-cookbook

    The "Geek's Cookbook" is a collection of guides for establishing your own highly-available "private cloud" and using it to run self-hosted services such as GitLab, Plex, NextCloud, etc.

  • abi-aa

    Application Binary Interface for the Arm® Architecture

  • magic-modules

    Add Google Cloud Platform support to Terraform

  • shellphish

    Phishing Tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Github

  • chart-doctor

    Sample files to accompany the FT's Chart Doctor column


    :blue_book: Home Assistant User documentation

  • debug-adapter-protocol

    Defines a common protocol for debug adapters.

  • ASVS

    Application Security Verification Standard

  • wcag

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

  • bootstrap-npm-starter

    Starter template for new building with Bootstrap 4 in npm projects.

  • embeddedsw

    Xilinx Embedded Software (embeddedsw) Development

  • canarytokens

    Canarytokens helps track activity and actions on your network.

  • SONiC

    Landing page for Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) - (by sonic-net)

  • Judge0 API

    🔥 The most advanced open-source online code execution system in the world.

  • awesome-wardley-maps

    Wardley maps community hub. Useful Wardley mapping resources

  • MtF-wiki is a free, open, and continuously updated transgender female knowledge integration site.

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source HTML projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 webvm 37.3%
2 Restreamer 17.5%
3 epg 15.6%
4 css-exercises 15.4%
5 gradio 14.5%
6 elementary 12.2%
7 aos-AVP 12.0%
8 11.9%
9 Charts.css 11.8%
10 10.9%
11 web3 10.0%
12 this-week-in-rust 10.0%
13 FISSURE 9.5%
14 aws-secure-environment-accelerator 8.6%
15 8.3%
16 view-transitions 8.2%
17 community-group 8.0%
18 Storm-Breaker 7.7%
19 learn-to-cloud 7.5%
20 7.4%
21 eth2-beaconchain-explorer 7.1%
22 tailwind-dashboard-windster 7.0%
23 papis 7.0%
24 samples 6.7%
25 awesome-compose 6.5%
26 pdf2htmlEX 6.0%
27 Voron-Hardware 5.9%
28 jdm 5.7%
29 django-DefectDojo 5.7%
30 web-codecs 5.6%
31 react-charts 5.3%
32 webauthn 5.1%
33 tailwindcss-forms 5.0%
34 geek-cookbook 4.9%
35 abi-aa 4.8%
36 magic-modules 4.8%
37 shellphish 4.8%
38 chart-doctor 4.6%
39 4.5%
40 debug-adapter-protocol 4.5%
41 ASVS 4.4%
42 wcag 4.4%
43 bootstrap-npm-starter 4.4%
44 embeddedsw 4.3%
45 canarytokens 4.3%
46 SONiC 4.2%
47 proposal-slice-notation 4.2%
48 Judge0 API 4.1%
49 awesome-wardley-maps 4.1%
50 MtF-wiki 4.1%