Trending HTML Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 17 May 2021.
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Top 50 Trending HTML Projects

  • GitHub repo NiceHashQuickMiner

    Super simple & easy Windows 10 cryptocurrency miner made by NiceHash.

  • GitHub repo plutus

    The Plutus language implementation and tools

  • GitHub repo focalboard

    Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

  • GitHub repo Charts.css

    Open source CSS framework for data visualization.

  • GitHub repo bootstrap-npm-starter

    Starter template for new Bootstrap-powered npm projects.

  • GitHub repo learning-roadmap

    The Front-End Developer Learning Roadmap by Frontend Masters

  • GitHub repo ion

    The Identity Overlay Network (ION) is a DID Method implementation using the Sidetree protocol atop Bitcoin (by decentralized-identity)

  • GitHub repo content

    The content behind MDN Web Docs

  • GitHub repo tailwindcss-forms

  • GitHub repo aave-protocol

    Aave Protocol Version 1.0 - Decentralized Lending Pools

  • GitHub repo k3s-ansible

  • GitHub repo next-right-now

    Flexible production-grade boilerplate with Next.js 10.2, Vercel and TypeScript. Includes multiple opt-in presets using Storybook, Airtable, GraphQL, Analytics, CSS-in-JS, Monitoring, End-to-end testing, Internationalization, CI/CD and SaaS B2B multi single-tenancy (monorepo) support

  • GitHub repo awesome-compose

    Awesome Docker Compose samples

  • GitHub repo lnbook

    Mastering the Lightning Network (LN)

  • GitHub repo Judge0 API

    🔥 The most advanced open-source online code execution system in the world.

  • GitHub repo geek-cookbook

    The "Geek's Cookbook" is a collection of guides for establishing your own highly-available "private cloud" and using it to run self-hosted services such as GitLab, Plex, NextCloud, etc.

  • GitHub repo radzen-blazor

    The home of the Radzen Blazor components.

  • GitHub repo this-week-in-rust

    Data for

  • GitHub repo proposal-do-expressions

    Proposal for `do` expressions

  • GitHub repo 18337

    18.337 - Parallel Computing and Scientific Machine Learning

  • GitHub repo foam-template

    Foam workpace template

  • GitHub repo import-maps

    How to control the behavior of JavaScript imports

  • GitHub repo tools

    Codelabs management & hosting tools (by googlecodelabs)

  • GitHub repo cState

    🔥 Open source static (serverless) status page. Uses hyperfast Go & Hugo, minimal HTML/CSS/JS, customizable, outstanding browser support (IE8+), preloaded CMS, read-only API, badges & more.

  • GitHub repo metascraper

    Scrape data from websites using Open Graph, HTML metadata & fallbacks.

  • GitHub repo proposal-pattern-matching

    Pattern matching syntax for ECMAScript

  • GitHub repo ASVS

    Application Security Verification Standard

  • GitHub repo simple-html-invoice-template

    A modern, clean, and very simple responsive HTML invoice template

  • GitHub repo clickhouse-presentations

    Presentations, meetups and talks about ClickHouse

  • GitHub repo tidytuesday

    Official repo for the #tidytuesday project

  • GitHub repo speedtest

    Self-hosted Speedtest for HTML5 and more. Easy setup, examples, configurable, mobile friendly. Supports PHP, Node, Multiple servers, and more

  • GitHub repo RDKit

    The official sources for the RDKit library

  • GitHub repo calico

    Cloud native networking and network security

  • GitHub repo proposal-realms

    ECMAScript Proposal, specs, and reference implementation for Realms

  • GitHub repo papis

    Powerful and highly extensible command-line based document and bibliography manager.

  • GitHub repo awesome-ipfs

    Useful resources for using IPFS and building things on top of it

  • GitHub repo

    :blue_book: Home Assistant User documentation

  • GitHub repo Genie.jl

    The highly productive Julia web framework

  • GitHub repo icons

    Official open source SVG icon library for Bootstrap.

  • GitHub repo volt-bootstrap-5-dashboard

    ⚡️ Volt - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template with vanilla Javascript

  • GitHub repo csswg-drafts

    CSS Working Group Editor Drafts

  • GitHub repo canarytokens

    Canarytokens helps track activity and actions on your network.

  • GitHub repo html

    HTML Standard

  • GitHub repo SONiC

    Landing page for Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) - (by Azure)

  • GitHub repo proposal-class-fields

    Orthogonally-informed combination of public and private fields proposals

  • GitHub repo website

    Kubernetes website and documentation repo:

  • GitHub repo python-getting-started

    Getting Started with Python on Heroku.

  • GitHub repo

    🛡🛠 You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

  • GitHub repo proposal-record-tuple

    ECMAScript proposal for the Record and Tuple value types. | Stage 2: it will change!

  • GitHub repo Boost

    Super-project for modularized Boost

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source HTML projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 NiceHashQuickMiner 63.5%
2 plutus 36.2%
3 focalboard 29.5%
4 Charts.css 24.3%
5 bootstrap-npm-starter 18.6%
6 learning-roadmap 15.1%
7 ion 14.9%
8 content 13.3%
9 tailwindcss-forms 12.3%
10 aave-protocol 11.7%
11 k3s-ansible 10.8%
12 next-right-now 10.4%
13 awesome-compose 10.4%
14 lnbook 8.5%
15 Judge0 API 7.7%
16 geek-cookbook 6.6%
17 radzen-blazor 6.3%
18 this-week-in-rust 6.2%
19 proposal-do-expressions 5.8%
20 18337 5.8%
21 foam-template 5.6%
22 import-maps 5.5%
23 tools 5.2%
24 cState 4.8%
25 metascraper 4.6%
26 proposal-pattern-matching 4.3%
27 ASVS 4.2%
28 simple-html-invoice-template 4.2%
29 clickhouse-presentations 4.1%
30 tidytuesday 4.0%
31 speedtest 4.0%
32 RDKit 4.0%
33 calico 4.0%
34 proposal-realms 3.8%
35 papis 3.6%
36 awesome-ipfs 3.6%
37 3.6%
38 Genie.jl 3.5%
39 icons 3.5%
40 volt-bootstrap-5-dashboard 3.4%
41 csswg-drafts 3.2%
42 canarytokens 3.0%
43 html 2.9%
44 SONiC 2.8%
45 proposal-class-fields 2.7%
46 website 2.7%
47 python-getting-started 2.6%
48 2.6%
49 proposal-record-tuple 2.6%
50 Boost 2.4%